uranus in taurus- the embodiment revolution

by | May 12, 2018 | Astrology Blog

on tuesday may 15th- the same day as the new moon in taurus- uranus the rebel, revolutionary and Great Awakener moves from 29’59 aries to 0’01 taurus. this shift of uranus is from mars-ruled aries to venus-ruled taurus, from yang fire to yin earth, from cardinal (the start of spring) to fixed (the middle of spring).

the last time uranus moved out of a sign was in 2010 and 2011. whenever an outer planet moves into a new sign it often will go retrograde and backtrack into the previous sign and go back and forth for about a year. this year we have 2 planets doing this- both chiron (going from 29 pisces to 0 aries) and uranus (be sure to read my astrology blog on the 29th degree and the end of an era which can be found here- https://divineharmony.com/cosmic-insight/astrology-blog/the-29th-degree-the-end-of-a-cycle-the-end-of-an-era/). when planets are on the cusp (moving from 29 degrees of one sign to 0 of the next) they can be unstable and very activating. just think back to 3/11/2011 when uranus finally left 29’59 pisces to head into 0’01 aries and recall the fukushima earthquake, tsunami and subsequent nuclear power plant melt down.

the outer planets take a long time to move through the signs- uranus about 7 years, neptune about 14 and pluto about 16 (although the latter two have erratic orbits that are less predictable). so when the outer planets shift into new signs they herald new generational and collective energies incoming. as uranus has to do with change- often coming in sudden and unexpected ways- as well as freedom and liberation- his ingress into taurus speaks to the radical shifts, upheavals and expansions we will see incoming in the next 7 years.

uranus is the planet of unpredictability but taurus is all about the predictable, the stable and secure. this is an interesting combination to stay the least. taurus governs finances, abundance, material security, physical safety, and this sign has a deep connection to Mother Earth, the environment and her precious natural resources. at its height this transit can be about the collective awakening to what we are doing to Mother Earth: fraking, gmo’s, cloud seeding and otherwise dumping massive toxins into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. taurus is a sign very much connected to the body- our own bodies but also the body of Mother Earth. years ago i had a dream of a woman who was bare from the waist up. she had tumors all over her breasts. i overheard her saying ‘its genetic’. but i could see the invisible toxins in the air, water and food. i could see it was environmental toxicity that was causing the massive influx of cancer. i talked to my spiritual teacher at the time and he said yes in 10 years we will see a major increase in cancer because of what we are doing to our planet (this was in 2014).

in regards to finances there are financial astrologers predicting massive change and upheaval in the financial sectors of the world. working from top to bottom where those at the top make a lot and those at the bottom work their asses off to line the pockets of those at the top is NOT SUSTAINABLE. multi level marketing, big business, the 1% versus the 99% are all reflections of this. not only is a small handful making a lot bad for the health and wholeness of the planet but the things we do to make a quick sale, bypassing morality, taking more than we need, using means to get the chickens to plant more eggs, the plants to grow quicker, lying about products being organic when they are not, etc… are costing us in a very deep way.

as i write this Mother Earth is rumbling. kilauea volcano, yellowstone geyser, mt baker is steaming, a volcano in indonesia just collapsed with a 50k feet plumb. the earth is rumbling can you hear her? she wants us to wake up to what we are doing to our Earth Mother! we cannot feed off our Mother, abuse and use our Mother for our own means and not suffer consequences.

uranus in taurus is also about awakening and activating the feminine principle within ourselves. we have mars heading into retrograde (end of june but he enters his front end shadow this weekend 5/12!) and we have chiron the Wounded Healer now in aries. the masculine is being asked to deal with his shit (the masculine within and the masculine without). meanwhile the feminine is being activated and asked to step up, to awaken, to break free from karmic patterns of engaging in unhealthy toxic relationship where the wounded feminine and the wounded masculine play out woundships rather than conscious relationships. historically we have been conditioned to think that money and ownership of things is the proof of a life lived well and a means of safety and security. just ask anyone who just lost everything they own how safe and secure they feel having had amassed a lot of wealth only to lose it all in one night due to an earthquake, a mud slide or perhaps a stock market crash. our lives have to be about more than material resources, money, power and control. and uranus in taurus is going to help us awaken to that.

yes money is important and it has value- but the way most of us have been relating to money comes from an old paradigm based on those who have less and those who have more. abundance for all has not been the M.O. there has been greed and hoarding that has come out of this sense that i must have more in order to be safe, to be powerful, to be secure. the shadow masculine tendency to see something of value and take it, grab it, pluck it, rape it, own it has really severely imbalanced this planet. the split of haves into have-nots has disrupted the harmony that once was present on our planet in a past golden age.

