Friday September 25th 2020

Solar Gate Calls

Solar Gate Calls - Divine HarmonySolar Gate Calls by Divine Harmony

Join Divine Harmony’s Solar Gate Calls on a journey through the 8 Solar Gates of the year. Each high quality recording is available to Galactic Benefactor members or by donation at a sliding scale of $25-45 per call.

Latest Solar Gate Calls

this is the solar gate for fall/autumnal equinox and mabon- the descent into the dark half of the year. blessed mabon to you! ~divine harmony divine harmony · Solar Gate of Mabon- the Gate of Truth & Balance (9/22/20) read more...

this is the Solar Gate for Lughnasadh- when the sun hits 15 leo the precise midpoint between summer solstice and fall equinox. from august 6th through august 22nd we have the solar gate of lughnasadh, lion's gate, heliacal rise of Sirius (pending your location on earth) and the sun conjunct the heart of the lion read more...