Wednesday December 1st 2021

weekly astrology forecast- 2/27-3/4

***all times are PST***

monday february 27th-

we have a dynamic day kicking of an intense week!  an interesting dynamic plays out with venus, mars and juno today.  venus in aries parallels retrograde mars in virgo at 8:52am, and then venus and mars both contraparallel juno in sagittarius at 12:41pm and 7:19pm respectively.  with the feminine aligned with the masculine, yet both are at odds with juno who governs relationships- we have a polarity energy coming up in significant partnerships (romantic, business and otherwise).  with the aries/mars dynamic involved there is a firey, assertive and impulsive energy activated right now.  everyone wants to express their anger, speak their Truth and state their boundaries!  yet we all have to check in to make sure this is not coming from ego.  instead of power/control dynamics, we need to honestly assess what is right and in integrity for the Bigger Picture, not based on our egos demands.   pay attention to relationship dynamics today- they can get heated!

then at 11:15pm the sun in pisces sextiles pluto in capricorn, completing the sun’s activation of the jupiter/pluto trine that is in effect right now (and exact on 3/12, the same day mercury goes retrograde).  this past weekend and of course today are great for growth, abundance, wealth and material rewards- but this is all predicated on hard work, honesty and integrity.  if you are out of alignment then don’t expect the rewards to come flowing in!  today is a great time for getting centered in our power and getting clear on what we need to do to evolve and transform.  letting go of the past is supported right now.

the day ends with chiron in pisces square to juno in sagittarius at 11:45pm.  this is a really intense aspect that has been building up and playing out in relationships- personal and public- all over the world.  wounding in partnership and old pain that has not been processed in committed relationships is up right now BIG TIME.  with chiron in pisces we are being asked to see where we have been in denial or avoidance of dealing with reality.  establishing boundaries and getting clear on what is right, what is not and taking a stand are the order of the day/week/year!  chiron will square juno again on march 25th and april 9th (due to juno’s retrograde station)- so we can expect whatever themes are up right now in relationship to be played out over the next month and a half.  pay attention!


tuesday february 28th-

the only major aspect today occurs at 8:36am when the sun in pisces squares the nodes in sagittarius and gemini (north and south respectively), creating a crossroads in our path where we can take the Higher road and evolve or we can keep playing out old karmic patterns and paradigms and stay stuck in the past.  this is a pivotal point in time where we are capable of becoming conscious of this tipping point energy OR we can play out the shadow of pisces and be in denial, victimization, avoidance of reality and even get involved in deception.  it is up to us!  when the sun aligns with the nodes we also have a moon wobble- which is makes emotional energy unstable and we have a higher frequency of environmental disasters.  stay aware and safe!


wednesday february 29th-

the first aspect of the day occurs at 3:37am when venus in aries sesquiquadrates the north node in sagittarius.  the tense aspect between the goddess of relationship, values and finances with the evolutionary north node can bring up issues in Love and money situations that are blocking us from moving forward on our path of destiny and growth.  we need to address what is holding us back and deal with it head on in aries fashion.

the only other aspect today occurs at 8:33pm when uranus in aries contraparallels ceres in aries, echoing the uranus/ceres aspect that occurred between these two back on 1/24.  major changes, upheavals and sudden things coming to Light are occurring right now in regards to food, nurturing and family life- personally and collectively.  change is the only constant- and the only thing we can count on now that we are in the uranus/pluto years (until 2015).  today a fervor and assertiveness is activated within us- radical change is the only option!


thursday march 1st-

the day starts off with retrograde mars in virgo quincunx ceres in aries, exact at 3:34am.  with the warrior and will in tense aspect to the mother asteroid there can be some intense dynamics that get activated in family relationships and between the masculine and feminine (within and without).  ceres is in mars’ sign, but mars is retrograde so his tendency to be straightforward and to take action is thwarted right now.  as such passive/aggressive energies are likely to erupt- and it may not be pretty.  find healthy outlets for your aggression!

at 10:33am mercury at the last degree of pisces quincunxes retrograde saturn at the last degree of libra, creating tension and a need for adjustment between the mind/thinking and our path of responsibility, karma and self-mastery.  when in pisces mercury is more intuitive and mystical than rational or logical- so there is a tendency right now to get lost in what is possible or see only what we want to see, rather than deal with reality and acknowledge the Truth.  saturn in libra, on the other hand, demands reality and accountability in relationships.  boundaries, balance of give and take, self and other- are saturn’s lessons right now.  if we have avoided dealing with reality, then today things can be dismal, depressing and constrictive.  on the positive side, we can get clear on what needs to be dealt with and then work towards that end!

