Solstice Solar Eclipse 6/20/20- the Point of No Return

by | Jun 13, 2020 | Lunar Insight

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the ring of fire (annular) solar eclipse/new moon at 0’20 cancer is exact on saturday june 20th, 2020 at 11:41pm PDT. this is the midpoint of the triple eclipse portal, the midpoint of a 1244 year saros eclipse cycle and it is right smack on the solstice point/aries point of 0 cancer which is the midpoint of the solar year. this is an EXCEPTIONAL SOLSTICE SOLAR ECLIPSE!

due to the power of this eclipse and solstice i am co-leading an online retreat with my dear shadow school sister sianna sherman and my shadow school brother masood ali khan (they both have studied with my shadow work teacher robert masters and both sianna and i are in a 2 year women’s mentorship with robert right now). this retreat spans 2 days- from 6/19-6/20- and include cosmic teachings, astrology, mythology, yoga, sacred music, ritual and a potent meditation at the time of the eclipse. for more info and to register click here-

the first thing i noticed when i was prepping the data for this eclipse is that the maximum eclipse is at the EXACT SAME TIME TO THE MINUTE as the new moon. this is rare- in fact i don’t recall ever seeing it in all the time i have written lunar insights. the maximum eclipse can be minutes or hours before or after the new moon. at first i thought this was because it was on the solstice but last years cancer solar eclipse on july 2nd was only 10 days after the solstice and the maximum eclipse was almost 2 hours before the new moon. then i talked with my friend and astronomy teacher gary caton and he told me that this eclipse is the PRECISE midpoint of the saros cycle it is a part of. at the start and end of a saros series the eclipses are weak but as they near the midpoint of the thousand year plus cycle we have the closest alignment of the three celestial bodies- sun, moon and earth- and when this happens the max eclipse and the precise new moon can occur at the SAME TIME. add to this the fact that this eclipse is on the solstice degree of 0 cancer activating the world axis and we can see that this is no common eclipse- in fact it’s incredibly rare and maybe even once in a 26k year cycle (a great platonic year). unfortunately i don’t have software that generates charts before 5000 BC or after 6000 AD- so i cannot verify this but my intuition tells me it is quite possible (if you know of software with this capacity please let me know!!)

a solar eclipse occurs when the new moon is near the nodes (this one is exceptionally tight) and we have the moon pass between earth and sun, appearing to eclipse the sun and cast a shadow onto the earth. an annular eclipse occurs when the moon is at apogee- farthest from the earth- so she appears smaller than the sun. the moon’s eclipsing of the sun will not cover the whole sun and what will appear is a ring of light/ring of fire (annular means ring-shaped). normally new moons are invisible but at a solar eclipse we see the new moon in her dark glory as she covers the face of the sun- making the invisible visible and revealing what is concealed.

symbolically the moon eclipsing the sun can represent the Unconscious eclipsing the Conscious Self. casting a shadow on earth can represent all the shadows coming to Light when the bright Light of the Sun is eclipsed by the Moon/Unconscious. this feels apt for what we are seeing on earth right now and especially in the USA. so many shadows coming to Light about racism and inequality- things that our country was established upon as settlers arrived and took native american lands, eskimo lands, hawaiian lands and exported african american people to be slaves. as my country heads to its pluto return- all the disowned shadows are coming to Light because in order to evolve and transform as a country WE MUST DEAL WITH THE SHADOWS OF OUR PAST.

it’s interesting to see that the eclipse path crosses through central africa- and the african americans who were taken as slaves came from central and west africa. the eclipse also goes through yemen, oman, pakistan, northern india, china, tibet (right through lhasa! which makes me think of the dalai lama as this eclipse is on his midheaven) and taiwan. where the eclipse is visible are the areas on the planet that will feel it the most and have events that are tied into the eclipse. you can see the eclipse path here-

having this eclipse on the world axis is huge. the world axis includes the 4 cardinal points of 0 aries, 0 cancer, 0 libra and 0 capricorn. in tropical astrology when the sun transits these degrees we have the spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox and winter solstice respectively (in the southern hemisphere 0 aries is fall, 0 cancer is winter, 0 libra is spring and 0 capricorn is summer). the world axis degrees always correspond to highly visible world events and they are extra potent. having this solstice eclipse fall right smack in the middle of 2020- a year that i think it’s safe to say huge world events have unfolded- is poignant. (the eclipse effect is most potent 2 weeks before and after the eclipse but can be felt 6 months before and after the eclipse as well)

