~Monday June 10th through Sunday June 16th~ 

***All times are Eastern Daylight Savings Time (EDT)***



Monday June 10th-
There are no major transits today.


Tuesday June 11th-
At 1:32am Mercury in Gemini semisquares Mars in Taurus- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the God of War and Ego. Early this morning Mercury triggers both Mars and Pluto- as Mars and Pluto make their way to square each other! Communication, thinking and mental attitudes can be trigger happy right now. Watch out for power struggles and be willing to come back to beginner’s mind and see things from a new perspective for best results. As this occurs in the early morning hours pay attention to dreams upon waking for messages incoming from the unconscious/subconscious about what needs to change.

At 3:12am Venus in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Wounded Healer. Venus/Chiron is lovely for heart healing and healing in relationship. We are being supported in sharing our hearts, feelings, wounds and pain honestly and truthfully with others. venus in gemini wants to communicate and connect- from both mind and heart! from this space intimacy can open up and deepen. communication can be healing when we make sure our mind (and what we say/how we listen) is in service to the heart.

Mercury in Gemini sesquiquadrates Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius at 4:14am- creating tension between the Mind and Intellect and the Lord of Death and Rebirth. Mercury/Pluto is great for research, investigation and shadow work- but the tense nature of the aspect can exacerbate power struggles in communication and black and white thinking that affects our mental states. Use Pluto to get to the Truth of things but watch out for shadow dynamics arising in relationships and communication.

At 9:21am Mars in Taurus squares Retrograde Pluto in Aquarius- creating tension between the lower will and Higher Will in intense ways! This is the first major aspect Mars makes after moving into his new home sign on 6/9- and this can exacerbate power struggles regarding money, possessions, friendships, social circles and more. Mars/Pluto at its best occurs when we harness the raw power of the lower egoic will and use it in service of the Higher Will and Power. The shadow expresses when we stay stuck in power struggles and power over/power under dynamics with others or simply within ourselves. Being willing to break out of ruts and stagnant patterns is key today!


Wednesday June 12th-
At 5:03am Chiron in Aries quincunxes Retrograde Pallas Athena in Scorpio – creating tension between the Wounded Healer and the Goddess of Wisdom and War. This is the 2nd of 3 quincunxes between these two- the first was December 26th 2023 and the last one will be August 12th this year. With both bodies in Mars ruled signs- old wounds and pain around war, dominance, aggression, selfishness, reactivity and impulsivity can be arising. Pallas in Scorpio needs to dive deep to get to the truth via research, investigation and therapy- but she also needs to watch out for power dynamics, manipulation and black and white thinking. Healing around the ego, mind and/or war consciousness is possible but it will take confronting things at a deep level first!

Saturn in Pisces sextiles Retrograde Ceres in Capricorn at 5:14am- creating a harmonious alignment between the Great Father archetype and the Great Mother archetype in the sign of the Father. This bodes well for dealing with family dynamics with mastery, boundaries and maturity. Saturn in Pisces is teaching us boundaries and emotional mastery- while Ceres in Capricorn is asking us to channel these Saturn lessons into family dynamics, relationships with children, home situations and more. This is great for getting clear on what is and dealing with things head on!

At 6:47am Mercury in Gemini squares Saturn in Pisces- creating tension between the Mind and the Lord of Karma. Mercury/Saturn can be heavy and karmic. Serious and intense conversations, thinking or communications can be incoming. Watch out for being overly pessimistic, judgmental or narrow in your viewpoint. At best Mercury/Saturn can help us get real and see reality- but if we avoiding feelings or preferring illusion this can exacerbate those tendencies. Taking time to go slow and speak clearly as well as listen deeply is key. Do not make assumptions until you have seen the whole picture!

Venus in Gemini sextiles Hygeia in Aries at 10:45am- initiation a series of Gemini planets linking with the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness that unfolds throughout the week!  Pay attention to the signs, messages and insights you are receiving about your healing journey and where it is calling you forward.  Big reveals and big healing are possible this week!!!  Communication can also be healing- particularly if we are willing to come back to beginner’s mind and be open to seeing/hearing/sharing more Truth.

Jupiter in Gemini sesquiquadrates Retrograde Ceres in Capricorn at 12:41pm- creating tension between the Planet of expansion who wants lightness and fun and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess who wants responsibility, integrity and self mastery. Watch out for too much overgiving, overdoing, overindulging- boundaries and limits are key for health and well being in home family situations.


Thursday June 13th-
At 2:24am the Sun in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries- linking the Conscious Self and ego with the Wounded Healer. This is a great day for healing, expansion of awareness and really seeing what it is within that blocks us. Healing in communication and in regards to our relationship to the masculine is the order of the day. We all have a masculine side- it is the side of us that asserts, take a stand, sets boundaries, takes action. Some of us overdo these things in aggressive, combative ways- while others of us repress these things and need to access them for healing. This is a great day to initiate conversation, speak up, take a stand and also listen to the Truths of others. Wherever your healing journey needs you to go- it can be revealed today.

Venus in Gemini sextiles Eris in Aries at 7:54am- linking the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos! This is a harmonious aspect that brings focus to positive change, embracing freedom and speaking Truth. Eris likes to reveal what others are not looking at- particularly the shadow and the toxicity that is hiding underneath things. Venus in Gemini’s shadow can manifest as only focusing on the surface of things but when teamed up with Eris she is willing to go deep and be fierce in seeing, living and speaking Truth! There’s a fiery energy in the air today- use it to set yourself free and embrace change!

