weekly astrology forecast- week of 6/6-6/12

by | Jun 3, 2016 | Weekly Astrological Forecast

***all times are PDT***

monday june 6th-
the sun cojoins venus at 16’35 gemini at 2:49pm and the sun parallels venus at 4:47pm (making for a super aspect!), which usually is a lovely transit that brings love, abundance, positive feelings, beauty and more! yet venus is under duress right now- opposite saturn, square to neptune, square to the nodes and quincunx pluto. all of these tense aspects are disrupting venus in gemini’s desire for lightness, carefree energy and fun. this is not your typical sun/venus transit. instead you are being asked to dive deep into feelings of unworthiness, lack of self-Love, the tendency to see fulfillment from outside of yourself and the desire to only stay on the surface in intimacy rather than dive into the depths that will face with you with all of your shadow. the shadow dancing right now due to mars retrograde in scorpio is the antithesis of gemini’s mode of operation. gemini likes lightness, scorpio likes depth- gemini is good on the surface, scorpio can only survive in the deepest waters. ultimately we are all being asked to find ways to bridge opposing realities so that we not operating out of one at the expense of the other. all manner of inner work is recommended right now- therapy, emotional clearing work, body work, shamanic journeys, dream work and more. they will assist you in getting to the root and Source of things and from this place you are able to effect permanent change.

venus and the sun in gemini quincunx retrograde pluto in capricorn (at 9:14pm and 11:02pm respectively), bringing tension between the gemini energies of lightness, surface, freedom and fun and the pluto/scorpio energies of heaviness, intensity, depths, underworld and shadow work. if we are consciously or Unconsciously avoiding looking at our own deep, dark shadows right now the Universe will provide the perfection reflections in your outer life in the form of people, places and things that act out your disowned shadow. if on the other hand you are rolling in the depths but also getting stuck in them- the Universe will also bring whatever it is into your life that is needed to rebalance the scales. watch out for power control dynamics with others- the best use of pluto energy is to master and have power over yourself (the small self). let others navigate their own inner underworld journeys in the time, speed and space that is right for them.

tuesday june 7th-
venus and the sun in gemini square the nodal axis of the moon (at 2:59am and 6:16am respectively)- forming a T square between venus in gemini, the north node in virgo and the south node in pisces. when planets square the nodes we are brought to pivotal points of choice on our journeys. we can either keep on doing the same old same old and keep on playing out the same old karmic patterns OR we can choose the north node of growth and evolution. the north node is not the easy path though- it’s the place where we are pushed out of the nest and we figure out how to fly falling down. with the south node in pisces- there’s a strong desire to wear rose colored glasses, see what we want to see (about others but more importantly about ourselves) and even turn to addictions (sex, spending, drugs/alcohol, food, iphone/computer, etc…) to numb us out so we don’t have to face what is arising. today can bring pivotal points for you to choose. will you keep on doing what you have always done? or do you truly want to experience change?

mercury in taurus semisextiles uranus and eris in aries (at 7:14am and 8:21am), aligning now-direct mercury for the 3rd and final time with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener (uranus) and the Goddess of Discord, Disruption and change. uranus aligns with eris for the first time tomorrow evening- so today you can get intimations of the inner and outer changes or revolutions that are in-coming. uranus/eris does not create chaos where there was no chaos- they simply reveal the chaos that was brewing deep within that is not being acknowledged or brought to the surface of awareness. life is one grand cycle of birth and death, beginnings and endings. when we hold on too long to maintain things that have moved beyond their expiration date- we start to experience stuckness, apathy, depression and stasis (which in biology is the precursor to death). being willing to see where you are stuck and resisting change- change of mind, thoughts, heart, situations or reality- is key right now. after you see it then you are challenged to deal with it! (don’t worry the energy incoming will help you to radically revolutionize some key area of your life!)

