New Moon in Taurus- Change is the only constant (5/7/24)

by | May 1, 2024 | Lunar Insight

The New Moon at 18’02 Taurus is exact on Tuesday May 7th at 11:22pm EDT, commencing a new Lunar Cycle that focuses on abundance, resources, material and physical reality, embodiment, the feminine, the environment and the earth. This New Moon is conjunct Uranus by just under 5 degrees and Jupiter by just under 8 degrees- energizing the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction that just happened on April 20th. (You can read my Astrology Blog on that conjunction here-

That conjunction seeded a new 13 year cycle of innovation, change and sudden new things coming in- and this is the first major trigger of it. The Sun, Venus and Mercury will all make their way to trigger that conjunction as well as align with Jupiter and Uranus in the coming month! We will most definitely be seeing what is coming into manifestation in regard to this new cycle unfolding. I entitled my blog for the conjunction ‘Calling on the Doves of Peace’ because the Sabian Symbol for the conjunction talks about ‘A White Dove flying over troubled waters’. Apt for the escalation of wars all over the planet. I don’t know about you but I sure am ready for a paradigm shift. This War consciousness is just so last season ;)

In the New Moon chart we have a stellium in Taurus- Venus in rulership, the Sun and Moon (New Moon), Uranus and Jupiter. The two Luminaries (Sun/Moon), the two Benefics (Venus/Jupiter) and the Great Awakener- shaking things up! We also have a stellium in Aries- with Mars, Hygeia, North Node, Mercury conjunct Chiron and Eris all in fiery Aries. Aries wants war, Taurus/Venus wants peace. At his best Aries helps us stand up for ourselves, set boundaries and say no. At worst he is impulsive, reactive, aggressive and like a man-child with the access to and control of weapons of mass destruction (and to be clear I think most of the war lord leaders are just that).

The New Moon is tightly sextile Saturn in Pisces with the exact Sun/Saturn sextile occurring very in the morning that same day.  Saturn provides a grounded energy to the Piscean dreams, inspiration, spiritual openings and mystical awareness incoming.  With the Earthy Lunation linking with Saturn we can really harness the power of the Lord of Mastery to set new things into motion that has some very solid grounding underneath it.  Saturn is focused on the long term reward not the short term gain- so being aware that what you plant as a seed or set as an intention at this New Moon MUST BE followed up by conscious action and hard work is key!  With Saturn you will earn things with your blood, sweat and tears- and it will be rewarding!

In the New Moon Chart Neptune is at 29’08 Pisces- the Karmic Completion degree of the entire Tropical Zodiac. This is the Omega Point- the end of the end of the end. Neptune will station Retrograde at 29’55 Pisces on July 2nd- energizing this degree of completion and surrender. Neptune is in rulership in Pisces and can be uber mystical and compassionate but his shadow is to be checked out, escapist, spiritual bypassing, addictive and dishonest. We do have an amazing alignment of Venus, Jupiter and Neptune happening on May 23rd (more on that in my Monthly Forecast here- and I am struck by the need to Call in the Light of these Benefics and the Higher Heart and compassion of Neptune to spread across the land. Like a Dove of Peace flying over troubled waters- we need the Holy Spirit to descend and inspire man to heal and awaken instead of fight and slaughter each other.

The third and final Mercury/Chiron conjunction is the day before the New Moon (on May 6th) bringing full circle a conversation or contemplation going on since March 18th when Mercury made his first conjunction to Chiron. Chiron featured STRONGLY in the last few months with the Chiron/North Node conjunctions in February/March, the Total Solar Eclipse conjunct Chiron in April and Mercury Retrograde triggering it all 3 times! Chiron is about healing but he often activates healing but showing us our deepest wounding and making us deal with it. Chiron is part horse, part man and he represents the bridge between our humanity and divinity, our mortality and our immortality, the profane and the sacred.

What does it mean to be human AND Divine? Is it even possible to be both? It is so easy to get lost in the human wounds, pain and suffering and forget who we really are. It is also so easy to get addicted to our Light and archetypally inflate with our Divinity and forget our humanity- which causes us to avoid dealing with our shadow and pain. How do you do both? Chiron did not even really figure it out- he had to trade his immortal life for that of Prometheus so he could finally die and be put out of his misery. Can we even do it!?

