total lunar eclipse in scorpio- a healing crisis brings us to a crossroads (5/15/22)

by | May 6, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the full moon/total lunar eclipse at 25’17 scorpio is exact on sunday may 15th, 2022 at 9:14pm PDT- pitting the sun/north node conjunction opposite the moon/south node conjunction in a Total Lunar Eclipse that is massively activating the karmic past and the destined future in powerful and possibly intense ways. we began this eclipse portal with the solar eclipse in taurus on april 30th- with that new moon eclipse on calendar beltane and this total lunar eclipse on lunar beltane- we have a powerful solar gateway portal MASSIVELY amplified by eclipses.

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this is a true south node eclipse- with a tight conjunction between full moon and south node and it is TOTAL so we will see complete obscuration of the moon. the earth will come between the sun and moon and the earth will block the sun’s light from reaching the moon, while the shadow of the earth will fall on the moon making it appear as though the full moon has gone dark. the sun is a symbol of consciousness and also ego, the moon is a symbol of the Unconscious and the inner child. earth is a symbol of our body and humanity. when the shadow of earth blacks out the light of the sun from reaching the moon we have a moment of being plunged into deep dark shadows. it’s excellent for inner work, shadow work, therapy and trauma healing. as this is a scorpio south node eclipse it can be highly triggering of unprocessed trauma and emotions – which when worked with consciously can be the tipping point for healing. when reacted to unconsciously it can only re-trigger trauma patterns and entrench us further into patterns of dealing that no longer serve.

full moons can be highly emotional- even more so when the moon is in scorpio and conjunct the south node. so emotional intimacy work, somatic healing, embodiment to stay grounded when the waves of emotion are rising are all key! for offerings for support during this deep time check links at the bottom of this article.

this eclipse is seeking to orient us towards growth by showing us what is toxic, stagnant, stuck and shadowy from the past. we either need to deal with it, heal it, transform it OR we need to cut it loose like a surgeon removing a tumor so that healing can happen. we do have the option of doing none of the above- but it will have certain and long standing implications. choose wisely!

saturn is square this eclipse- triggering the saturn/nodal T square that was exact april 21st (mean nodes, true was may 6th). that T square is being massively energized right now by the eclipse but also by mercury retrograde- as he triggered the saturn/nodal T square just before going into front end shadow and he will station direct at the start of june in square to a stationary retrograde saturn. in truth this energy is dominant april through may into the start of june.

saturn square the nodes brings us to pivotal points of choice. we can either keep on staying stuck in the karmic patterns of the past or we can let go, grow and move on. saturn brings karma back home to roost- consequences of past actions cannot be escaped. they come back eventually in this life or the next. this eclipse is showing us that a lesson can be learned now that will help to heal and complete the past- IF WE ARE WILLING TO DO THE WORK. if we are not willing, what is happening now can entrench us even further into the karma we cannot seem to get away from. the Highest expression of saturn is mastery- so use the masterful energy of saturn to see clearly and take mature and conscious action.

with venus conjunct chiron in aries in the full moon chart- we have both signs of mars (scorpio, aries) majorly activated. interestingly mars is conjunct neptune and trine the full moon eclipse degree. there is something Higher guiding us right now and paying attention to dreams, intuitions, inner voice and psychic downloads can provide immense insight into patterns that seem to be unyielding and unmoving.

the sun is conjunct fixed star capulus- a star in the perseus constellation that has the keywords male, sexual and or aggressive (from solar fire). the myth of perseus is a solar masculine hero who saves victimized women but also slays ancient primordial Divine Mother Goddesses (like cetus). he also is the one who cut of the head of medusa- and the fixed star algol, the eye of medusa) is conjunct the sun and opposite the full moon as well. this ancient mythos of the solar masculine killing of the dark feminine is majorly activated this month- and in my stargate mystery school there are many people having dreams about this mythos as we dream a new mythos into creation.

what does it meant to cut off the head of medusa, a woman whose only sin was being so beautiful that poseidon raped her in athena’s temple? athena got pissed that someone would desecrate her temple, victim shamed medusa and turned her into a monstrous gorgon. athena also helped Perseus cut off medusa’s head! athena’s modern myth is one of the patriarchal woman- who defer’s to patriarchal right and destroys women by allowing violent men to get off the hook (in one legal proceeding she literally judged that a boy could kill his mother because what mattered was the father line). this ancient toxic mythos is up for purging and healing- and this full moon total lunar eclipse is bringing it ALL up and out!

it is interesting to see that pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, is conjunct two asteroids- minerva (the roman version of athena) and orpheus. orpheus speaks to deep deep grief over the loss of someone- and with athena, she who was born out of the head of zeus and sprang forth fully formed- i feel that what is going to come up and out of the underworld is athena’s grief at being cut off from her own feminine essence, from her feelings, her emotions, from her own mother whom zeus ate to prevent her from birthing her children because zeus was told one of his own kids would overtake him.