at 4:01pm juno- the asteroid Goddess of partnership, marriage and commitment- backtracks into the very last degree of libra. juno and libra have affinity as they are the asteroid and sign that are very focused on relationship and connection with others. the last degree of any sign is very karmic and this one especially so as she is transiting through the via combusta also known as ‘the fiery way’ which spans 15 libra to 15 scorpio. this potent part of the sky relates to the stars that are located in the scorpion- with the midpoint of the via combusta (where juno is now) being in the mouth of the scorpion which is an intense place to be considering the scorpion is the lowest frequency animal the represents scorpio energy. juno stationed retrograde on march 2nd and since then she has been in deep, intense and passionate scorpio- facing us with our fears around loss, our obsessions with desire and possession and everything in between. juno’s retrograde journey is getting even more interesting as today she dips back into libra and she will station direct on june 22nd also at the 29th degree- a very karmic degree that speaks to completions, endings and letting go. juno essentially comes to a standstill at 29 libra- so from now until beginning of july we are in deeply karmic territory in relationships, commitments and contracts in our lives. there are definite major karmic completions going on right now. whether significant relationships are ending for good or longtime karmic patterns of relating to others is what is ending (or both)- there’s some deep stuff to navigate in the realm of relationships. because juno stations in libra- we are being asked to look at any issues we have with losing ourselves in others, over focusing on who we are with rather than who we are or if we are happy, as well as where we tend to sweep the shadow under the carpet (ours or another’s). libra is the sign of the scales which brings to mind the justice card. right now the scales are being rectified- with all parties needing to account for their part in things in order for healing or closure to happen. navigate this month wisely- and focus on completing karmic patterns you are finally good and ready to leave behind!

wednesday june 8th-
at 6:55pm mercury in taurus sextiles chiron in pisces, aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the Wounded Healer planetoid. over the last 24 hours mercury has been triggering the uranus/chiron semisextile- a transit that began in 2009 and lasts until 2023! with the Revolutionary and Great Awakener aligning with the Wounded Healer we are in a 14 year period of time where amazing opportunities for growth and healing of HUGE karmic patterns and wounds is possible. add in eris (who aligns with uranus later tonight) and we are in potent territory. the apple of discord is being thrown to show us what is not in harmony. eris gets a bad rap as an evil goddess full of anger and rage but in her true form she is both Light and Dark and she governs both discord and harmony. harmony can be found and established when the Source of discord is found within and without. opportunities for healing talks, healing thoughts and perception shifts are present today. utilize them wisely :)

at 9:01pm uranus cojoins eris at 23’30 aries, aligning the Great Awakener and Bringer of Change with the Dark Goddess of Discord and Harmony (two sides of the same coin). i have personally been looking forward to the uranus/eris conjunction- to me it is one of the defining signatures of the year and also of the upcoming decade (as almost all of the outer planets will align with eris in the next 10 years). uranus brings Light to what is not being looked at and so does eris. in the first sign of aries this can speak to the next level of awakening of the collective anger and rage but also the need to take a stand, say no and stand up for what we believe in. having healthy outlets for anger is key but it’s also important to understand the purpose of anger so we can utilize it wisely. anger comes in when we have allowed others to overstep our boundaries or where we have done that to ourselves. anger is a motivator to ACT. when we use anger consciously we will address the boundary issues and we will take action in our lives. when we stuff anger, judge anger or otherwise disassociate from it- then we experience either internally as depression and illness or externally as people/situations coming at us. deep healing work can be done around anger and rage right now- and an awaking of the Warrior within is also possible! later this year saturn will be in the later degrees of sagittarius and he will trine both uranus and eris- and to me this is all about organized revolution within and without. what uranus/eris is unearthing right now, saturn will come in and stabilize later. what is going on right now that is revealing what previously was concealed is important- SO PAY ATTENTION.

thursday june 9th-
retrograde pluto in capricorn trines the true north node in virgo and sextiles south node in pisces at 1:49am, aligning the Lord of Transformation and Empowerment with the evolutionary north node of destiny and growth! this is the first of three pluto/true north node trines and then later in the month pluto will trine the mean north node only once on 6/16. pluto helps us to move through death and rebirth processes in our lives- emotionally, spiritually, literally and otherwise. his alignment to the evolutionary north node ensures that what is dying is dying because something massively positive for our path is about to be born! when you follow your bliss doors open and right now they are opening BIG TIME!!! very significant, profound and deep changes, evolutions and transformations are brewing in your life. this has been building all year but it’s exact in june and has the added impact of the jupiter/north node alignment to bolster it. with jupiter aligning with the north node this month and both of them trine to pluto- major opportunities, connections, collaborations and evolutionary leaps are happening. all you have to do is surrender to them. with pluto in capricorn and the north node in virgo- staying aligned with your personal path of self-mastery, discipline, responsibility, integrity and inner work will reap rewards beyond your wildest imaginings. stay with the path of transformation right now- there is gold waiting to be found! (please note: the mean node only aligns with pluto once but the true node aligns with pluto 3 times this month- making the entire month of june TRANSFORMATIONAL. pluto trines the true north node on 6/9, 6/11 and 6/14 and pluto trines the mean north node on 6/16).

