Pluto at 29 Capricorn ~ The last dying breaths of patriarchal extraction culture

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We currently have Pluto heading into the Karmic Completion Degree of 29 Capricorn (or 30 Capricorn if you round up)- and it is symbolic of the final push for a huge purge and release of the shadows of patriarchal consciousness. Last week my friend told me about the commencement speech by a KC Chiefs player that told women that they don’t need advanced college degrees, that their greatest fulfillment comes when they are stay at home mothers (amongst other controversial things he said about gay people, inclusivity, abortion and more). With Ceres the Great Mother having just stationed Retrograde in Capricorn on May 15th and squared Chiron for the 2nd of 3 times May 16th- it seems on point that mothers and the role women play, as well as patriarchal ideas around what they ‘should do’ is coming front and center. (Don’t be surprised if this comes to the fore again this week as Mars is going to trigger Ceres/Saturn May 28th-29th)

Capricorn has so many amazing beautiful qualities- but the fact of the matter is Capricorn and his ruling planet Saturn also represent the shadow of patriarchal consciousness. Patriarchy is based on the subjugation of women. It was a system designed by men that benefits and favors men. It is a system of inequality and oppression. But it is not just about women- it’s about the suppression of the feminine principle which is about the disconnection or subjugation of emotions and feelings, love and empathy, our physical bodies, our human experience, and the Earth Herself (conceived of as Mother Earth). The suppression of the feminine is also seen in how some mistreat children, animals, the elderly and indigenous cultures. So yes it’s about women but it’s not just about women- it’s about the feminine in all of us. (You can learn more about the Divine Feminine in all of us here-

In my recent talk ‘As above, so below- why we need new myths to save humanity’ I talked about how we fixed Aries as the first sign of the Tropical Zodiac at the end of the Age of Aries (0 Aries was fixed as the first day of Spring around 500 BC). Previous to this each sign would take turns ruling and leading. This organic, cyclic, constantly evolving and changing process was fixed into something unmoving and unchanging. In science stasis is a pre-cursor to death. Anything that stops evolving or flowing will eventually lead to its own demise.

Most of our modern myths we project onto the heavens are Greek and Roman myths written during the Age of Aries or during the time Aries was fixed as the first sign. They are myths of heroes, winners and losers, dogmatic rigid rulers, raping of women, conquering and taking from others. They are patriarchal myths that are based in duality, polarity and extraction culture. Joseph Campbell says that myths are meant to inspire human consciousness. If we take a look around at the wars all over the planet, the harming of children, animals and women, the disrespect of elders, indigenous cultures, and the land itself- it is safe to say that our myths are inspiring this level of consciousness we see. The hermetic maxim states it clearly- ‘as above, so below’. If our myths above are of war, raping and conquering- guess what? That will become the inspiration for what we live and act out below. If we want true and lasting change that gets us out of this toxic feedback loop we have been in for 5000 years- we need new myths.

One of the things that really fires me up about Greek and Roman myths is the plethora of stories of rape. It is said that this was written into stories at the time of patriarchal consciousness taking over from a previous matriarchal one. Rape is a symbol and metaphor of taking the power from the female deity and passing it onto the male god. Rape is a horrific thing to do to a woman (or child or man or non-binary being) and the fact that it is ubiquitous in our mythology is honestly disgusting. To be using it as a metaphor or in a myth is WRONG and any mythos that normalizes rape needs to be questioned.

The rapes in the myths above reflect what is going on down below- seen literally in the raping of women and in the sexual abuse of children. But also in how we rape the earth and extract resources without awareness of the balance of life. Or how bigger countries go into smaller countries and take over so as to have access to their precious natural resources. It is even seen in our modern online culture where anyone can read an article or take a course from someone and use their words, their content or teachings for their own gain (without permission and/or without attribution).

Extraction culture is based on the principle ‘I will do what is best for me’ and in spiritual circles it can get really, really murky because it can be explained away in spiritual bypassing or gas lighting terms ‘we tapped into the same source’ or ‘we need to come from abundance consciousness’ (often said after someone is using someone else’s original work in a raping kind of way). As anyone who has created anything original can attest to- it takes years, decades of devotion, studies, research, lived and embodied experience in order to ‘birth something new’. Extraction culture has a lot of people taking teachings and sharing them without living them, embodying them or birthing them. This is only getting crazier as we move into the AI age where Artificial Intelligence extracts and takes from artists, authors and content creators- and as we move deeper into Pluto’s transit in Aquarius this will no doubt become even more of an issue.

The True Integrative archetype of Capricorn is of the one who can bridge worlds. True Capricorn is anchored in both the material and the spiritual- symbolized by the Goat (material) with a fish tail (spiritual). The Goat is a Sea Goat because he is both coming out of AND going into the primordial waters of the Celestial Sea (symbolized by Aquarius and Pisces). When he is coming out of the Celestial Sea (the way Ages move backwards moving from Pisces to Aquarius to Capricorn) he is seen as being born out of the womb of the Great Cosmic Mother and coming onto land- into form. When he is going into the Celestial Sea moving forward the way the Sun and Planets do (from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces)- he is seen as returning to Source to be cleansed, baptized and renewed. He is eternally connected to the Source that he both comes from and returns to. In Tropical Astrology in the Northern Hemisphere the Sun moves into Capricorn at the time of the rebirth of the sun at the Winter Solstice. Many sons of God/Goddess are seen to be born at this time- from Jesus to Dionysus to Horus and more. It is the time of the son/Sun being born/reborn out of his Great Mother’s Womb.