the aspect of the feminine that has aligned with the patriarchy and appears as someone standing up for the very ones who have raped, pillaged, harmed women, earth, the feminine aspect of being within us all personally and collectively- she will only heal when she moves past her rage to get into her deep and utter devastation at being cut off from her essential self and Source connection to the Great Mother.

many religions today have a supreme figure as Father God- with the feminine diminished and seen as lesser than. even in great cultures like india who have many amazing Goddesses and deities- there is a patriarchal thread that is in that culture which can be seen in male gurus who sleep with their female students. the patriarchal thread is weaved into EVERYTHING and has been for 5000 years. we all need to grieve the loss of the Mother- men, women, non-binary beings- because we all came from Her and we all go back to Her when we die. we need to really and truly grieve this disconnection and then we need to do the work to reconnect deeply.

i am passionate about many things- shadow work, depth psychology, astrology, mysticism, archetype, dreams. but no one thing am i more passionate about than i am about the Divine Mother. i feel my whole purpose for being her is in service to her and helping to bring her back down to earth- back down and in to all of us- male, female, non-binary- through our bodies, through our lived experience. like the myth of Astraea the Star Goddess who finally left earth when the hate, anger and violence of humanity was too much for her to bear- we have relegated the Divine Feminine to the heavens, to Love and Spirit- but have not allowed her to come fully down and in. when we do we will HONOR the body, emotions, feelings, the feminine aspect of self. we will honor the planet, the animals, the plants and environment. we will honor and respect children, the elderly, indigenous cultures.

i do believe we are on our way to reclaiming her- and it’s up to each and everyone of us to do our inner work, shadow work, healing and embodiment work to bring Her down and in. and as the saying goes ‘the brighter the Light, the darker the shadow’. embodiment is not some pop word to capitalize on (that is certainly happening a lot these days). embodiment is INTENSE WORK as it brings Light to all the shadow we hid from ourselves, hid in our bodies, denied, repressed or acted out from unconsciously. embodiment is full presence with the body and all its defenses, its traumas and its areas of dissociation. it’s deep work.

i dream into a new meaning of the current patriarchal myth of medusa. instead of looking into her eyes and she turns one to stone- we look into her eyes and she freezes the ego and cracks us open to the Truth. her gaze shatters our illusion, not our essential selves. she supports our breakdown so we can move through to a breakthrough. the snakes in her hair are a symbol of the Great Goddess- of kundalini Shakti, of wisdom and magic. the snakes are like rays of the sun – reminding us of our Light as we face our shadow. she is like kali- who appears in whatever form our relationship to our own darkness manifests as. we see what we project and when we don’t face our fears, we project them.

can we look into her eyes and allow her to see past our facade so that we can get to the Truth?

i leave you with the star sparks degree for this lunation- ‘a she-wolf, her udders full of milk’. how’s that for a fierce and protective primordial Mother symbol? this degree speaks to the tenacity of staying power. of staying the course of Spirit and Soul no matter the ego dramas unfolding on the 3d level. it’s like moving through the eye of the needle- or perhaps like birth itself. i imagine as a baby that that moment of birth probably feels like death. being squeezed from all angles, your head being smooshed in to fit through a small opening. it feels like death but it’s actually birth. remember that in your life right now- as you go through intense pressure, feeling squeezed from all sides. can you surrender to it? can you remember why you are here and what you came to do? can you stay the course- while still being fully present to it all?

scorpio is the sign i like to call the eye of the needle. we are in it right now and we are moving through it. stay the course!

blessed be…


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MERCURY RETROGRADE BLOG (i talk about Algol a lot here)-

by ellias lonsdale

Scorpio 26 A she-wolf, her udders full of milk

The instinct is to preserve, to maintain, to hold, to have, to be suspended in individual expression and fertile with worlds gone by and worlds yet to be. The drive is to make sure that this way of life is held to sharply, protected and sustained in its needs and its territory. The insistency is that what takes precedence here is the personal human scene, against a vast backdrop of cosmic forces which support the venture and lend it an extra dimension of currency and staying power, ensuring that what is sought will be forthcoming.

There is also on tap here something else altogether. A transparency to other levels of existence is the given. A feeling for vast changes and overwhelming factors saturates the field of awareness. She is riding a windstorm, swept away by destructive vibrations, brought back to herself and her task by the formidable power of the Living Spirit.

A primordial drama plays out. Something must be held to, no matter what. The precious treasure dominates considerations. The unconscious depths are filled to bounty with impressions and sensations which just about force chaotic and turbulent soul moods to play through at will. The pristine core is eerily intent upon holding to the intended course and not being swayed by any internal or external adversary or ravaging dynamic.

Life-or-death, forward or far backward, fulfill what is intended or feel abysmally at a loss. The stakes are extreme. The emergency keeps coming on. Will the personal soul sense it’s greater function or collapse into a heap of endless pictures of what cannot be? The outcome is decided every bloody moment.

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