Tuesday October 26th 2021

About Divine HarmonyWelcome to my website! I am Divine Harmony (and yes my birth name is actually Harmony ;)  I am an astrologer, writer and teacher with my Masters in Depth Psychology.  I have been studying astrology for 24 years, writing about astrology and doing readings for 13 years, and teaching online classes and at festivals for 10 years.  My work can also be found on Token Rock and Neptune Cafe.

The word divine was chosen for its many appropriate definitions and uses. According to the dictionary, “divine” can describe one who is devoted to God, something or someone that is heavenly or celestial, a theologian or scholar of religion, the spiritual aspects of humans, the act of discovering or declaring by divination or prophecy, and the act of perceiving by intuition or insight. All of these meanings and interpretations are fitting for what Divine Harmony represents, and the hope is that, by being a mirror of divinity, each soul who recognizes it will remember who they really are.

My main influences in my own studies of Astrology have been Liz Greene (an Astrologer and Depth Psychologist in London), my studies with Dawn Bodrogi, and my summer internship in 2008 with Eric Francis (which was the kick start for my professional career in astrology). Other important influences in my spiritual and professional life have been my Depth Psychology/Jungian studies at Pacific Graduate Institute, my Shadow Work training with Robert Masters, and my myriad of spiritual studies and travel to sacred sites and cultures (Indian and Yogic, Celtic and Avalon Priestess, and Ancient Egyptian mystery school studies).  I am constantly studying to expand myself and my knowledge of the cosmos and doing the deep inner work to embody it each and every day (it’s life long learning!).

As an In-Depth Astrologer I am dedicated to communicating with one’s Higher Self by way of the celestial realms, intuition and inspiration. Just as the microcosm is contained in the macrocosm and vice versa- I believe that the stars and planets have connection to the people, places and things that inhabit planet earth, and there is a way to find the pattern of communication and connection by divining the stars. In addition, I am an activist for the Soul and I write inspired articles on spirituality, sacred Union and the evolution of consciousness. I am available for astrology readings, workshops, and lecture- and I am in the midst of writing a book on the Dark Feminine.