Wednesday December 1st 2021

Astrology Reports

Astrology ReportsDivine Harmony offers a variety of astrology reports for purchase. These astrology reports are computer-generated by professional astrological software. They are more more in-depth and insightful than sun sign horoscopes and descriptions, but not nearly as in-depth as an astrological reading done over the phone or in person. They describe the many influences in the chart but because they are computer generated they do not intuitively weave them together in a way that only an actual astrologer can do. They are great for learning about one’s astrology chart if you are on a budget or if you want to wet your astrological appetite and then follow it up by a reading to go deeper into your chart. They make great presents as well!

PLEASE NOTE: astrology reports will be delivered within 24-48 hours of purchase excluding holidays and weekends

Natal– a report about the placements of the planets the moment you were born. This report provides insight into your personality, your potential and your blind spots. It can be very illuminating and is a great tool on the path of self-understanding.

Compatibility– a report comparing two individuals in a relationship (intimate or platonic) which highlights the positive and negative themes that can arise in the relationship so that you can be aware of them and work on them to create a healthier relationship.

Yearly Forecast– a report of all the transits- major and minor- that occur for you in the next year (one year from the date you request the report to start on) with explanations as well as length of time the transit lasts for.

Major Life Themes– a report that highlights the major life themes in your life so that you can be aware of them and consciously work with the energies available to you.

AstroLocality– a report that analyzes a location on earth based on your chart. This is great for figuring out where to relocate or move to. Please choose up to 5 locations to be included in the report (city, state, country).

Degree Meanings (Sabian Symbols)– a report that includes the Sabian Symbols for each planet and major point in your chart. The Sabian Symbols are an astrological oracle much like Tarot which can provide a deeper understanding of your natal chart.

Numerology– a report that is based on the numbers in your full name as well as your birthdate.

NEW ASTROLOGY REPORTS- two new reports have just been added:

Solar Return– a report that is known as the birthday chart. This report is based on your birth info as well as the location where you celebrated/will be celebrating your birthday for whichever year you want the report for. This report gives insight into the themes of the upcoming year for you and includes beautiful artwork!

Zodiac Child– a special and unique report for the little ones. This natal chart reading is written in a way that gives insight into your child’s nature- highlighting his or her gifts as well as shadow dynamics in holistic, supportive ways. There are suggestions on how to help raise your child consciously in ways that support their uniqueness and their lessons in life. This report also includes beautiful artwork.


The Natal, Compatibility, Yearly Forecast, Solar Return and Zodiac Child reports are $20 each, the Major Life Themes is $5, and all others are $10 each. All orders require full name, birthdate with year, time and place. We do offer ‘no birth time’ charts that are not as comprehensive but are still very insightful, in the event that you are unable to locate your birth time.

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