Jupiter conjunct Uranus ~ Calling on the Doves of Peace

by | Apr 10, 2024 | Astrology Blog

Jupiter is heading to cojoin Uranus at 21’49 Taurus on Saturday April 20th exact at 10:27pm EDT- aligning the Planet of Expansion and Abundance with the Rebel and Revolutionary in radical and exciting ways! The last time we had a Jupiter/Uranus conjunction was in 2010-2011 (there were 3 of them- 1 at the start of Aries and 2 at end of Pisces) and the next one will be in 2037. We get Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions every 13 years or so- and they seed new cycles of innovation, revolution, rebellion and change.

Let’s talk a brief look at some Jupiter/Uranus events, organizations or people to see just how this energy tends to unfold:

1) July 20th 1969 we had the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at the 1st degree of Libra – the day of the Moon Landing
2) Edward Snowden the whistleblower has Jupiter conjunct Uranus in Sagittarius the Sign of Truth (born 1983)
3) Dolly the Sheep was cloned at the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction in Aquarius in 1997
4) Wikileaks came to prominence in 2010 at the time of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions at 29 Pisces/0 Aries (3 total conjunctions)

As you can see the Jupiter/Uranus energy is cutting edge, rebellious, innovative, and revealing. Jupiter/Uranus conjunctions are often about waking up to something, something previously hidden being revealed or something unheard of happening. This is great astrology for sudden new things to come in (and perhaps also shocking events) particularly related to money/finances, earth/climate/environment, the food supply, our values, our health, the way we relate to the feminine and more.

Jupiter is the Greater Benefic and he ‘translates a lot of Light’ and with Uranus he is transmitting the Light of the Higher Mind, Rebel and Revolutionary. This is happening in Venus-ruled Taurus- a deeply feminine, earthy, embodied sign. This awakening and revolutionary energy must be grounded in the body and anchored into earth. The tendency for Uranus is to go up and out- but with Taurus we want to fully come down and in. When Uranus first moved into Taurus I wrote a blog about the ‘Revolution of Embodiment’ this transit was bringing. You can read my article here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/uranus-in-taurus-the-embodiment-revolution/

Jupiter/Uranus aspects are also super common in Spiritual Teacher’s charts. From Adyashanti to Eckhart Tolle to Marianne Williamson to Liz Greene- Jupiter in aspect to Uranus gives access to Higher Wisdom and if one learns to tap that and bring it through one can share it with others in inspiring ways. I wonder what new spiritual teachings will be coming forward during this conjunction- particularly teachings focused on honoring the body, being fully present here on earth, honoring the feminine, slowing down and BEING not just doing, doing, doing- and more.

The dates of April 19th through April 23rd are really potent. The day before this conjunction we have Mars in Pisces sextile both Jupiter and Uranus- with their exact conjunction the next day. Mars the Warrior in mystical Pisces can be the Spiritual Warrior- and he can help us take our visions, dreams, intuition and inspiration and do something with it, practically apply it, bring it fully into manifestation. His harmonious transit to this conjunction happening the next day is really potent! (And Taylor Swift’s astrologer tapped into that for the release of her latest album on April 19th!)

On April 21st we have Comet 12P reach Perihelion. This is the Mother of Dragons comet that came from the Draco constellation- seen as a primordial Mother archetype throughout many ancient cultures. On this same day we have Venus conjunct Chiron in Aries and the Sun in Taurus square Pluto- bringing up old wounds and pain so we can see, feel and heal- but also perhaps exacerbating power struggles that may be smoldering in relationships, friendships or financial partnerships.

From April 21st through 23rd we have the Sun and then Full Moon forming a T-square with Pluto. Pluto is a powerhouse and he packs a punch. He reveals shadow and asks us to look beneath the surface of things- within and without. This can be a highly emotional, intense time particularly if there are power dynamics being navigated. Be aware and navigate this time with care <3 (I will have a Lunar Insight up a few days or so before the Lunation).

As an American myself, I have studied the chart of the United States of America extensively. On the date of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction the USA has its first of 3 Chiron Returns. As a country we get Chiron Returns every 50-51 years- but this year we had the Total Solar Eclipse in Aries conjunct Chiron (on April 8th) activating this Chiron Return in a way that other Chiron Returns previously have not been.

The USA has Chiron in the 4th house (in the Sagittarius Rising/Sibley Chart)- which represents the homeland and the foundation our country is anchored on. The 4th House is connected to weather and earth-related events like earthquakes, floods, and climate change.

The ruler of both the 4th House and Chiron in Aries is Mars which the USA has in Gemini in the 7th house of Relationships and in a tight square to Neptune in Virgo in the 9th house. In Mundane Astrology the 7th rules our relationships and alliances with other countries but also open enemies and the 9th House rules communication, foreign alliances and international interests.

