~Monday July 22th through Sunday July 27th~ 

***All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT)***


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Monday July 22nd-
Happy Mary Magdalene Feast Day! Read my blog about this sacred woman here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/happy-mary-magdalene-feast-day-7-22/

The Sun moves out of Cancer and into Leo at 3:44am- shifting the Conscious Self and ego from Lunar to Solar, water to fire, yin to yang. The Sun rules Leo and is very well placed in this sign! The coming month is a time to shine, be creative, be on stage, lead and do all of the above from a space of living from the Truth of your heart! Just watch out for the shadow of the Sun’s journey through Leo- narcissism, needing adoration and attention, and having a hard time putting others first.

Leo season is an amazing time for Calling in the Light! :)


Tuesday July 23rd-
At 1:37am the Sun in Leo opposes Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius- creating tension between the Conscious Self and ego and the Lord of the Underworld. This is the first Sun in Leo/Pluto opposition as the last 20 or so years of Sun/Pluto oppositions have been with the Sun in Cancer to Pluto in Capricorn. Sun/Pluto can exacerbate power struggles and power dynamics. With the Sun in Leo this can play out in romantic relationships, relationships with children, in relationship to ego and more. Pluto in Aquarius can be bringing up shadow in social circles, in friendships and in communities we are a part of. Navigating power dynamics by standing our ground without engaging in power/over power/under energetics is key.

At 1:41am Retrograde Neptune in Pisces sesquiquadrates Vesta in Leo, at 1:38pm Venus in Leo sesquiquadrates Neptune and then at 8:50pm Venus cojoins Vesta at 15’10 Leo (the Solar Lughnasadh degree!)- creating a lovely alignment between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Priestess asteroid Goddess, and a tense alignment between these two and the Planet of illusion, confusion and mysticism. Positively this can be dreamy, spiritual and creative- but the tense nature of the aspect can lend itself to escapsim, spiritual bypassing and wearing rose colored glasses. Having a healthy sense of self and boundaries are key- but so is awareness of when we are overdoing ego energies and coming from our personal will instead of allowing the Higher Self to lead.


Wednesday July 24th-
There are no major transits today.


Thursday July 25th-
At 12:00pm Mercury at 29’47 Leo quincunxes Retrograde Neptune at 29’47 Pisces- creating tension and friction between the linear logical mind and the intuitive, cosmic self. Mercury/Neptune can be great for intuition, imagination, psychic perception and dreams! Yet the tense aspect can make it harder to discern Truth from fantasy, fact from fiction. Being able to question what we think we know and perceive is just as important as trusting our intuition and perceptions. If we overdo shadow Leo we will think we know it all and if we overdo shadow Pisces we can get lost and confused. Taking time to meditate, reflect and introspect is key right now. Rather than make definitive decisions take time to drop in and wait till this astrology passes- the fog will pass and the Truth will become clear!

Mercury moves out of Leo and into Virgo at 6:42pm- shifting the planet of communication and thinking from fire to earth, yang to yin, self focused to service focus. Mercury rules Virgo and is well placed here. The gifts of this transit are discernment, clarity, integrity in word and deed, and a desire to communicate honestly and directly. Mercury aligns with Regulus the Royal Fixed Star of leadership and the Heart of the Lion (that precessed into Virgo in 2012- to read my article on this click here- http://www.divineharmony.org/cosmic-insight-divine-harmony/divine-harmony-astrology-blog/regulus-into-virgo-the-meek-shall-inherit-the-earth/). Pay attention to where you are being called to step up and lead from the heart and from a place committed to being of service today. The greatest leaders are servants of the people. Watch what people do- not just what they say.

Mercury is currently in front end shadow (beginning July 16th) as he will station Retrograde on August 5th. The territory he is transiting now will be repeated 2 more times. Pay attention to what is coming in right now as hints about what the next couple months will be focusing on can be incoming!

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At 10:32pm the Sun in Leo sextiles Mars in Gemini – linking the Conscious Self and ego with the Conscious will and drive. Sun/Mars is amazing for harnessing the power of your will and ego to set things into motion, initiate and activate. The Sun in Leo is confident and Mars in Gemini is a clear communicator. This is a great time to speak up for yourself and also be open minded so that you can hear/receive other’s perspectives.


Friday July 26th-
At 9:59am Chiron stations Retrograde at 23’32 Aries- making the Wounded Healer the most powerful planetoid in the sky. Themes of wounding and healing are strong right now. Opportunities to face wounds and past conditioning around masculine energy, fire, anger, desire, selfishness, immaturity and agency are present. But we can also find any shadow in our relationship to the masculine is up big time right now. Healing and wholeness are the goal of Chiron- so using his insights and paying attention to what is arising right now can help us to see more clearly what within us is hindering us and what needs to be integrated or tended to. Pay attention to what is coming up today and choose the path of Greater awareness!

Juno in Virgo quincunxes Retrograde Eris in Aries 3:57pm – creating tension between the Goddess of Partnership and Marriage and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! Juno/Eris can bring distruption and discord into marriage, partnerships, work relationships and possibly health matters. If there are health things going on there is a connection between the health issue and repressed anger and rage. Being willing to be discerning and see what needs to be seen for what it is or addressed on its own terms is key right now.

At 8:07pm Venus in Leo quincunxes Retrograde Saturn in Pisces- creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Venus/Saturn can be great for getting real about love, relationships, finances and our values. Taking the rose colored glasses off so we can see clearly what is grounded, enduring and healthy vs what is not is key. If we are overdoing ego (all about me) or under-doing ego (not setting boundaries) reality checks can be incoming tonight!

Mercury in Virgo quincunxes Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius 0’46 at 8:49pm – creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Lord of the Underworld. This is the first of 3 Mercury/Pluto aspects due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde. Mercury/Pluto can exacerbate power struggles in communication. In work or friendship situations things can get intense. It’s great for shadow work, therapy and getting to the bottom of things. Whatever is going on today/tonight can be indicative of what you will be journeying with in the next couple of months with Mercury’s Underworld journey- so pay attention!


Saturday July 27th-
At 3:53pm Retrograde Saturn in Pisces semisquares Hygeia in Taurus- creating tension between the Lord of Karma and Father of Time and the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness. Both Saturn and Hygeia can be connected to health and if there are things going on physically or emotionally that are not addressed they can come up right now and tending to them are key. Saturn is demanding mastery on our path of healing, wholeness and integrity. Doing the work is demanded of us right now!


Sunday July 28th-
There are no major transits today.


Have a blessed week…