the last aspect of the day occurs at 4:08pm when mercury in pisces parallels uranus in aries, energetically aligning the conscious mind and intellect with the great awakener!  mercury and uranus will cojoin by aspect next monday (3/5)- so between now and then we have a super aspect between these two in effect.  sudden insights, aha moments, and radical Truth coming to Light is the order of the next week- and actually the next month and a half as mercury’s upcoming retrograde (exact on 3/12) involves a three conjunctions to uranus- activating the uranus/pluto square.  pay attention to what comes up today in communication, conversation and thinking- it’s huge.


friday march 2nd-

at 3:41am mercury moves into aries, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from the last sign of the zodiac to the first sign of the zodiac.  as mercury crosses over the aries point we are likely to see intense and dynamic things playing out in our personal lives and collectively as well.  with the mind in the sign of the warrior there is a need to speak up, take action and say no!  mercury will activate the uranus/pluto square over the coming 6 weeks, and he will go retrograde in 10 days.  so expect some intensity in communication- and some drastic and sudden changes in the coming weeks.

then at 3:31pm retrograde mars in virgo semisquares retrograde saturn in libra, creating tension with a need for adjustment between the will and our karmic limitations and circumstances.  positively this can help focus our will and drive and help us use self-mastery and wisdom when it comes to taking action and discerning the Truth.  on the shadow side though there can be a smoldering power/control dynamics where people’s assertion of their authority is coming from ego, not from mastery of any kind.  any sense of limitation, restriction or inhibition felt today is asking for us to look at what needs to be pruned, dealt with or let go- and then do it.

the only other aspect today occurs at 3:45pm when venus in aries contraparallels neptune in pisces, creating an energetic opposition between the goddess of Love and beauty and the planet of mysticism, illusion and confusion.  positively this can be a very romantic, creative aspect that supports seeing the beauty and positivity around us.  on the shadow side though we can have the tendency to idealize, deny the shadow and only see what we want to see.  illusions, delusion and deception- of self and others- can arise.  tune into the inner sense to see beyond the neptune fog…


saturday march 3rd-

the day starts off with mercury in aries semisextile neptune in pisces at 12:10am.  with the mind in alignment with the planet of spirituality we have an opportunity to open our minds and see beyond the veil of practicality and rationality.  dreams, intuition and psychic capacity are high right now.  this aspect occurs in the early morning hours, so pay attention to your dreams upon waking for important messages from the unconscious.

exactly 12 hours later the sun in pisces opposes retrograde mars in virgo (at 12:10pm)- pitting the ego against the will and creating fireworks!  both the sun and mars are aspects of the masculine- so we may find that the men in our lives, or the male side of ourselves, is activated today.  the pisces/virgo polarity highlights the extremes of surrender/idealism/compassion/denial with taking a stand/seeing what is/discerning Truth/engaging in conflict and aggression.  we want to find a balance of action and inaction, trees and forest.  we have a lot of mars energy going on right now, so any tendency to stuff anger or avoid dealing with stuff can bring up an inner rage that has to be dealt with.

then at 6:53pm venus in aries sesquiquadrates retrograde mars in virgo, creating tension and friction between the feminine and the masculine.  these two aspected each other by declination on monday and today by degree- making for a super dynamic aspect that lasts all week.  this can be very romantic, creative, even sexual- or it can be aggressive, destructive and intense.  relationships are a theme right now- so whatever is not being dealt with and out in the open is only going to increase in intensity over the coming weeks/months.

the last aspect of the day occurs when the sun in pisces sesquiquadrates retrograde saturn in libra, exact at 7:11pm.  with a tense sun/saturn aspect we have limitations, restrictions and karmic consequences of past actions coming up to be dealt with right now.  both pisces and libra have issues with boundaries, balance and assertion of self- so what may be up right now is a need to find new ways of relating to others that has a better balance of give and take, self and other.  any tendency to deny the shadow can create a sense of stuckness and inability to move forward.  if this comes up for you today check to see where you are not dealing with reality and then work to change it.


sunday march 4th-

there is only one major aspect today, exact at 3:18am, when venus in aries opposes retrograde saturn in libra.  with the goddess of relationship and finance opposite the planet of restriction, karma and responsibility- there can be a cold, hard dose of reality that we are being asked to deal with/acknowledge today when it comes to Love and money situations.  with the aries/libra polarity highlighted issues can erupt between the masculine and the feminine, independence and connection, assertiveness and compromise.  whatever heavy energies are present today, we can best work with them if we are ready, willing and able to take personal responsibility for how things got to where they are and then do what needs to be done to get it on a better track.

a lot is up for relationships this week!

yours in the shadow dancing…

~divine harmony

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