uranus in taurus wants to help awaken us to what really matters, what is really of value. if we value abundance for all but we hoard- or if we value harmonious relationships but keep finding ourselves engaged in combative ones full of drama and karma- this is a time to check ourselves and see where our values (or lack thereof) have misled us and what we need to do to reorient ourselves.

taurus is a venus ruled sign that is about beauty, pleasure and being EMBODIED. when we are too much in our heads- as much of our society has conditioned us to be- then we relate to things like sex, food and money from a place of addiction. we are disconnected and instead of turning within to reconnect we seek things without to fill the hole. uranus in taurus at it’s highest can be about awakening to what it truly means to live in an embodied way- not from a place of addiction or grasping but from a place of arrival, descension (as opposed to ascension which a lot of the spiritual traditions tend to over focus on) and inner wholeness.

uranus in taurus is about awakening to our feminine- within and without. pre patriarchy there was always a Mother Goddess who was in Union with the Father God. even in the original bible God had a wife- El and Asherah. then she was forcibly removed from the bible and her sacred groves of trees were burned down. this is insane. the trinity is Divine Father, Divine Mother and Divine Child. we will not heal the split within or the split without with one key part of the trinity missing- particularly the part of the trinity that has a womb and is the creative Source. luckily we are in a time now where the Goddess and the Divine Feminine are coming back into collective awareness. rather than focus on the masculine that dominated the feminine for eons and stay stuck in resentment and anger- it could serve us better to focus on this now present moment and how the disconnect and demonization of the feminine has harmed all of us- man, woman and child. we all need this awakening- men, women, children and all sentients beings on the planet.

as taurus is venus-ruled this also speaks to big changes incoming in relationships. relationships that are stuck, stagnant and based on safety/security can get some big time activation incoming (and perhaps endings and dissolution of said unions)! relationships that are evolutionary and based on growth and expansion for all parties involved can be raised to a Higher Frequency. our hearts are being awakened! first in deeper self-Love and self-worth but then perhaps in regards to Others. the key is to remember that we ARE the Love that we seek. when we seek the Source without ourselves we will always be lacking as we need another and/or something outside of ourselves to be whole and cannot be whole on our own. when we start to seek and truly find that Love within- we become living embodiments of Love, spreading and sowing seeds of Love wherever we go. this force is not in pursuit- it is not externally seeking. this force is the force of attraction and receiving. we can become magnets of/for Love if we so choose!

i titled this blog ‘the embodiment revolution’ because i truly believe that when we start to honor our bodies and all that they hold- including their connection to our beloved Mother Earth- we will heal an eons long split between body and mind, Soul and Spirit, Feminine and Masculine, earth and heaven. the body is the key. i just randomly came up with this title looking at uranus as revolution and taurus as embodiment. i thought to google ’embodiment revolution’ and came upon this manifesto which i highly recommend your read- https://philipshepherd.com/manifesto/ it’s a long read but worth it. you can use the new moon in taurus (exact just hours before uranus’ ingress to taurus) to commit to this work of embodiment if you so choose.

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks meditation for 0 taurus- which speaks to the Divine Mother and to a purity of heart, innocence and Love we all can seek and reclaim. we are born into it and our lives are about getting back to it. we are all on a journey of re-membering ourselves back into wholeness. what uranus in taurus destabilizes is an old order. what uranus in taurus clears out is that which held us back from moving forward and onward with Love in our hearts. elias reminds us that no matter where we are- in a crowd or out in nature- the keys is to find our center. the center is the heart. may we all find it, anchor into it and birth a new world where all the heart chakras on the planet are fully opened to Love!

blessed be!

~divine harmony

Taurus 1 A red garnet ring. The garnets glow

We start out in life attracted, magnetized to the spot where love is promised. The divine mother energy claims our heart. And so we come in with innocence and purity, an open slate for this next lifetime, this new adventure.

Our style, our substance, our energy frequency is simple, basic and straight. All we want to do is partake of the bounty and the glory of creation. We need to be filled with grace, with beauty. Our longing for a good life is (pure).

From the beginning to the end, birth to death, we hold this stance, we cleave to this position of being the one who feels and senses the one-pointed primary matters and nothing else. Our identity is structured around being attuned to the Central Chamber, and we do not wander from that place.

The experiences we draw to us are often blatantly contradictory to our self-image and our inward reality. For it is that which will reveal to us what we need to see and feel which we cannot refuse. We are utterly fascinated by all ways people can be. For we are always just one way and the others brings the colors and times that are missing in us.

Our intent is plain. We seek to love and be loved, to honor and be honored, to recognize and be recognized. It is most vital for us to be seen as we are. And if we can see another as they truly are, such is the fruit of the vine, the wonder of the Earth.

Whether we are in natures element or in the midst of the crowd, it’s all the same. For we are drawn with the sharpest instinct to the center.

That center in on tap in all situations. Some things never vary.