Tuesday October 26th 2021

this coming SOLSTICE ECLIPSE PORTAL on June 20th is HUGE.

if you a member on my website you know i record Solar Gate Calls for the 8 Solar Gateways (Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter days) and i also record Lunar Gate Calls for the New Moons. well this coming Summer Solstice (Winter in the southern hemisphere) we have a Solar Gate and Lunar Gate on the exact same day and it happens to also be a Solar Eclipse! to have the Highest Point of Light and Height of the Sun (for those in the South it’s the lowest point of the Sun) occur on the same day as a New Moon and Eclipse of the Sun is incredibly rare and hugely auspicious.

what is even more amazing is that the maximum eclipse occurs at the PRECISE MOMENT of the new moon- to the exact minute. this is also rare as typically the maximum eclipse is not aligned with the precise moment of the new moon.

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN!?! well i will be sharing a lot more in the at home retreat i am co-leading with Sianna Sherman (yoga teacher) and Masood Ali Khan (musician) on june 19th-20th to celebrate this incredibly powerful SOLAR GATE and LUNAR GATE PORTAL where we will anchor in the Highest Light of the Sun.

this Summer Solstice portal is the OPENER OF THE WAY for the Winter Solstice on December 21st which is the same day was the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in the first degree of Aquarius. the esoteric and collective meaning of this Winter Solstice is very significant and the coming Summer Solstice is the time we reach for the Highest Light and Enlightenment possible and then the coming 6 months we do the work of descension and embodiment of that Light.

this retreat includes astrology teachings, ritual, yoga, embodiment practices, sacred music, community and more!

for more information and to register click here- https://sianna-sherman-inc.mykajabi.com/homeretreat

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