“As a constant fan of astrology, I am always seeking new ways of understanding myself through this science. Although I am not very skilled in the interpretation of it, finding astrologers deeply knowledgeable and perceptive in the art has been few and far between. Until I found Divine Harmony! Wow. I am not sure if I can clearly express the breathe of wisdom delivered in this reading. Basically, I have never experienced such an in depth look at my chart. Not only did she give me information about my natal chart that no one has ever touched upon, she outlined important transits, major influences and infused it with life purpose & lessons. After receiving such a precise and extremely informative reading, I was basically left speechless. Divine Harmony is clearly passionate about what she does and it shows. Her readings are laced with intuition, raw power, skill and compassion. In my opinion, Divine Harmony is stars above the rest and is highly recommended!”

“My reading with Divine Harmony was not only enlightening but inspirational as well. She packs a ton of information in her readings and walks you through it step by step. If you have questions (and you will), she takes the time to answer those questions as clearly as possible. The audio link she sends after the reading is key – you will find yourself going back to the recording quite a few times (every time I did, I thought/meditated over what she said and the answers I sought became quite clear). She hit certain things in my chart that were literally jaw dropping – things that she didn’t know about beforehand and things I haven’t told anyone! I’m actually still amazed by some of the stuff she found. The best thing about Divine Harmony is Divine Harmony! You can feel her energy, kindness and love through her readings – and because of this (and the reasons mentioned above), she is highly recommended by me.” 

“I appreciate how hard Divine Harmony worked on my chart and found her reading extremely thorough, thoughtful and clear. It really did feel like a live psychic autopsy. It was cool to hear about other entities like asteroids (in addition to the planets we talk about all the time) affecting my chart. A unique and deep approach. I also like how she handled delicate or sensitive subject matter too – genuine and honest and just putting it out there – her attitude fosters a belief in unity among humanity.”
~ Jenny

“In my natal chart reading from Divine Harmony, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the information in a new and fresh way. After your chart has been read a few times by different astrologers you may feel there is no new information. On the contrary…I learned about my shadow aspects and details of my chart I never knew about. I believe Divine Harmony to be a gifted and intuitive astrologer.”

“I’ve had many astrological readings, but Divine Harmony is the only one who has taken into account all the nuances of my chart. Her readings are highly accurate and are focused on personal growth, no matter the circumstance. Her own personal ability to bring light comes through in her readings as she is able to bring to light each individual’s evolution and potential.”
~ Laura

“I received a natal chart reading from Harmony and WOW… just wow. I have had only a handful of such readings in my life, as I am not such a big believer or follower of the ways of astrology, but Harmony helped me see the value of this experience. The reading Harmony gave me put a lot of interesting pieces into place and provided me with a different perspective on things. Even today I have the recording of the reading that I will listen to from time to time. Not only did she help explain why some emotional and energetic dynamics keep showing up in my life, but she also explained how to balance those things and offered helpful strategies for me to use in dealing with myself and others with whom I was in relationship with. She is so very helpful and patient and I truly do appreciate her insight and wisdom. Next step is to get a “shadow” reading from Harmony to delve even deeper into the unknown realms of my psyche.”

“The beauty of my reading with Divine Harmony was she showed me an amazing picture in all its fullness, the light, the shadow, and all the shades and hues. I appreciated her ability to reference astrology, mythology, reality, and spirituality, giving a very full and enlightening experience on so many levels.”
~ Teri

“I requested a reading from Divine Harmony because her forecasts speak to my personal emphasis on life as a vehicle for enlightenment. I am very pleased, as the reading expertly weaved multiple disciplines (astrology, psychology, spirituality, mythology, gender studies) into a rich portrayal of my past life and present-day strengths and growth-challenges. I have a stronger and clearer idea of the nature and extent of my soul’s wounds and the path forward to healing and vitality.”
~ Lee

“Several months ago I had a reading with Divine Harmony. This reading has served as a map as I have been hitting many signposts along the way. As the signposts occur I would think “Divine Harmony mentioned this would happen”. Having an understanding before an event gives me more direction and peace in my life.”

“Divine Harmony’s astrological readings are extremely thorough. She takes her time and really explains the details of every aspect of your chart and does so with clarity, simplicity, and inspiration. It is easy to leave with excitement and optimism because she has a way of bringing attention to aspects of your life that are open for transformation right now. It’s hard to imagine anyone not feeling somewhat renewed or invigorated about life after spending a little time with her on the phone.”

“My astrology reading with Divine Harmony felt like it was part astrological, part psychological and part psychic. It went way beyond my expectations of what an astrology reading should be like. And there was so much information! I am glad she records the sessions because much like an esoteric text, I will have to re-listen to all she said several times over to let it all sink in. She saw themes as old as my soul and spoke to them in ways that shed light on so much in my life! I cannot begin to describe how insightful this reading was for me- but I just tried. Thank you!”