Flash Sale on all Courses & Masterclasses (4/8-4/20)

by | Apr 8, 2024 | Astrology Blog

Happy Total Solar Eclipse in Aries happening later today!  This New Moon/Eclipse initiates us into a very powerful Lunar Cycle with some of the most significant astrology of 2024 happening now and in the coming month.  If you have not seen my New Moon/Eclipse content you can find it by clicking the hyperlinks or via links posted at the bottom of this email.  My Lunar Insight, Lunar Gate Call and Lunar Horoscopes are all here to support you in moving through this powerful and profound Total Solar Eclipse and incoming Lunar cycle with intention and awareness, in order to support your healing and evolution.  This astrology is particularly significant for the United States of America (see my Chiron/Uranus Masterclass offering below for more info)

From now until April 20th when we have the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction I am having a FLASH SALE on all my Courses & Masterclasses.

If you want to learn the basics of Astrology from an in-depth perspective in Foundations of Astrology, take your Astrology knowledge deeper in my in-depth Intermediate Series Level 1 & 2, or start working with Astrology in deeper psychological and spiritual ways in Astrology & Your Shadow, Embodied Astrology, Stargate Mystery School, and The Alchemy of the Asteroid Goddessesall of my courses are 30% off right now until end of day April 20th.  Use the coupon code 30OFFCOURSES to claim this discount.

In addition all my Masterclasses are 50% off- including Eris the Archetype of the 21st Century, Anchoring the Age of Aquarius, Sirius the Spiritual Sun of our sun, Regulus into Virgo and the Heart of the Lion in the Sign of the Virgin, 8/8 Lion’s Gate and my most recent Masterclass Chiron & Uranus a Journey of Healing and Awakening.  Use the coupon code 50OFFMASTER to claim this discount.

All the courses and masterclasses are available on demand and you will get immediate access to them with the exception of Astrology & Your Shadow which will be available starting May 2nd after the current live course is over.

I just made the Chiron & Uranus Masterclass available for purchase as I have received a lot of emails asking about it and the teachings in that class are pertinent for right now.  I talk about the Total Solar Eclipse happening today, the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction incoming and why this time is particularly significant for the United States of America.

You can see all of my Courses & Masterclasses available for purchase in my Kajabi Store here- https://divineharmony.mykajabi.com/store

You can see the Courses & Masterclasses that are posted on my Classes page on my website here- https://divineharmony.com/my-astrology-classes/

Please Note- the course Alchemy of the Asteroid Goddesses and the Masterclasses on Regulus, Lion’s Gate and Chiron & Uranus are not listed on my website yet but you can find them in the Kajabi store link.

I hope you have a blessed Total Solar Eclipse today!  With this Eclipse conjunct Chiron- Wounding and Healing are up big time.  Opportunities for healing come in by way of being with our deepest pain, wounds and emotions.  You have to feel to heal- so open up to feeling in healthy ways in the Lunar Cycle ahead.




P.S.  Please be sure to use the coupon codes to get the discount!  If you forget to use them I can apply the difference as credit to something else but cannot refund you the discount amount.

The coupon codes are 30OFFCOURSES & 50OFFMASTER