rare hybrid black moon solar eclipse at the 29th degree of aries (4/20/23)

by | Apr 7, 2023 | Lunar Insight

the 2nd new moon in aries and solar eclipse occurs early thursday morning april 20th, 2023 at 12:12am EDT (late night wednesday april 19th pacific time). a 2nd new moon in the same astrological sign is called a ‘black moon’ and this rare eclipse is a hybrid eclipse (we moon lists it as total but it’s actually hybrid). hybrid eclipses will appear total or annular pending your location on earth- so they have a hybrid or mutable nature. in a saros cycle of eclipses the rare hybrids come in when the series is transitioning from annular to total. this is the 3rd and final hybrid eclipse – the first two were on march 29th 1987 (the year of the Harmonic Convergence) and april 8th 2005. it is interesting to see they have all been in aries. after this eclipse the next one in this series will be a Total Solar eclipse in taurus in 2041! of the 224 solar eclipses in the 21st century- only 7 of them are hybrid and this hybrid eclipse is the longest hybrid eclipse in the whole series as well- so clearly this is a rare eclipse incoming!

a new moon starts a new lunar cycle and is seen as a time to plant seeds, set intentions and commence new things. make it an eclipse and you AMP up that energy immensely. some jokingly call eclipses new moons on steroids. this is a north node eclipse so the node of destiny and evolution is activated and the new moon eclipse is located at the Karmic Completion degree of 29 aries. there are destined energies and new beginnings present but the Karmic Completion degree reminds us that something huge needs to come to completion before we can truly evolve into the future. we have had back to back aries lunations with the new moon at the 1st degree of aries on march 21st and now this second new moon/eclipse at the last degree of aries. the aries part of your chart has gotten a double dose of new moon energy (tune into horoscopes for more info) but so has the tropical aries part of the sky!

aries is connected to the greek god ares- the God of War. at best he is the Divine Masculine who ready to take a stand for what he believes in and is ready to protect and defend the innocent. shadow aries can be uber aggressive, combative, selfish and impulsive. he is the conqueror who comes at everything from a place of being at war- always needing to win or dominate. too much of this aries fire is problematic but healthy aries helps us set boundaries, say no and have agency! finding the right relationship with aries is key right now- particularly with chiron the Wounded Healer in this sign.

we are in the midst of some very big Aries Activations! we had the jupiter/chiron conjunction on march 12th, the jupiter/eris conjunction is 3 days after the lunation on april 23rd. jupiter is bringing Light and expansion but also perhaps excess and triggers to the wounds of chiron and the rage of eris. at best we can tap into this Sacred Fire in healthy ways so that we are empowered to hold our boundaries, say no, take a stand for Truth and not back down! yet too much of this Aries energy can be problematic- constantly coming at things from a battle perspective and burning ourselves out in the process. right relationship with Aries is key!

it is interesting to see that this eclipse is in a very tight window with the exact time of the new moon- with the new moon itself at 12:12am EDT and the precise midpoint of the eclipse 4 minutes later at 12:16am EDT. this occurs because the eclipse path is on the equator (thanks to gary caton for helping me work out why some eclipses have tight windows and some do not!). beyond the geocentric implications- symbolically the tighter the alignment the more powerful the eclipse energy. this eclipse already has a ton of things making it powerful (2nd new moon in aries, karmic completion degree, hybrid eclipse) that this tight window only seems to amplifying the energies!!!

another VERY significant feature to the solar eclipse chart is the square to pluto at 0’20 Aquarius. pluto will be close to stationung retrograde at 0’21 Aquarius on 5/1- so this eclipse is triggering the station point. as you may already know eclipses occur at the nodes of the moon- when the lunation is close to the nodes of Destiny and Karma we get eclipses (which happens twice a year). we are heading into a powerful pluto/nodal T square exact on august 3rd for the mean nodes, exact on july 23rd for the true nodes- so of course the eclipse that is aligned with the nodes is going to square pluto. this eclipse brings a preview of the pluto/nodal T square that is incoming.

pluto square the nodes will involve pluto in capricorn and the nodes in aries and libra- north and south respectively. this is not a pluto nodal T square with pluto in his new sign of aquarius- it is pluto in his old sign of capricorn. it is a last stand of resolving pluto in capricorn karma before he fully exits this sign for good end of 2024. pluto square the nodes is like standing at a cross roads- will we keep on the same old karmic path or will we choose a new direction? this is a great question to ask of ourselves personally but as this is mundane astrology the same question could be asked of all of humanity.

the square to pluto is 30 seconds from exact- it is tight and it is powerful (and intense). in the eclipse chart the sun and moon square pluto and jupiter is applying to square pluto- with the exact square of jupiter to pluto happening on may 17th after jupiter ingresses into taurus. pluto energy can be transformational, empowering, and cathartic. but tense pluto can exacerbate power control dynamics, bring undigested shadow to Light and can exacerbate manipulations happening behind the scenes. the aries energy in the chart is the antidote for this!

