Remembering & Embodying Her

Who is the Divine Feminine?

I remember the first time I became aware of a female Divinity- it was like a light bulb went on in my head and this dawning of awareness permeated my entire body and being. Of course there is a feminine aspect of the Divine! This was a pivotal moment for me on my journey as I was raised born again Christian and the only expression of the Divine I was taught about was Father God, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit- who was usually described in neutral, non-binary terms and even at times referenced as a he.

The first Goddess I connected with was Artemis. I learned about her in Greek Mythology in College. A fiercely independent Huntress? A Moon Goddess!? Here was a facet of the Divine I could completely identify with. She became part of my first email address Artemis15k (at the time I was training for a 15K race). She opened the gateway for me to discover the Divine in women and the feminine- and most importantly in mySelf.

My next introduction to the Divine Feminine was Mary Magdalene. When I read about her proposed partnership with Jesus and their Divine Union even more lightbulbs went on. OH MY GODDESS! Of course she wasn’t a prostitute! That never sat well with me and I could never understand why. When I innocently asked questions about what did not feel right in the bible I would get sternly looked at and told to stop asking questions. I never stopped asking them- I would just ask them in my head and keep them to myself. Many of the questions I would ask started to get answered when I found the Divine Feminine.

Mary Magdalene helped me dive deeper into my religious upbringing to get to the Truth hidden behind the dogma. Her original story and the subsequent re-writing of her story to malign her and downgrade her significance IS the story of the Divine Feminine in these last 5,000+ years of patriarchal dominance. But that story is changing – Thank the Goddess!

The Return of the Divine Feminine is a journey back to wholeness- for all of us, regardless of gender. From a depth psychological perspective we all have feminine and masculine- just like we all have shadow and light. Cutting ourselves off from any one part of ourselves creates issues. People who live only in their light need to see and address the shadow. People who live only in the shadow need to see and own their Light. The same can be said for the masculine and feminine. The goal is Wholeness and Integration- anything forgotten, repressed or judged is necessary to reclaim for healing.

We have lived in a patriarchal era of consciousness that has defaulted to the masculine principle. Why do you think when looking at ancestry they prioritize the masculine/paternal line? Did you know the biological default for a fetus is female and that it is only when the father contributes a Y chromosome that the gender will change to male? We all start out female! Without modern day DNA testing it could be hard to tell who your father was but it was NEVER a question of who your mother was (she is the one who birthed you!). To be honest, following the maternal line makes more common sense- and it was done like this thousands of years ago in matrilineal societies.

The over prioritizing of the masculine principle of doing, action, conquering, winning, and external focus (which can be seen symbolically as the phallus that sticks out versus the womb which is within)- has created very big imbalances in humanity. The feminine principle of being, resting, receiving, surrendering, and turning within is missing from modern day culture- and it is the Holy Grail that we are cut off from (the Grail = The Divine Feminine).

The Divine Feminine can also be called the Goddess or the Great Mother and I conceive of her has a Great Crystal with many facets. She is Greek Artemis and Egyptian Auset (Isis) and Hawaiian Hina and Celtic Arianrhod. She has many, many faces but once common Source- the Great Mother that is the All. In many ancient mystical traditions the Great Mother is the one that was there before anything was born or existed, She is self created and then goes onto create everything else. It is She who birthed the Great Father as her son (often seen as the Sun) who grows to become her husband, impregnates her and then sacrifices himself and dies and is born again (sound familiar?). He is conceived and birthed and grows and dies- and She eternally holds space for his transformational journey. She is the one who comes before because she is the one with the womb to birth all of creation. She is seen as containing both masculine and feminine within herself and then when she creates the Father via parthenogenesis the masculine is born into being.

This primacy of the feminine archetype has been corrupted and distorted and literally turned upside down. Right now we have the masculine as the only god in most of the world religions and the Goddess in the form of Mary Magdalene (Christian), Asherah (Judaism), Al-Uzza (Islam) have been purposefully maligned, hidden and/or forgotten.

If you look closely at the Tarot you can see the hidden reminders of the one truth that will heal and save humanity- THE FEMININE NEEDS TO LEAD. In the Judgement Card the male looks to female as she receives the radiant inspiration from the angel above. She receives the inspiration from the Divine and then shares it with her partner and child. This is why women have wombs to RECEIVE. In the Lovers card and in the Devil card he looks to her as well. There are many other cards that model this hidden Truth (I have a Tarot Course incoming in 2025!). The feminine is symbolic of our hearts, compassion, Love, empathy, intuition and kindness. For the feminine to lead means to allow these energies and principles to lead. Imagine the world being led in such a way!

It is inherent in women and mothers to protect children and to protect life. Currently on our planet we have leaders who protect and expand their power, wealth and control at the expense of life. From dumping toxins into the air water and food, to bailing out big business who are destroying our planet, to the many other atrocious things happening right now- these are not decisions made from the feminine principle. And to be clear there are men and non-binary beings who honor and lead from the feminine more than some women out there do- this is about essence, not just gender. We all need the Medicine of the Mother if we want to prevent the extinction of humanity.

My life’s work is in devotion to remembering and embodying the Divine Feminine. She is the path to bringing heaven to earth. All of my classes, masterclass, writing and teaching weaves the Divine Feminine mysteries deeply into and through them.  Feel free to peruse my courses and classes available on demand below.

My next Live Courses will be Calling in the Light (Part 2 to Astrology & Your Shadow) commencing August 4th, 2024.  Part Two of my Goddess Series will be in the Fall of 2024.  And my Year long Tarot Course will commence January 2025.  The landing pages for each of these courses will be posted and sent out about a month before the course starts so stay tuned.  

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I leave you with a dream I had several years ago…

I am standing at the edge of a lake under the full moon at night.
The Lady of the Lake starts to rise out of the waters.
It is not just one woman but THOUSANDS of women are rising out of the waters.
A loud booming voice proclaims ‘It’s not the return of the One- it’s the return of the Many’.

Let us all rise together- out of the waters of the Unconscious and into the Light. Let us all re-member Her and embody Her in this time of Great Awakening.

Blessed be…


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Thank you Divine Harmony for your deep progressive work (with the Divine Feminine). It is so potent and the frequency is felt. Your teachings have dripped the feminine mysteries into my life like honey. I am grateful for you.


I find Harmony’s teachings to be filled with so much truth sourced from the heart. She delivers a rich history or herstory, as she puts it, of the Divine Feminine. I am so excited to be here as we learn and uncover the veils together.


I highly recommend Harmony’s classes for anyone looking to deepen their knowledge into their Shadow and The Feminine frequency that is ready to be birthed onto our Planet.


I deeply appreciate your teachings and insights into the Divine Feminine and your reframing of old stuck patriarchal patterns of understanding of the myths and sacred teaching of the cosmos to encapsulate the more rounded, balanced and empowering principles of the Divine feminine. Thank you for your service.