weekly astrology forecast- week of 7/4-7/10

by | Jul 3, 2022 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***PLEASE NOTE- all times are EDT now, not PDT. adjust for your time zone accordingly***


monday july 4th-
the only major transit today is pallas athena moving out of taurus and into gemini at 11:12pm. with the Wisdom and Warrior asteroid Goddess moving from earth to air, body to mind, slow steady energy to quick mercurial energy- we can feel this shift in our minds, thinking and perception as well as in the Big Picture vision playing out in the world. pallas in mercury ruled gemini is a great position for her as she relates to the mind and governs ideas and perception. the shadow side of this is she can be overly heady, stuck in her thoughts and disconnected from her body and emotions. she can also be overfocusing on the details at the expense of the Bigger Picture (seeing the trees, but not the forest). with pallas transiting the pleiades the last week and heading to the alpha star of the pleiades – being open to receive information, dreams, and downloads from the 7 sisters aka the Divine Feminine Sisterhood and/or star family is recommended!


tuesday july 5th-
at 2:04am mars moves out of aries into taurus, shifting the will and drive from fire to earth, yang to yin, acting NOW to slowing down and smelling the roses. mars is not in his best position in taurus as taurus is a venus-ruled sign and opposite one of the signs he rules (scorpio)- so mars is in his ‘fall’ in taurus. at best mars in taurus slows the f*** down. mars in aries wanted what he wanted and he wanted it NOW (or yesterday)- but mars in taurus thinks first before acting and can help us ground down more so we are not acting from inflamed passions but are actually thinking about actions taken or words said. the shadow is mars in taurus can be lazy and not move at all. we need to find a balance right now ;) mars in taurus can also be possessive and entitled- so watch out! with all the intensity of the mars in aries the last 8 weeks- i imagine mars into taurus will be a welcome shift! enjoy embodied existence. get a massage, go hiking, stop to smell the roses, savor every morsel you taste. life goes by so fast and we end up missing so much! now is a time to slow down and enjoy :)

at 2:25am mercury moves out of gemini and into cancer, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from air to water, thinking to feeling, mental focus to emotional focus. shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, yang to yin, intellect to emotion. mercury in cancer is very nurturing and sensitive in communication. focusing on home, family, emotions, the past and ancestral patterns/karmas is supported right now. just be aware that we can more easily conflate our thoughts with our feelings and can be overly emotional and attached to the past right now.

mercury in cancer sextiles mars in taurus at 2:37am, linking the mind and intellect with the Warrior, will and drive. this is great for speaking up and using our voices- and doing so in support of the women and the feminine principle (cancer and taurus are ruled by moon and venus) as well as honoring our emotions, feelings and needs and taking action based on them. this is a great transit for fascinating conversation and communication! speak honestly and openly from your heart- and listen from the same place- for best results!

at 9:13pm venus in gemini semisquares mars at 0 taurus, creating tension between the Divine Lovers in tense ways. venus in gemini needs space and freedom and intellectual stimulation. mars in taurus needs slow, steady focus and grounding to feel good. there can be conflict between our own inner needs for freedom and connection or it can play out in relationships right now where one person needs more space and another person needs more togetherness. just watch out for being overly superficial or overly bull headed in your position for best results.


wednesday july 6th-
at 7:03am we have the sun Sirius conjunction at 14’22 cancer- linking the central star of our solar system with our parent star and Spiritual Sun of our sun. if we view our sun as the Source of Light for material life on planet earth- Sirius is the Source of Spiritual Light for our spiritual life and evolution. today (and yesterday into tomorrow) tune into the Spiritual Light, Love and Wisdom available to us now!

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at 1:17pm venus in gemini sextiles chiron in aries- linking the heart with the Wounded Healer. venus/chiron is lovely for heart healing and healing in relationship. we are being supported in sharing our hearts, feelings, wounds and pain honestly and truthfully with others. venus in gemini wants to communicate and connect- from both mind and heart! from this space intimacy can open up and deepen. communication can be healing when we make sure our mind (and what we say/how we listen) is in service to the heart.

mercury in cancer semisquares uranus in taurus at 2:19pm, creating tension between the lower mind and Higher Mind. this can be wonderful for insights, inspiration and downloads coming in- but the tense nature of the aspect can also exacerbates schisms between our lower egoic mind and our Higher Mind. so the insights or information coming in can be shocking, sudden or unexpected- and being open to seeing, hearing and speaking the Truth is key.