the sun/moon conjunction in aries is also conjunct jupiter and eris- bringing a lot of fire that we need to harness wisely. this can be absolutely amazing for activism and taking a stand for Truth! eris is strong in the chart of joan of arc and was a central feature in the wonder woman movie debut. spoiler alert- in that movie her name is diana and she does not realize who she is- but at the end of the movie she realizes she is the sister to ares the God of War. in greek myth eris is the sister of ares. wonder woman is an amazing example of the Highest expression of eris energy! you see in that movie she loves babies, wants to protect innocent humans and is ready to kick ass to do so. we can all tap into that eris energy within ourselves – finding the fierce protector and defender of innocence and taking a stand for that in the world around us. (if you want to learn more about Eris you can do so in my Masterclass available on demand here- https://divineharmony.com/eris-the-guiding-archetype-of-the-21st-century/)

the ruler of this lunation is mars and he is in cancer heading to his alignment with Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun- exact on april 22nd. mars as the Sacred Warrior linking with this powerfully Sacred Star that is about making the mundane Scared is potent. mars is in mutual reception to the moon in aries (moon is in mars’ sign, mars is in moon’s sign)- empowering the feminine in us all to take a stand. this is not about gender but about essence- as we each have both masculine and feminine within us. in the modern day and age we have venerated the lunar feminine that is receptive, loving, forgiving and nurturing. but the solar feminine needs to come forward to balance the feminine energy out. the solar feminine is a force to be reckoned with and will not back down or bury her head in the sand. she is joan of arc, wonder woman, sekhmet! (for more information on Sirius tune into my Masterclass on this Sacred Star- https://divineharmony.com/sirius/)

the sun and moon are conjunct the asteroid astraea- the Goddess of justice, innocence and purity. she was the last of the gods to stay on earth and finally left when the consciousness of the planet devolved so much it was to painful to bear living here. as ovid said in metamorphosis “Last [of the Ages of Men] came the Race of Iron (Proles Ferro). In that hard age of baser vein all evil straight broke out, and honour fled and truth and loyalty, replaced by fraud, deceit and treachery and violence and wicked greed for gain . . . Honour and love lay vanquished, Astraea, virgin divine, the last of the immortals, fled away.”

they say the Golden Age will return when Astraea returns to live on the earth again. in order for this to happen, we need to create the conditions on the earth that will support her return. i feel astraea’s presence in the eclipse chart is a clarion call to really look at what needs to be brought to karmic completion in how we play out the shadow of the War God energy on this planet. as most of our greek and roman myths projected onto the heavens are about killing, raping, conquering and/or destroying- it is clear that we need a new mythology to inspire humanity to wake up and change! (my year and day Stargate Mystery School course was all about exploring modern and ancient lost myths of the constellations and dreaming into being a new mythology. it is now available to purchase on demand. you can get more info here- https://divineharmony.com/stargate-mystery-school/)

astrologically the asteroid astraea represents dealing with things left unresolved, not knowing when to let go, and putting up with things for far too long. add her presence to a rare hybrid eclipse at the karmic completion degree and the archetypal energy of the 11th hour is amplified. what needs closure, completion, endings? where are we hanging on when we need to be letting go? what needs to STOP NOW?

i leave you with the Star Sparks degree for this lunation. i am struck by how it talks about a consensus reality, an world view of the Old Earth. it talks about a past we are stuck in that is limited by the mind. but it also talks about the change that is unfolding. it speaks to ‘a revolution, a radical evolution’ that brings a resurgent vital edge. it can take us beyond recycled mindsets and the spewing of facts and theories. ‘there comes a moment when what your guts tell you overrides the ideologies of mind and you take your life upon the instinct’. that is the Highest expression of aries- pure instinctual alignment. not being stuck in the head but being fully in the body and attuned to the instincts that arise when we are fully present. aries is an amazing archetype to have on hand in any crisis- because he is ready to ACT NOW due to his gift of being in the present moment. this energy is on offer in this rare hybrid eclipse portal – wield it wisely!

blessed solar eclipse to you…


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by ellias lonsdale

Aries 30 An anatomist delivers a lecture on the kidneys

Objective awareness specializes in taking particulars and demonstrating principles through fascinating examples. This way, each thing encountered in life adds up to a total vision, a theory, a hypothesis, some overviewing myth or realization.

Such a mode of seeing and knowing and communicating is calibrated to fit within existing situations, to meet a demand, to keep the world going in it’s fascinating, stimulating, external workings. It repeats, recirculates, regurgitates data, theories, pet notions, popular sound bytes. For it is meant to popularize, to spread, to universalize, to get the word out there.

There is no personal note struck. There is no subjective interpretation indulged. There is no earthly undercurrent a given clear voice. All of this is inside consensus reality, solidly embedded in the world view of the Old Earth.

What happens when a revolution, a radical evolution hits this place? The outer veneer is pierced. The husk of conformity gives way. What do we meet underneath?

The machine drones onward. The outer mind keeps spewing facts and theories. But somebody is alive in here. They are not the end, the old, the recycled mind set of the past. They bear something vital to be connected up at a level beyond the outer mind arena and all its dynamics.

That resurgent vital edge is always lurking, waiting. Just one more tour of duty, and then….But the times catch up. There comes a moment when what your guts tell you overrides the ideologies of mind and you stake your life upon the instinct.