Mars square Neptune is one of the most shadowy aspects in the USA chart. If the USA was a person I would counsel this individual around their tendencies to either wear rose colored glasses, be easily deluded or deceived, choosing to check out or escape and not face reality OR about being honest, above board, and discuss any tendencies to lie, cheat, steal or otherwise be dishonest and deceptive in their dealings. As this is a country we can apply similar principles to the people (being deceived) and the ones running our country (doing the deceiving) :-0

Mars is in the 7th house so this can be about projecting our anger, ego, conflict and war consciousness onto other countries (Mars is the God of War after all). “They are the aggressive ones, they are the evil ones, they are in the wrong.” Mars is in Gemini and this relates to communication and news media. The square to Neptune makes for nebulous, confusing or outright deceptive energies- playing out in relationships with other countries where we project our shadow, and it can also play out in our media and communications and how we manipulate mass consciousness with it, and how our beliefs and delusions in our grandeur can be the very thing we need to look at, question and get under.

Do not get me wrong- I ABSOLUTELY love my country. My synastry chart with the USA is insane- I had an astrologer tell me once that if the USA chart was of an actual person he would recommend I marry them lol. And because I love my country so much- it is out of Love that I say we are not living up to our highest potential as a country. Abraham Lincoln once said “My dream is of a place and a time where America will once again be seen as the last best hope of Earth.” Right now we are not there. We are run by corporations and business interests who are all about money, greed and power. We are not a country for the people and run by the people- and we have not been for a long while.

The good news is the USA has some very big astrology unfolding now and in the coming years that can be GAME CHANGING in regards to this. You can read my previous articles about the Astrology of the USA- Transformation of a Nation Part One and Part Two at links below.

Part One- USA Pluto Return- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/usa-pluto-return-transformation-of-a-nation-2022/

Part Two- Transformation of a Nation- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/the-transformation-of-a-nation-the-rare-astrological-alignments-of-the-united-states-2023-2025/

I leave you with the Sabian Symbol and Star Sparks degrees for this conjunction. The Sabian Symbol speaks to a ‘White Dove flying over trouble waters’ (which is related to the title of my blog). It talks about ‘the spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis’. The Star Sparks degree speaks about a Seer Woman- blindfolded and seeing into the future. This one reminds us to turn within- to not be so busy with external things that we miss out on the illumination within that can come in with this conjunction. And yet this degree also reminds us that “This is not the kind of vibration that will make everybody feel at peace. There is something about it that pulls us all to a depth we may prefer to steer clear of.”

I am reminded of a dream I once had where a HUGE tidal wave was coming and I knew we had to dive underneath it to be safe. I was with my daughter and I was worried about her ability to hold her breath that long- but we had no choice so we dove deep and swam under the wave until we found ourselves at the bottom of the ocean. Magically a bubble of air appeared around our heads and we could breathe perfectly when we were anchored in the depths of the sea. It was a reminder to me that when things get intense and overwhelming- the ability to dive deep is not only a tool but is the ANSWER to being able to navigate it all without getting knocked over by the waves.

So Dive Deep my friends. As the Sabian Symbol points out- crises faced in the right spirit will bring rewards to the faithful. Even in troubled waters- the White Dove of the Holy Spirit flies. And the blindfolded woman who sees into the future is pointing us in the direction of our growth and evolution- personally and collectively. Listen to her and let her show you the way.



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translated by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The spiritual inspiration that comes to the individual in the overcoming of crisis.

Here also we are confronted with a symbol of guidance, and the dove flying over troubled waters reminds one of the story of Noah and the Ark. Noah met his and mankind’s crisis courageously and in complete obedience to God’s promptings. The test completed, he received the dove’s message. It is a message from the Holy Spirit announcing a new Dispensation. This symbolic scene can be applied to personal crises resulting from emotional upheavals or from the irruption of unconscious forces and impulses into the consciousness — if the crisis has been faced in the right spirit.

This second stage symbol is in contrast to the preceding one because here it is not the product of a culture, a “book,” but instead the rhythm of cosmic, God-ordained cycles that reveals its conclusive beat through a living and concretely significant sign — a REWARD TO THE FAITHFUL.


by Ellias Lonsdale

Taurus 22- A blindfolded woman who sees the future.

Being shown strictly what inward vision reveals. Not knowing about all the other factors. Just zeroing in on the revelatory dimension of that which we can witness to when we are starkly concentrated upon one thing alone.

In a stark tight crystallized way, we remember how we’ve always done these things, and we pass it on to a different world to come. We bridge by holding to the ancient soul faculties, yet tapping these strictly for the purposes of the future and what it bears for all of us as we walk down that endless road.

We are such a bridge between times and realms, such a threshold walker and shape shifter that we find our purpose and our meaning right down the middle of this other worldly, unworldly path of knowing. There just is not a secondary tie in for this place inside. We follow it purely, or it fades into the background.

For we are being chosen to track with the invisible and the intangible, the time-free and expanded Spirit streams. We are being groomed to invoke these matters in the traditional, yet futuristic way that bypasses the territory of the separative ego mind. We are being orchestrated to take up a calling, which makes us very separate, yet more inwardly connected with the life of the whole than we could be by all the busy activities in the world.

There is a stubborn unyielding element to this influence. An implacable and taciturn quality is there. A flexibility, a fluency, a free movement among many spheres is not the case. A holding to a lineage, a tracing, an initiation, a past lives capacity needs to be taken further.

This is not the kind of vibration that will make everybody feel at peace. There is something about it that pulls us all to a depth we may prefer to steer clear of. When this frequency is tapped, the insides will be sharply adhered to.