this is also the last of the north node cancer eclipses- we will not have these again until 2037. it is fascinating to the see the last hurrah of the cancer/north node eclipses being at 0 cancer! the inception point of the Great Mother! there are some schools of thought that see 0 cancer as the beginning of the zodiac- as the Mother is the one who gives birth to the sun (leo comes after cancer). the north node in cancer the last year and a half has pointed to our growth and evolution being tied up with honoring the Great Mother, acknowledging the Feminine, being intimate with our emotions, connecting to our inner child, and focusing on family and security. finding a space of empathy and compassion for all has also been the focus- just like the Great Mother Herself.

with the karmic south node in capricorn we had some very intense south node conjunctions last year with pluto on the south node end of march/early april 2019 and saturn on the south node three times june to september 2019. add to that jupiter who did so just into the beginning of january 2020 and we can see we have had MASSIVE activation of the karmic south node in the sign of the patriarchy, government, big business, authority and control. what is very interesting to me is that the first eclipse of the saros series we are in has pluto on the north node in taurus- the sign of venus and the feminine- and ruling the karmic south node in scorpio. this whole eclipse series is about transforming the shadows of the past (scorpio south node) and balancing the feminine and masculine (NN taurus- ruled by venus, SN scorpio ruled by pluto and mars)- and now we are the precise midpoint of it on the world axis. the tipping point is not near- IT IS HERE!

this is a north node eclipse and the precise mean north node conjunction to the sun is the day before on june 19th at 6:09pm. the moon cojoins the north node at 8:24pm on saturday june 20th- and the moon moves into cancer at 11:02pm with the hour of power being 11pm to 12pm PDT as the moon crosses the aries point and joins the sun with the new moon/maximum eclipse occurring 19 minutes to midnight (adjust for your time zone accordingly). if you come join the Solstice Eclipse Retreat i mentioned above- we will be doing a special meditation together at this exact time (i am staying up for it otherwise i would be in bed at 9pm lol).

with such a tight north node alignment by sun and moon- there is a very strong destined, fated energy to this solstice eclipse. the north node points to our path of growth and evolution but it’s not the easy growth. most of us spend our whole lifetime trying to avoid the north node path. we don’t usually get on that path without a lot of prodding (and poking) by the Universe. the north node is heading to the Silver Gate- opposite the Golden Gate aka the Galactic Center. that alignment will be in july/early august but we are feeling it approaching now. these gates are contemporary seen as the Gate of Man (Silver Gate) and the Gate of God (Golden Gate)- but what i remember from many many lifetimes ago is that these are the Gates of the Mother and the Father. the Silver Gate is the gate we incarnate through (Gate of the Mother) and the Golden Gate is gate we exit this earthly/world existence through (Gate of the Father). they are like portals into and out of this Universe. activation of these gates brings High Frequency Light – but remember that a lot of Light will reveal the deepest darkest shadows to show us what blocks us from embodying the Light.

another SUPER IMPORTANT placement to note is mercury who just stationed retrograde june 17th- 3 days before the eclipse- as he stationed right smack on Sirius the Spiritual Sun of our sun. because he stations retrograde at the degree of Sirius he essentially comes to a stand still and is conjunct sirius for over a week! again Cosmic Insight, Higher Truths and Spiritual opening incoming!!! (i will be giving deep teachings on Sirius and the Golden/Silver Gates in the Solstice Retreat)

with venus about to go direct on june 24th and neptune going retrograde on june 22nd- we have the lower and Higher Hearts passing the baton to each other. the personal, lower heart is ready to start moving forward while the Higher Heart is heading into the Underworld. these two were square twice in may due to venus’ retrograde and we get one more end of july. a big part of may through july has been about us taking off the rose colored glasses, seeing the Truth and questioning reality. not all is as it seems with neptune squares- we could be deluding ourselves or being deceived by others- interpersonally but also collectively (like by the media).

