A 6 Week Online Course

Learn to use your astrology chart as a map to more deeply see, face and integrate the shadow. 

Astrology & Your Shadow supports you in diving deep for personal and planetary healing and awakening. 

When the world around us seems to be falling apart we have two choices:

1) Get knocked over by the waves incoming
2) Dive deeper

Now is the time to commit more deeply to your Inner Work, Healing & Integration.

Shadow work will grow you, deepen you, strengthen you, empower you and open your heart!

YES you can live with an open heart with healthy boundaries!
YES you can stand in the face of fear and hate and Anchor the frequency of Love!

I am here as a friend and guide to support you on your own journey back to yourself.

We commit to this work to become more integrated and whole.
And by doing this work love, health, wealth and joy are natural byproducts.

As within, so without.

In this 6 week course you will learn:

What is Shadow and what does it mean to work with with the Shadow?
Why is this necessary work on the planet right now and imperative for human evolution?
How can you see the Shadow in the astrology chart?
How can you work with the Shadow?
How can you use both Astrology & the Shadow to dive deeper?

This work gives to you as much as you give to it.

Are you ready?

This course is currently available on demand.  The next live offering of Astrology & Your Shadow will either be in mid 2025 or early 2026.  The most recent live course completed May 1st, 2024.   

The landing page for the course can be accessed by clicking the ‘Learn More’ button below.  

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After you take Astrology & Your Shadow live for the first time (Live or On Demand), you become an Alumni and the next time I offer the class live you get an Alumni Discount offer to join in live again.  Each year I teach this class 20-30% of the students are Alumni who are returning to dive deeper.

“Your course has opened me up to REAL healing, Harmony. I have taken dozens and dozens of courses and certification programs throughout my life and this course is easily in my top 3. I’m still mind blown at how spot on it all is.  This course was truly a gateway.”


“It feels like the secrets and shadows are revealing themselves through dreams and downloads as I’ve participated in your class. One of the best decisions I have made in a very long time… Thank you!”


“Thank you Divine Harmony for such a beautiful course. There’s been so much content I’m just going to go back through it all again and keep going deeper as I feel like there’s just so much more to discover about myself. It’s been such a joyful and enlightening experience to be involved in. Thank you for the work you do and everything you bring to the world.”


“Thank you for putting together such an amazing class (Astrology & Your Shadow)! It’s been incredibly illuminating of so many core wounds and aspects of shadow. I feel like I did 10 years of therapy in 6 weeks. And we all walk away with such a powerful toolkit to continue the important work. Thank you so much for being so generous with your time, expertise, and wisdom!”

~Elizabeth L

“You have put together such a powerful set of tools for knowing ourselves and the shadow.”