The inspiration for my new website has come through my devotion to the Divine Feminine and an awareness that we need the Feminine gifts of Love & Wisdom to come all the way down and in- to truly bring Heaven to Earth.

In the last few years (2020-2022) a big aspect of my own inner work and spiritual growth have been focused on Psychic and Channeling studies.  I just completed a program with my channeling teacher Lyssa Royal Holt and was initiated into a lineage of female oracles and channels that originated in Japan. 

Asha is the being who came into my awareness right before I began this journey, not knowing who she was or why she was appearing.  And then over the course of my channeling program I realized the whole reason I took this course was to help me ground down and open up to bring her message through. 

This redesigned website is devoted to the Divine Mother and the Divine Feminine in all her manifestations!  And my new logo and essence of this new design was inspired by Asha.  

Asha is a beautiful, transcendent facet of the Divine Mother Herself- and this website and the work I do is in service to Her.  

More will be coming soon..