At 10:02pm Mercury in Gemini sextiles Chiron in Aries- aligning the Mind and Intellect with the Wounded Healer. This is a great day for healing communication. Sharing our honest thoughts and feelings is supported right now. Old wounds and pain arising around our relationship to anger, fire, desire, agency, aggression and more are up. How do we assert ourselves? Can we set boundaries and take a stand? Or do we overdo that and actually build walls and act aggressive. Honest confrontation with emotions and feelings is the path to healing right now. What we do not acknowledge we will stuff and project onto others. The path to healing is feeling and communicating honestly!


Friday June 14th-
At 12:32pm the Sun cojoins Mercury at 24’06 Gemini- aligning the Conscious Self and ego with the Conscious Mind and Intellect. With this conjunction in the sign that Mercury rules there is some extra potent energy for insights, aha moments, realizations and light bulbs going on in our minds! Pay attention to what you learn, hear, say or otherwise receive as information today. Something is being illuminated or revealed- keep your mind open to receive!

Mars in Taurus semisquares Saturn in Pisces at 6:10pm- creating tension between the Will and Drive and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. Mars/Saturn is great for focusing our energies and being masterful- but the tense nature of the aspect can bring limitations, restrictions and a heavier energy into dealings around money, values and mundane aspects of life. Having self-control is key without being controlling or repressing our emotions. Balance is key.

From 9:39pm to 9:48pm Mercury in Gemini sextiles Hygeia in Aries and semisextiles Uranus in Taurus while Hygeia and Uranus also semisextile. The Mind and Intellect links with the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness and the Higher Mind! Amazing insights, realizations and aha moments can come in tonight around our path of healing, awakening and mental mastery! Coming back to beginner’s mind is key- so that the new insights incoming have a place to land ;) Don’t hold on to what you think you know- be open to the Truth coming in and setting you free!


Saturday June 15th-
Today the Sun/Mercury conjunction from yesterday links with Eris and Hygeia (Hygeia began last night and carries into today). Both Eris and Hygeia align tomorrow- so PAY ATTENTION to what is unfolding from last night and through this weekend. Big energies are afoot for changes of heart, changes of mind, taking action, healing and more!!!

At 2:30am Mercury in Gemini sextiles Eris in Aries- linking the Mind and Intellect with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Revealing, insightful and sudden information, communications and/or insights can be incoming today! Keeping the mind open so we are not just seeing what we want to see- but we are seeing the Full Truth in ourselves, in others, in the world around us is key.

At 2:02pm the Sun in Gemini sextiles Hygeia in Aries- linking the Conscious Self and Ego with the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness. There is a big push for healing right now and the mind is deeply connected. To truly heal we have to be willing to see things in a different way. Coming back to beginner’s mind is key- as is using our voice to speak up for Truth and taking action in a way that set things related to health and healing into motion. This is the weekend to do just that!!!

The Sun in Gemini sextiles Eris in Aries at 8:49pm- aligning the Conscious Self and ego with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. Sun/Eris can be revealing and illuminating but also perhaps destabilizing. Eris’ medicine is to reveal the shadow and get to the Truth. If we are ready, willing and able to see the Truth within ourselves FIRST and then in others and the world around us- this amazing astrology can help us find True Freedom.


Sunday June 16th-
Hygeia aligns with Eris at 25’23 Aries at 3:23pm- aligning the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness with the Goddess of Discord, Chaos and Activism! Eris is connected to Female Rage but she is also connected to focused work and earnest endeavor (what her original name meant before she was simply called Discord). We can focus deeply on our healing right now and some of (or perhaps a large part of) our healing can relate to working with anger and rage in healthy ways. We do not want to stuff it but we also do not want to react in it in impulsive ways that cause destruction. Right relationship with rage requires working with anger- somatically, emotionally and otherwise. Anger is an emotion know to the guardian of our boundaries. If we stuff anger we cannot stand up for ourselves, set boundaries or say no in effective ways. Some people overdo anger in a way that is violent, abusive and destructive. For those of us who do this our healing journey is getting to the core of what caused us to use anger to feel powerful – when grief, loss or feeling no sense of power was too much for us to deal with when young. Deep anger work can be transformative right now! Use the astrology wisely <3

At 11:46pm Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces (29’52)- creating tension between the lower personal heart and the Higher Heart. Venus/Neptune can be great for romance, creativity, compassion, Unconditional Love, service and inspiration! Yet these two in tense aspect with both at the Karmic Completion Degrees can exacerbate tendencies towards illusion, delusion, deception, avoidance of reality and using romance/Love as a means to escape. With Venus in Gemini we want to make sure we are both speaking and listening/seeing from a place of honesty and clarity. This is a time to be willing to take the rose colored glasses off and see relationships, financial situations and our own self-worth or self-Love with clear eyes and discernment. From this place of clear seeing we are then empowered to make decisions in situations related to Love, money and values. This is the first of the Gemini Planets to square Neptune at the Karmic Degree- Mercury will follow suit 6/17 and the Sun will do so on 6/20. From today through the Solstice there are Neptunian energies a foot- be aware and navigate with discernment, clarity, boundaries and grounding for best results!


Have a blessed week…