Today we have Capricorn almost exclusively focused on career, climbing the social/career/political ladder, and focused on amassing power and wealth. He has been cut off from his Mother Source with the lopping off of his sea tail. Now we see him called a Mountain Goat- despite the fact that the tail is still there in the constellation. When Capricorn is only focused on the material, attaining success, getting somewhere, securing power, maintaining power, being the authority and being in control- he is cut off from his Source. This is in part what has led to extraction culture. As we have forgotten to honor our Mother (Mother Earth) and we have forgotten the value of the feminine and why she needs to be protected. We have also forgotten the original template of Ares pre-war monger and blood thirsty aggressor.

Ancient Ares was the Sacred Protector and Defender of innocence, purity and the feminine. He was the only god who stood up when a woman (his daughter) was being raped. He was so enraged he killed the man. This was highly unusual as rape was normalized back then- so to see a man, much less a god, get angry about it was highly unusual. He is also said to have not raped anyone himself- all women willingly sleep with him- unlike most of the other male gods in Greek and Roman myth who are constantly preying on and raping women- divine and mortal. This is the Ares we need right now- not the one destroying the planet, creating wars and division, and putting himself first in such a way that the sacred balance of life is lost. Not the one who takes and sources from the feminine in a raping way. We need the Ares that protects the feminine so that she can live with an open heart- ready, willing and able to receive the inspiration from the Divine and use it to direct the masculine’s actions. (If you love learning about ancient myths check out my Stargate Mystery School on demand here-

Extraction culture is born of fear and lack. There is not enough for me so I have to take and use. Or I have no connection to my own source of inspiration so I must extract and take from others. As a teacher and writer who has way too many times found people copying and pasting my content, my teachings, my original work- I have personally experienced this as a feeling of psychic rape. Taking, extracting, using- it’s the same patriarchal paradigm just overlayed in the online world. I had a person once tell me that if you put it out into the world its not yours and its public domain. I think the only people who say something like this are people who have never had any original ideas of their own. One’s creative ideas, original works and teachings are like one’s own children. You gestate them, you grow them, you birth them out into the world. They have your energy signature in them- just like an actual baby will carry your DNA and look like you in certain ways. In our current online world we now have people seeing other people’s creative children and going ‘oh I like that I am going to take and use it’. It’s extractive and it’s patriarchal consciousness at its finest.

We need to move beyond this mythos of taking and using, of raping and dominating. Of power over, power under- of religious rigidity, hubristic politics and my way or the highway thinking and acting. It’s truly killing the spirit of the people and the spirit of the land. It’s not inspiring humanity to evolve and awaken- it’s inspiring humanity to self destruct.

Pluto will transit through the Karmic Completion degree of 29 Capricorn (in Tropical Astrology) for one last journey from September 2nd through November 19th. Pluto will station Direct at 29’39 Capricorn on October 13th and we also have Neptune stationing Retrograde at 29’55 on July 2nd. Two Outer Planets that govern the Unconscious and what is hidden stationing at Karmic Degrees is powerful. We will also have Mars engaged in the triggering of both of them but particularly PLuto at 29’45 Capricorn on November 3rd- a day before the USA Presidential Election. (See links below to two of my articles about the very big Astrology of the USA).

The Sabian Symbol for 30 Capricorn speaks to ‘A secret meeting of the men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs’ (you can read the full text for the Symbol below).  I don’t know about you but I would personally prefer to see gender and ethnic diversity in this meeting and I want it out in the open- not held in secret!  Dane Rudhyar seems to focus on a more magnanimous group of men (the Occult Hierarchy) but I personally feel in this degree the big fat shadow of countries being run by corporations and greedy men controlling countries behind the scenes.  This was the very thing President Roosevelt was against in 1905 (you can read more about that HERE).  The good news is we have HUGE progressions incoming that return us back to the time for a second chance.

Let’s channel the Highest of Pluto at the last degree of Capricorn and call in what I joking call Pluto- the Roto Rooter of the Zodiac. He comes into clear out the stuck and stagnant crap that is hindering health and evolution. We need to purge and release not just outdated structures and beliefs- but also outdated myths and systems of oppression. It’s a great time to question all the things we thought would last forever. Some things are meant to endure because they are part of the structural integrity of something. But somethings endure beyond their expiration date not because they have integrity but because they are being propped up and manipulated to do so.

Let us embrace change and find a Higher Path for humanity to align with that will benefit ALL beings (human, animal, plant & mineral)- so may it be.




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Dane Rudhyar Translation


KEYNOTE: The power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power.

We are all aware now of the work of secret committees in the White House and at all levels of the government. The student of esoteric philosophy believes in the existence of what has been called an “inner Government” which has the power to direct or guide the evolution of our planet and of mankind. Some people speak of “occult Hierarchy,” or of the “White Lodge.” Here again what is at stake is a “seeing through” the facts of telluric processes and human history — assuming that these facts are at least in part the outcome of the decisions of a supreme Council of quasi-divine Beings. Obviously the symbol can also refer to what occurs at the more ordinary level of business and politics. At any level, it refers to the highest form of social interaction.

This is the last symbol belonging to Scene Twenty and related to the zodiacal sign Capricorn. We see in it the culmination of social responsibility and a reference to EXECUTIVE POWER.