I do think that the leap from polarizing between the two takes an act of Grace. I do not think it is something we do or conquer or figure out. I think it is something that descends upon us like the Holy Spirit, and arises within us like Kundalini awakening. I think it is something that happens after lifetimes of devotion to inner work and healing. And I think we have no control over when it happens. The ego does not like though- as control is its M.O. ;)

When Uranus first moved into Taurus I wrote a blog about how it was a transit that could incite a Revolution of Embodiment. What does it mean to BE HERE NOW as Ram Dass said? Can we be present with our pain and our pleasure- not running away from one and chasing the other? Can we sit with both our Light and our shadow- both/and?

Hygeia the Goddess of Healing and Wholeness is conjunct the North Node in the New Moon Chart- so the healing themes are still very much present. She is often represented with a snake circling around a bowl or cup (like my logo!) and she teaches us how to transmute poison into the cure. Mercury and Chiron are conjunct the asteroid Orpheus- a mythic being who felt great sadness and despair at losing his beloved. He channelled that into his music and poetry- transmuting or perhaps making use of his pain and using his words to cure others? His story reminds me a lot of the poet Rumi. WOW Rumi has a way to cut right into the depths of your heart and soul with his words! He knew how to transmute the poison into the cure with his words- that is for sure.

I leave you with the Sabian Symbol and Star Sparks degrees for the New Moon. The Sabian Symbol curiously speaks of crisis again (like the Jupiter/Uranus degree)- stating that a surge of new possibility arises after the crisis. The image is literally a new continent rising out of the ocean! The Star Sparks degree image is of a crown that turns into goat horns. ‘How do you turn the past into the future? How can you transmute past glories and agonies into something so new and different that it takes your breath away? How does the substance of the self metamorphose and transmute into something entirely different in the midst of life?’

Well there you go- I typically do not read the degree images until after I have written my blog first as I do not like to be influenced by the imagery (there are a few times I have done so intentionally to weave it into the writing but usually I choose not to). So here we have a degree essentially talking about transmuting the past into a radical new future. You can read the full text of both degrees below.

Have a blessed New Moon! Call in the Doves of Peace and the Awakening of Humanity. Call in Light and Love and embodiment and grounding. Call in abundance for all and remembrance of the original template of Divinity for humanity. Call it all in with an open heart, feet on the earth, eyes wide open- willing to do the work to bring it all the way down and into manifestation. Blessed be!



translated by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis.

The symbol need hardly be commented upon. When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality, the Virgin SPACE. What will it be used for?

Because this is a fourth stage symbol we find in it a suggestion of how to approach whatever new phase of life has been not only hoped for, but actually confirmed. The “technique” is simply to allow the infinite Potential to operate in unconstrained SPONTANEITY. This means to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor.


by Ellias Lonsdale

Taurus 19
A crown that turns into goat horns.

How do you turn the past into the future? How can you transmute past glories and agonies into something so new and different that it takes your breath away? How does the substance of the self metamorphose and transmute into something entirely different in the midst of life?

What you do is bear down and take the process further. Never assume you already know or you already are who you are going to be next. While you get good at dropping under previous claims, a different kind of stature comes to be your new path to walk, something you can take anywhere, and it only furthers what’s already there.

Often the hardest part to get through is the special feeling tone of being seen and known as the summation of the past, the character who builds on every lineage they’ve got, and they are there. Everybody knows it. That aspect of self proves to be seductively tenacious. They show up in so many forms. We reconstitute ourselves in a new pattern, and still the same self-importance surfaces once again.

We are given this tremendous gift to offer. But we cannot tap it as intended until we’re completely out of the way. To be selfless, yet self-respecting, to be stripped of the external props, yet inwardly upheld by a powerful Spirit guidance. To be gone from familiar worlds, yet home free in worlds we all share toward the future. Such is the destiny if we choose to honor its rigors.

This is an ultra-demanding path. It is unrelenting, and it is something we cannot ever really get through. Yet, there is a reward, a fruit, a sign.

We do come to the place ever more so where we know we are on the right path and that our world does center around us, but in a very new sense. We are giving ourselves over, and our world is tapping that spark with real appreciation.