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Divine Harmony’s Astrology Video Blog features updates and insights regarding a variety of Astrological topics. Learn about the latest Astrological happenings, how these affect your life and how you can work with them consciously. Videos also feature news about Divine Harmony’s new and upcoming offerings!

astrology update for 2/25/22 (VIDEO)

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO (it will open in another browser) astrology update 2/25/22 ***this live update on instagram posted with no audio! i redid it twice and finally found the original version with audio and so am posting here. another reason why i am moving...

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Astrology update and Q&A- VIDEO

Astrology update about what is going on right now! In this Live I talk about the Age of Aquarius, mercury retrograde, Saturn square Uranus, Saturn sextile Chiron, the upcoming New Moon in Pisces and Sun/Venus conjunction and more!!! I also go over common Q&A about my...

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