solar eclipse in taurus- change is in the air! (4/30/22)

by | Apr 23, 2022 | Lunar Insight

the new moon/partial solar eclipse at 10’28 taurus is exact on saturday april 30th, 2022 at 1:28pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle and initiating us into the eclipse portal! this new moon eclipse is conjunct uranus at 14’32 taurus- with uranus heading to the precise mid fixed degree that is solar beltane (he crosses into 15 taurus on may 8th). with the beltane portal opening up from tonight (calendar beltane runs from sun down 4/30 to sunrise 5/1) to 5/5 for solar beltane, and all the way to 5/15 for lunar beltane with the total lunar eclipse in scorpio (the full moon in scorpio is always lunar beltane)- it is easy to see that we will have a very potent, possibly intense and long Beltane Portal this year- and it is literally bookended by eclipses and lasts for 16 days!

with this north node solar eclipse conjunct uranus- we will see a MAJOR uptick in the energies of change, revolution and rebellion. mark my words! this eclipse kicks off the fast approaching uranus/north node conjunction incoming (mean nodes 7/26, true 7/31, mars triggers both 8/1). this is arguably the biggest astrology of the year and this eclipse is activating what it is heralding for us personally and collectively. i called 2022 the Year of Change, the Year of Choice and the Year of Uranus. it is a time to know what to hold onto and what to let go of- and specifically what we are holding onto that is actually holding us back from evolution and growth.

uranus is the Rebel and Revolutionary. he is the Great Awakener! he is also the planet of break downs that precede breakthroughs. he is the planet of unpredictability and he is the hardest planet to forecast for as you never know what you are going to get with uranus! it could be the most auspicious shifts and changes that come out of nowhere and liberate you and free you! or it could be chaos, you did not see it coming, the rug being pulled out from underneath you. either way what you can expect is the unexpected. a good frequency to tune into and learn to work with consciously right now and into the summer.

with the new moon/eclipse semisquare the triple conjunction of venus/jupiter/neptune (exact between 4/27-30) we want to be aware of our ideals and the difference between making them real, acting on them vs keeping them as pie in the sky ideals that are illusions or pipe dreams. we have to be willing to put in the work to bring heaven down to earth and make our dreams a reality. venus is the ruler of this lunation and she is applying to jupiter which happens just after the eclipse! this can be INCREDIBLY BLESSED as we have the two Benefics aligning in signs they are exalted in (venus) or ruler (jupiter). yet those blessings need to be acted on, brought into manifestation, worked with in practical, tangible ways. that is what the earthy taurus energy can help us do.

there’s actually a lot of psychic, intuitive and mystical energy present during this new moon- and we want to bring that into the real world so that it’s not dreamy and disembodied but is grounded down, anchored, and made real. the concept of bringing heaven to earth requires this. the spiritual, ethereal, idealistic, inspired must be brought down and in!

luckily the new moon eclipse is sextile mars in pisces- reminding us that our ego and will is in service of Spirit, not the other way around. we can set things into motion right now that are good for us but also good for humanity, contributing to the Greater Good. it is interesting to see that the most exact aspect in the new moon eclipse chart is the new moon PRECISELY sextile Astraea- the Star Goddess who was the last of the Gods/Goddesses to live with humans and who finally left when the hate, war and violence became too much for her heart to bear. she ascended to the heavens and we all await the time when she can return and the Golden Age of humanity can also return to earth. the thing is WE ARE THE ONES TO BRING HER DOWN AND IN. her ascension is a metaphor for our spiritual selves flying up into the heavens, disassociating from earth and this 3d world. we need all of us to bring our Spirit Selves back fully down and in. this is how Astraea returns, this is how the Golden Age returns to earth once again. we anchor it, we embody it.

pluto stations retrograde the day before this eclipse so we have a pluto standstill energy all week long. as someone who was born when pluto was standstill (direct) i can definitely say the energy is intense but also transformative. my love of shadow work, inner work, transformation and healing is bolstered by pluto’s standstill position. we are all called deeper with this pluto station right before the eclipse. are we willing to dive deeper? are we willing to face the shadow so we can embody more Light? the sabian symbol for Pluto’s station speaks to clairvoyance as well (see below)- amplifying the psychic, intuitive energies on tap this whole week. WOW!