at 10:01am mercury in taurus conjunct the fixed star algol opposes retrograde mars in scorpio, creating a tense oppositional energy between the conscious mind and intellect, the fierce Dark Feminine star and the planet of will, desire, anger and drive. we need to watch our minds, thoughts and words we speak. this oppositional energy can manifest in arguments, conflicts and power/control dynamics. with the fixed star algol involved (also known as the demon star) deep passions, anger and rage can be brewing beneath the surface and ready to shoot out at any given moment. steer clear of impulsivity and reactivity if you can. and if you catch yourself in the middle of it- instead of going with the train wreck, jump off and call yourself on your reactivity and get to the underlying emotions that got the reactivity started in the first place (for more info on this listen to robert master’s CD’s ‘knowing your shadow’ CD #2).

friday june 10th-
there are no major aspects today. the moon is in fiery, creative and self-focused leo at the very start of the day and she squares mercury in taurus at 12:13am and goes void of course. the moon is void in leo until 6:46am when the moon moves into earthy, analytic, service oriented virgo. pay attention to dreams in the early morning hours and during the waking hours focus on health, well being, doing the inner and outer work and staying humble amidst it all :)

saturday june 11th-
at 10:27pm retrograde pluto trines the true north node in virgo for the 2nd of three times- the first was on 6/9 and the last will be on 6/14. please read the entry for 6/9 to get information on this potent and powerful aspect that makes the entire month of june a POWER MONTH but also makes this weekend extra potent and evolutionary as well.

sunday june 12th-
at 4:09am retrograde mars in scorpio trines chiron in pisces, aligning the will and drive with the Wounded Healer planetoid. over the next week retrograde mars will trigger the uranus/chiron semisextiles bringing potential for deep healing, karmic clearing, waking up to deeper parts of ourselves and shadow dancing that leads to deeper integration of shadow and Light. today is a great day to dive into FEELINGS. feeling it all- the light and the shadow, the joy and the grief, the peace and the rage- is key to moving through the eye of the needle. if we stay stuck in any emotion or refuse to fully feel it all the way through- our entrance into and through the eye of the needle is closed off. instead of attaching to feelings or story- move into them and be with all that arises. deep times call for deep work- the only way out is through!

venus in gemini sextiles eris and uranus in aries (at 6:08am and 8:12am respectively), aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Rebel/Revolutionary and Goddess of Discord and Harmony. all the deep and intense energies that got activated at the start of june when the sun and venus formed a Grand Cross with jupiter, saturn, neptune and the nodes can give way to major shifts, activations and evolutions right now. relationships, Love situations, finances, values and self-worth are all getting a lift right now- and the winds of change are blowing with us rather than against us. being willing to do things differently and step outside of karmic patterns/grooves to create new neural pathways (in the brain and in life) is recommended right now!

at 10:39am mercury at 29’40 taurus quincunxes retrograde juno at 29’40 libra, bringing an aspect of tension between the mind and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. watch out for communications today. if both parties are stuck in their own positions it will get no where. finding a path of heart when communicating and allow others to share their needs and Truth with consideration as they do the same for you is much more constructive ;) if in doubt, keep quiet and just contemplate your True needs versus your lower egoic desires so you can accurately assess if you are on the right path to evolution right now.

mercury moves out of taurus and into gemini at 4:22pm, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from earth to air, body to mind, steady to changeability. mercury rules gemini so when he is in this sign he feels like he has come home. the coming weeks of mercury’s journey through gemini is great for communication, learning, exploring and having fun! just watch out for the shadow side of mercury in gemini: staying on the surface due to fear of the depths, overuse of mind with disconnection from the body and emotions, and being unreliable or flightily. because mercury is following in the footsteps of the sun and venus- later this month mercury will trigger the Mutable Grand Cross as well (from 6/20-6/22). change is a-coming!

have a transformational week ahead!

~divine harmony

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