Lunar Gate Calls

Listen to Divine Harmony’s Lunar Gate Calls- a journey through the 13 Lunar Gateways of the year. Each month features an audio recording about the Lunar Gateway we are in (from New Moon to Dark Moon) including insights on the major Astrology unfolding that Lunar month. These calls are full of Astrology, Mythology, Shadow Work and include a Guided Meditation to help you attune to the Lunar Magic present each month.

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Please note Lunar Gate Calls are posted 2-3 days before the New Moon.

Lunar Gate Call for New Moon in Leo (7/28/22)

this is the Lunar Gate Call for the New Moon in Leo- exact on Thursday July 28th at 1:55pm EDT usually gate calls are membership content but from time to time i share one publicly. i have posted this one publicly so feel free to share with friends and family via this...