the star sparks degree for this eclipse/new moon is powerful- called ‘a potter at work’. “So this wants to become a return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless way. It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a rededication. And when these things are forthcoming, they will seem intrinsic, implicit, nothing to think about…The guided instrumentation is to join forces with the whole of humanity.” ~ellias lonsdale

the sabian symbol for this degree is ‘on a ship the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one’. this speaks to a changing of allegiance and to passing ‘a point of no return’. it feels like a ring of fire eclipse at the midpoint of a saros cycle on the solstice IS this point of no return. as i said- the tipping point is no longer near- it is HERE. now is the time and the choices we make determine which direction we head into. we are in the 11th hour (and the eclipse is in the 11th hour as well) and NOW IS THE TIME.

“The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power.” this is the ultimate expression of the feminine coming into power. for too long have we lived in a patriarchal, solar, mind based consciousness divorced from the matriarchal, lunar and heart based consciousness. ultimately it’s about a balance but at first when things have gotten so far out of balance we have to overdo the side that is missing before can find the middle point. this is termed enantiodromia in depth psychology- which speaks to “the emergence of the unconscious opposite in the course of time” (jung)

there is much more i can say about this eclipse and i will do so in my lunar gate call (this is membership content- link below to sign up to access it) and Solstice Eclipse Retreat- but i will bring this to a close reminding you that this is one VERY PROFOUND ECLIPSE PORTAL. honor the endings, honor the new beginnings- and be the bridge that helps carry consciousness out of the ashes of the past and into the consciously created future. blessed be!



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by ellias lonsdale

Cancer 1 A potter at work

There is a formative pattern which expresses itself when we can let it through with sensitivity and conscious attunement. It has a voice, a call, a characteristic feel. And when you get in the groove of letting the whole stream into this part, the tension dissolves and spirit reverberates everywhere.
It’s a craft, a practice, a discipline. And this requires careful cultivation. You need great readiness, a practical skill to set the tone for spirit to do it’s great work here. And all the steps and stages, all the learning and growth are already part of the guided pattern, instrumentally choreographed by those who know.
Yet once you’re there, it’s so simple, so basic, so commonsensical. You lend yourself to the movement, to the music, to the pulse-beat. Your fingers know. Your whole body bears the resonance.
So this wants to become a return to what is natural, a restoring of ancient timeless way. It seeks to manifest a remembrance and a rededication. And when these things are forthcoming, they will seem intrinsic, implicit, nothing to think about.
Deep inside the pattern there is dispassion, a viewpoint far removed from the action carried over from before. There is this cosmic beholding power, this witnessing intelligence.
Yet the whole movement here is to become as common and accessible as can be. The guided instrumentation is to join forces with the whole of humanity. Then what wants to come through will be basic, popular, obvious, clear, the next place to go.

by dane rudhyar referencing symbols written by marc edmund jones


KEYNOTE: A radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return.

We have now reached a square (go-degree angle) to the beginning of the cyclic process. This is a moment of crisis, a sharp turning point. In the zodiacal cycle, at the summer solstice the northward motion of the sun (in “decimation”) stops; the sun rises and sets as far north of exact east and west as it can during the year-cycle. Its motion is now reversed. Slowly the sunset points move southward on the western horizon, and the length of the day decreases. In the lunation cycle (from New Moon to New Moon) this is the First Quarter phase. On the “ship” which symbolizes the ego-consciousness floating, as it were, on the sea of the vast Unconscious, the individualized will makes a basic decision. The dominant Yang force allows the Yin force to begin its six-month long rise to power. The “collective” will gradually overcomes the “individual,” and at the end the state will overpower the person. Now, however, the individual person enjoys his most glorious hour; he exults in his ability to make a “free decision”- i.e. to act as an individual who selects his life goal and his allegiance.

This is the first stage in the nineteenth five-fold series of degree symbols. In a decisive act heavy with consequences, the symbolic college youth might realize that he should bring to an end his quest for the ideal companion and enter into matrimony. He assents to the possibility of progeny, of home responsibility. His consciousness accepts a process of fundamental REORIENTATION, implying the stabilization of his energies.

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