Solar Gate Call for the Equinox posted as PUBLIC ACCESS (3/19/24)

by | Mar 14, 2024 | Astrology Blog

This is the Solar Gate Call for the Equinox (Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, Fall in the Southern Hemisphere) and it is being posted as PUBLIC ACCESS for all the tune into.

This is one potent Equinox Portal WOW. So much BIG ASTROLOGY is unfolding now and as we move through this Solar Gate of Ostara/Gate of Resurrection & Rebirth (Northern Hemisphere) or Mabon/Gate of Balance & Harvest (Southern Hemisphere).

I hope this call serves your journey through this portal <3 Feel free to share it with others. Astrology & Your Shadow starts March 20th- a day after the Equinox and intentionally timed with the Astrology unfolding. You can learn more here-




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ART- by Artist unknown <3 A beautiful depiction of the Yin Yang balance of the Equinoxes. Showing the Owl & Bald Eagle, Moon and Sun, Daytime and Nighttime holding the Sacred Balance of the opposites.