the fixed stars tell a deeper story- we have chiron and pallas with stars in the andromeda constellation. in my stargate mystery school we are exploring this myth deeply about the chained woman and what it means to unchain her. with chiron with alpheratz- wanting freedom and movement- and pallas with mircah- the left hip of the chained woman- i feel into the symbolism of the feminine wanting to be unchained in all of us. the feminine is the soul, our feelings and emotions, our hearts and capacity to Love. the feminine elements are water and earth- representing emotions and the body. we live in a culture that tries to control the body and repress emotions! the feminine has been chained!

with uranus conjunct menkar in the cetus constellation we have the myth of an ancient primordial mother goddess who was often seen as a whale but later turned into a monster. menkar speaks to being a victim of the Unconscious. where have our feminine selves- women, men and non binary beings- being repressed, suppressed, denied, victimized? are we ready to reclaim this part of self and bring back down from heaven where she escaped to get away from the violence and trauma of this 3d earth so that we can bring Her all the way down and in.

all of this leads me to the Star Sparks degree for this eclipse- A Woman with Flames for Hair! ‘she is at one with herself in her experience. her instincts, her passions, her ambitions, her hopes, dreams, fears…’ she is the EMBODIED FEMININE- come fully down and in! read the full degree below but WOW

may all of life serve your enlightenment and embodiment. may your Spirit Self come fully down and in. may the sacred temple of your human body have all the Lights turned on. may it be so, may it be so, may it be so- and so it is!



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i wrote an article about uranus transiting the solar beltane degree and amplifying the winds of change as we head to the uranus/north node conjunction end of july! if you did not read that article you can do so here-


by Ellias Lonsdale

Taurus 11 A woman with flames for hair

She is at one with herself in her experience. Her instincts, her passions, her ambitions, her hopes, dreams, fears and assumptions are simply who she is, coloring everything, making her the most consistent of souls. She can be wildly honest, desperately candid. For she is up to something that is so wildly individual, that she has to charm everybody to get it.

This one is a supreme destiny being. Her one instinct in life is to be herself and do what she is meant to do. She is the perfect microcosm. Whatever she needs to know or feel or get in touch with, it will come inside as her own first.

She is the one to walk the personal soul path and to show others that it can be done. But what is it that she finds in her earthy immediacy of candid self-disclosure?

Her path is to be a bold blazing bearer of a very unique spirit realization, unimpressed by the interpretations and evaluations of the horizontal. She is an advanced scout for those who are breaking loose. For she is sensually uninhibited and convincingly ripe for moving forward, onward in her own rightful pace, with very little reference to the standards that blocked such journeys previously.

This woman is burning up with inspiration. She and her guardian angel are cooking up a path to fly along that is utterly outrageous. She needs to reverse all the false notions against self exploration. She is meant to be excessive and provocative.

The power of this being is boundless. As long as she can steer clear of shame, she will be whole to reveal the path ahead in flaming colors.


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The ability to see the Signature of hidden meaning in every occurrence drawing one’s attention.

Man has always sought to interpret the meaning of events or situations which baffle him in terms of specific omens or “Signatures.” The reading of tea leaves is only a commonplace modern version of a certain type of procedure used by priests of all ancient religions. The practice is based on a realization of “the relation of everything to everything else” — a definition of astrology given by Marc Jones. Dream interpretation in depth psychology belongs to the same category, as it is based upon the establishment of a close connection between the unconscious and the conscious. But in dream analysis the individual unconscious, at least at first, is mainly referred to, while in omens (or modern fortune-telling at its best) one relies upon the power of occult forces or entities to convey the information that will clarify confusing situations.

This fourth stage symbol can be referred to a specific “technique” of understanding or evaluation. What is implied is the ability not only to perceive the facts of everyday existence, but to see through these facts and discover how they are related to the realm of basic meanings or archetypal processes. This is essentially what is meant by true CLAIRVOYANCE, the capacity to see in everything the Signature of deeper realities.

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