A Masterclass on the Archetype of the 21st century

A Masterclass exploring the new dwarf planet Eris and what she means mythologically, astrologically and collectively.  

Who is Eris you ask?  She is a new body discovered in 2005 and she is the Warrior Goddess of Discord and Chaos.  Does she sound intense?  Well she IS.  But she is also quite amazing- as everything has both Light & Shadow.  Her positive side is seen in Activists, Rebels and Revolutionaries who are willing to fight for Truth and for the Benefit of All.  Think Wonder Woman and Joan of Arc and you have a good idea how positive Eris can manifest.  

Because she is in the far reaches of the Solar System she has the capacity to illuminate very dark shadows and she is super important in regards to Shadow Work.  

The Shadow we know becomes our ally, the Shadow we don’t know becomes our enemy and gets projected outside onto people, cultures, countries and world leaders.  We must do Shadow Work to heal the split.  The split within mirrors the split without.  We may as well start at the Source ;)

This class came in as an inspiration as I kept getting emails from students and clients saying ‘No one is talking about Eris’.  Well Eris needs to be talked about!  In the more patriarchal telling of her myth she was the Uninvited Guest who showed up at the wedding party and turned the applecart upside down (so-to-speak).  Well guess what?  When you INVITE HER IN you start working with Her consciously and she becomes an ally. 

I hope you enjoy this talk on Eris and the guided meditation where you can journey directly to Her and have your own deep experience and connection with her.  

You can access this on demand webinar now by clicking the link below.

“I’m loving this class. You are such a great teacher!  I have a feeling that I will go through this over and over again.” ~Diane 

“Thank You Harmony for sharing this masterclass. Eris has much to say that is resonating!  We are grateful to you and Eris for appearing when we needed you!” ~Karen & Daughter 

“Thank you for this masterclass! So timely for me, answered some unasked questions, and turned on a big light bulb!  Like Wow. Just wow.” ~Annette 

“Wonderful information and offered with clarity, ease plus, and love that I could pause, rewind, etc. as needed for the almost 2 hour recorded class. Love to Eris and you, Divine Harmony.” ~DarkAgez