thursday july 7th-
at 9:37am mercury in cancer semisquares the mean north node in taurus and sesquiquadrates the south node in scorpio, creating a tense aspect between the mind and intellect and the nodes of destiny and karma. information, communication or thoughts incoming can be triggering and revealing of both what is karmic and stuck and where we are resisting our growth and evolution. pay attention to emotional attachments and emotional subjectivity and see where old or stuck energy and emotions need to be worked with right now.

at 5:33pm vesta stations retrograde at 6’53 pisces, bringing the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus to a standstill. vesta is in one of the two signs she is very much at home in (the other being virgo). vesta in pisces is devoted to compassion, altruism, spirituality and finding the sacred in the profane. she is magnifying what needs to be tended to right now on the level of Spirit- so pay attention! just watch out for the desire to deny mundane matters at the expenses of only focusing on the mystical- which could cause one to spiritually bypass and escape 3d reality. balance is key.

chiron in aries semisquares pallas athena in gemini at 8:53pm, creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. chiron/pallas can bring old wounds and pain up in communication with others or in regards to our minds and ability to perceive. if we are staying on the surface and not diving deep we can be confronted with that right now. alternatively if we use our minds and thinking as weapons to dominate and control that can be exacerbated right now. healing opportunities are present today in all forms of communication and thinking.


friday july 8th-
at 1:15am retrograde saturn in aquarius sesquiquadrates mean black moon lilith in cancer, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the fierce Dark Feminine. saturn is austere and likes to hold back emotions and feelings- while lilith in cancer is uber emotional and deeply feeling oriented. repressing or restricting our emotions is not useful but neither is exploding and reacting in them. at best saturn can help us find mastery over the emotional realms, but shadow saturn will stuff/deny/cut off from them. seeing what needs to be prescenced and addressed is key.

the sun in cancer squares chiron in aries at 9:22am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Wounded Healer planetoid. sun/chiron brings up old wounds and pain around the masculine, around home/family, mothering/nurturing and more. this is an opportunity to dive deep and confront old wounds and pain that run us. its an excellent day for inner work, therapy and shadow work. we need to FEEL in order to heal- particularly men and the masculine part of us that has been forced to disconnect from emotions due to patriarchal consciousness and ideas about what it means to be a man. be tender with yourself and others today.


saturday july 9th-
at 2:14am mercury in cancer squares jupiter in aries, creating tension between the mind and intellect and the planet of expansion and excess. mercury is starting to trigger all the aries planets- jupiter, chiron and eris- in the next couple of weeks. this can make for highly emotional communication and emotional subjectivity. jupiter in aries is stirring our anger and rage- and if used skillfully this can support us in speaking up and taking a stand for Truth! but if that anger stirs up unresolved emotions and trauma then it could be our wounds talking and acting- not our adult selves. navigation the emotional terrain with consciousness and care <3

venus in gemini quincunxes mean south node in scorpio at 4:11am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the karmic south node. venus in gemini likes to keep it light, stay on the surface and not get too deep. the south node in scorpio is all about depth but also about obsession, intensity and wallowing in emotion. we want to be aware when we are using our minds to go up and out and avoid facing the shadow and emotions that are submerged deep down within. communicating about our deeper hidden feelings can be supported today.

mercury in cancer sesquiquadrates retrograde saturn in aquarius at 4:04pm and cojoins mean black moon lilith at 9’34 cancer at 7:13pm, creating tension between the mind and intellect, the fierce Dark Feminine and the Lord of Karma we had saturn aspect lilith yesterday and today mercury links with both – carrying over the energy from yesterday (so re-read yesterday’s entry). with mercury/lilith we can use our voices to speak up and express our authentic emotions- even in the face of suppression, repression and control (inner or outer). yet we can also get overwhelmed by too much emotion and our thinking and communicating can become very emotional subjective. being aware of what is going on in the Unconscious that is informing perception and projection is key today!


sunday july 10th-
at 4:39am the sun in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus, aligning the conscious self and ego with the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener. sun/uranus is great for change, innovation and profound shifts. both cancer and taurus tend to be attached to safety, security and the past. right now we are being awoken to what really matters and shown what it is time to let go of. being willing to do things differently and radically shift is key right now.

retrograde saturn in aquarius quincunxes ceres in cancer at 3:22pm, creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. saturn is in one of his two home signs and is extra austere, responsible, emotionally reigned in (or repressed) and authoritarian. ceres is one of the signs she is most linked with and is extra nurturing and mothering but also extra emotional and sensitive. we have a tense aspect between the Great Father and the Great Mother- between patriarchal consciousness and matriarchal consciousness. the key is in finding balance between containment and expression, boundaries and an open heart, healthy detachment that allows us to witness and observe and healthy connection to and expression of emotion. working to find the balance point is key.


have a blessed week ahead…

~divine harmony

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