New Moon in Pisces ~ Healing is an Inside Job (3/10/24)

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The New Moon at 20’16 Pisces is exact on Sunday March 10th, 2024 at 5:00am EST- commencing a new Lunar Cycle focused on spirituality, intuition, compassion and dreams- and also on seeing through illusion and getting to the Truth of matters. It is also a New Moon that will take us into the Eclipse Portal- amplifying the energies of endings, new beginnings and change incoming (compounded tenfold by the approaching Jupiter/Uranus conjunction!!!)

This New Moon is widely conjunct Saturn, tightly sextile Uranus and widely conjunct Neptune- reminding us that inspiration and dreams (from Uranus and Neptune) must be grounded, anchored and masterfully brought into manifestation (Saturn). The dreams and visions will be coming in this month for sure thanks to Uranus and Neptune- but we must do the work to bring them into reality.

The strong Neptune/Pisces signatures can also make for a month of taking off the rose colored glasses so we are seeing reality clearly. Neptune/Pisces loves to see the potential and possibilities- but we must also be able to see reality as it is right now. If we are only seeing what could be, should be, might be, used to be- but are not seeing WHAT IS- we will be missing the boat and Saturn will have some reality checks for us ;)

The Chiron/North Node conjunction portal of February 19th-March 5th is activated all the way until the first week of May as the coming Mercury Retrograde and Total Solar Eclipse in April will massively activate it. This is also activating Chiron Return for the United States of America (exact for the first time on the day of the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction) and this New Moon in Pisces kicks of the Progressed New Moon of the USA that is at the same degree! Chiron is the Wounded Healer and the North Node is the Node of Destiny- making the coming couple of months a profound time for any kind of inner work, shadow work and healing.

And at the same time keep in mind Carl Jung’s words “There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything no matter how absurd to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of Light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Chiron will most certainly show us where our pain and wounds are blocking the Light from coming all the way in and through. We are headed into a deep and potentially life transforming time in the coming couple of months- that is for sure!

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In addition to the aspects mentioned above this New Moon is also conjunct Hygieia- the Goddess of Healing. With both Chiron & Hygieia featured strongly- the healing journey is off the charts is it not? Hygieia shows you where the poison is the cure and how to integrate and/or transmute the energies/experiences of the past that are no longer serving you. In Pisces she can help expose deep emotional patterns, wounds and pain in the Unconscious- by bringing them to Light and helping us integrate them. It is perfect timing for my 5th year of teaching Astrology & Your Shadow which is a course that helps you do exactly this! More info on the course can be found here-

Hygieia is also connected to the logo on my website- not on purpose as the logo came to me as a vision back in 2018 when I was in Glastonbury. I realized later as I had an artist make it for me that it is very similar to the Hygieia symbol ;) She is modernly seen as the daughter of Asclepius the Healer but anciently she was seen as his contemporary and she was demoted to be his daughter. They were worshipped in tandem in Titane and her history is nebulous and hard to track (as is the case with most of the Goddesses who are super ancient and their stories got rewritten to serve patriarchal agendas). Her symbol is a cup or chalice with a serpent entwined about it. Today it is used as a pharmacy symbol but anciently the cup was the Grail and the serpent was the primordial symbol of the Great Mother and the symbol of the oracle. This symbol is the symbol of the medicine of the Great Mother that cleanses and renews all of us. The power of Hygieia is strong in the coming Lunar Cycle- so tap into her medicine and make the most of it!

This New Moon is also opposite both Mean and True Black Moon Lilith- interestingly also opposing Lilith conjunct Neptune in the chart of the USA (this New Moon and the Progressed New Moon of the USA both trigger this). Lilith in Virgo is able to see deeply into matters pertaining to health, well being, order and organization. These are all opposite energies of the Pisces Stellium that prefers to be dreamy, to surrender, be diffuse and flow with things. Virgo is the energy or precision, discernment, clarity and practicality. Balance of course is key and the medicine of Lilith in Virgo can come in as an antidote to all the Pisces energy in healthy ways. In unhealthy ways she can come in as either over criticism and perfectionism OR complete checking out and collapsing into the Pisces energies in a way that spiritually bypasses and uses things or people in addictive ways to escape and check out.

The Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of the High Priestess. If you look at the High Priestess card in the Rider Waite Tarot you see her sitting between a black pillar and a white pillar. These are the Pillars of Judgement (Virgo) and Mercy (Pisces). Rachel Pollack in her amazing book 78 Degrees of Wisdom states that the High Priestess represents the 3rd pillar between the two as she is able to bridge them and in doing so she becomes the Pillar of Harmony. So we are all called to find our own Inner High Priestess/Priest who bridges worlds and holds the poles of Love and Wisdom, Mercy and Judgement, seeing potential and seeing reality simultaneously. This is High Magic and no easy feat- with many opportunities to find this balance point within and without incoming in this Lunar Cycle!

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I leave you with the Star Sparks degree for this New Moon (full text is below). It ties in very well with this New Moon conjunct Neptune opposite Lilith in Virgo (mirroring the USA Progressed Lunation opposite natal Lilith). The need to cut loose and be unleashed entirely is very Virgo in opposition to Pisces is it not? This degree speaks to being dramatically bound up within the dance between the tight (Virgo) and the loose (Pisces)- the contained and the unconstrained. How on point! Why do we keep attracting and falling for such obvious and thick cycles and worlds of engulfment? Why do we hold back from channeling our full power? This degree seems to speak to all the reincarnated people who were burnt at the stake in times past. If you do your historical research most if not all of these people were not doing black magic but were healers, midwives, herbalists and people who were in opposition to the patriarchal traditions that were taking over.

Much like the Cathars who were a peaceful people that were burnt alive because their beliefs did not give authority and power to the patriarchal agenda- there are many people incarnated now with this ancient past life memory. Because of these past life memories held in the Unconscious they may find that they hold back, they stay small, they keep their power under wraps- because in the past to be seen was to be killed. This symbol speaks to an awakening, a remembering and a breaking point that takes us all beyond this repression and into full expression- as we collectively dance around the fire which is a symbol of Spirit. We do not have to get to Spirit through a mediator- we just need to remember Who We Are and Where We Come From.

As we ride the waves of Pisces this month- they will take us into and through the Eclipse Portal. The Full Moon midpoint of this cycle is a Lunar Eclipse and the next New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse precisely conjunct Chiron. I explore the territory ahead for us personally, for us collectively and for the United States of America in my Free Masterclass. Be sure to tune in before it gets taken down end of day Sunday March 10th!




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by Ellias Lonsdale

Pisces 21 Pagan fire worshippers dancing

The surge of free spirits cutting loose. The need and desire for what has been held back to be entirely unleashed, so that we can know what it really is. The impulse to overthrow whatever is arbitrary and restrictive in the community patterns. And the championing of the body’s wisdom in giving free expression to both what it has felt like to be so starkly enclosed and what we can become when we are granted our time and place for something vibrantly different to arise.

Yet a shadow tendency to keep hiding in safe containers, then calling forth another round of clearing the decks. A tremendously stubborn propensity for getting caught up in whatever is fascinatingly familiar and has been lived through for lifetimes.

The alternating pulse of going back under the old familiar places, and feeling a wild desire to get through and beyond these now. A very strong experience of both polarities. Sometimes we project one of these onto the world around us. But we are harboring both sides and very dramatically bound up within the dance between the tight and the loose, the contained and the unconstrained.

An undertow of a baffling kind. Why is it that we attract and fall for such obvious and thick cycles and worlds of engulfment? What keeps us in these so long? Why do we hold back in that ancient psychic force of such power?

Well, we don’t wish to re-enact being burnt at the stake, being at total odds with the ones around us. We need some realm of life to call our own. So we do get wrapped up inside what promises to be cozy and safe and so often becomes primal bondage.

We know we can overthrow any and every limit when we need to. Yet we do push it pretty hard, building up to breaking point and beyond.