A Masterclass on the Spiritual Sun of our sun

Learn about this Sacred Star and guiding Light for humanity! 

In this 2 hour masterclass we explore Sirius- often referred to as the Spiritual Sun of our sun, the Sun behind the sun, and the Star of Initiation.

Sirius is intimately connected to our Solar System and the evolution of humanity.

When times are intense (as they are now!) consciously connecting to Sirius can provide immense Love, Light & Wisdom.

Learn about the astrology, astronomy, mythology and mysticism of this Sacred Star.

This Masterclass includes a guided mediation with Sirius.

The exchange for this on demand webinar is $33 and you will get immediate access in your DH classroom library.

“Thank you so much for your incredibly deep and activating Sirius Masterclass. You are a wonderful teacher and I hope to study Embodied Astrology with you someday. Thank you for your generosity and beautiful offerings in the world. I am so grateful.”


“Thank you for the exquisite teaching and divine meditation on Sirius. These are exciting and thrilling times we are living in. Feels like the wonders are being revealed. Maybe we are ready….”


“Thank you Divine Harmony for the amazing informative magical Sirius class.”


“Thank you for this really great workshop on Sirius. I still go back and read notes I made from a workshop I took with you a few years ago.”


“I registered for the Sirius Masterclass. It was amazing! Thank you for offering it. I’m so impressed with the depth of your knowledge about and your research on Sirius.”