Solar Eclipse in Libra- Redressing the Scales of Balance, Truth and Justice (10/14/23)

by | Oct 8, 2023 | Lunar Insight

The Annular Solar Eclipse at 21’07 Libra is exact on Saturday October 14th, 2023 at 1:55pm EDT- taking us into the Eclipse Portal that unfolds in the next lunar month. This is an Annular Ring of Fire New Moon Eclipse in Libra conjunct the South Node and opposite Eris who is conjunct the North Node. The exact Eris North Node conjunction is on 10/21 (Mean Node- True is on 11/27) and with this Eclipse triggering it- prepare for some big activations and energies incoming.

This South Node Eclipse is forcing us to see where anything is out of balance, swept under the carpet, ignored or denied. With the Eclipse quincunx Uranus, quincunx Neptune, square Pluto, opposite Eris and conjunct the South Node- the Transpersonal Planets are trying to get our attention BIG TIME. The Transpersonal Planets don’t care about our personal needs and desires- their sole focus is to get us to WAKE UP AND CHANGE. So wherever we have been resisting that, maintaining appearances, trying to keep the surface together when the shadow behind the scenes has been festering- this astrology will bring it up and out.

This can be cathartic, healing and cleansing! It can also be destabilizing and dissolving of anything and everything (including relationships, partnerships and marriages) that is not healthy and life affirming. Being willing to confront things, take action and set things into motion is key!

The medicine of Eris is seen in the archaic meaning of one of her titles- Strife. Strife for us today means conflict, war, battle, issues. Strife anciently mean to strive, to work heard, to have earnest energy in our endeavors. This version of Eris (arguably the pre-patriarchal version of her) is actually helpful and useful. As Hesiod said in his works in days- this version of Eris is one whom ‘a man would come to praise when he came to know her’.

This South Node Eclipse is magnifying where we are not striving or working hard. Where are we collapsing, giving in, checking out, escaping? Where are we just focused on maintaining appearances and surface presentations- and ignoring/denying the shadows behind the curtain. This goes for personal situations- partnerships, marriages, alliances, connections- but also collectively as well. Pay attention to the news this month!

In the Mundane Chart for the Solar Eclipse we have the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Pallas Athena and the South Node all in Libra- with all of those bodies opposite Chiron, Eris and the North Node in Aries. The Aries/Libra axis is the axis of independence and interconnection, self and other, taking a stand and finding common ground. All of these bodies are also square to a standstill Pluto in Capricorn who just stationed Direct 4 days previous and is still at the same degree and minute of his station.

This energizes the Pluto/Eris squares of 2020-2022. These two are not square each other in terms of exact hits- but they are both very slow moving planets and currently tey are less than 3 degrees away from each other. Think back to what happened during the recent exact Pluto/Eris squares- Covid, Prince Harry & Meghan left the British Monarchy, Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash, George Floyd died, and more. All of these examples of an undercurrent of Pluto in Capricorn square Eris in Aries. That same energy is being activated by the eclipse right now.

The interesting difference is that we now have the North Node of Destiny in Aries. The point of evolution and growth is tied up with the Aries archetype and as Eris heads to align with the North Node – it is tied up with the Eris archetype as well. At her best Eris is an activist, a warrior who will take a stand. She will pull back the veil and reveal the Truth and shadow no one wants to look at. Her medicine is not sweet or palpable but it is necessary medicine. She comes in when an organism (like the Earth or humanity) has gotten SO OUT OF BALANCE- that some harsh Truths and wake up calls need to happen to get people to wake up and take action.

It is interesting to note the Ceres the asteroid is conjunct Demeter the asteroid- both of them are the Great Mother archetypes and they are in dive deep and see the shadow Scorpio. They are both opposite Jupiter the planet of expansion and excess- who can shine a Light on the shadows but also exacerbate them. And we have Persephone- the daughter of Demeter/Ceres- conjunct the South Node and opposite Eris! The Ceres/Persephone myth (I am using the Roman/Greek names interchangeably) is a deep one about death and rebirth, loss and return. Can we move through deep and intense places and stay present? Stay empowered?

We interestingly also see Pluto conjunct Hera and quincunx Juno- the Greek and Roman versions of the same Goddess that is the wife of Zeus/Jupiter. She is Queen of the Gods and her modern myth is one of constantly being cheated on and being angry and vindictive. It’s a patriarchal re-write of an older story- but for now let’s just focus on the fact that she represents relationships, partnerships, marriages, alliances and commitments. They are all undergoing a huge Underworld experience right now- with shadow coming to Light and endings come to a head. Positively we can see which alliances are healthy and supportive vs what is not. We can let go of the latter- but hold onto the former. The ones that are healthy and good will show their colors clearly during this portal, that is for sure!

We also have Uranus conjunct Minerva with the Eclipse itself (and Mercury) conjunct Pallas Athena- again the Greek and Roman versions of the same Goddess!!! This is HIGHLY UNUSUAL to see the same archetypal energies by different names show up in a chart like this. I find it hilarious and synchronistic that this New Moon Eclipse is 3 days after I teach my last Alchemy of the Asteroid Goddesses class ;) To everyone in this class with me these last weeks- I truly hope your deep journey with these Goddesses in the last 4 weeks serves your movement through this Eclipse Portal with the utmost grace and ease! (For those interested- this class will be available on demand after the fact- so stay tuned).

Last but not least the Sun/Moon conjunction are opposite Siwa- an asteroid that is Shiva-like in it’s energy (very Pluto/Eris is you ask me!). Martha Lang Wescott says that Siwa symbolizes “Episodic, catabolic (breakdown/through) process that precedes insight; destruction of density/fixated beliefs; crisis of death (stagnation) or regeneration”. Sounds about apt for the energies incoming this month!!!

I leave you with the Star Sparks and Sabian Symbol degrees for this Eclipse. I also recommend reading the Star Sparks degree for the Eris/North Node conjunction incoming (link to blog with the info is below). I am struck by the Star Sparks degree that calls for each of us to RISE INTO GREAT MASTERY. To be born into these times means we knew we had to find this level of mastery at the appointed time- but there is just so much forgetting that happens down here in this 3D world. I feel in this Eclipse a similar call- to take the veil off our eyes and see the Truth of ourselves, of others and the world around us. From this place and only this place are we empowered to consciously choose our direction forward (as long as the veil is still over our eyes we are walking around blindly).

The Sabian Symbol seems to speak to those who have the Waters of Life and the need for them to share it with those who are thirsty. By this I do not mean religious dogma. “What you received from the Infinite, you can give to the finite beings that thirst for it.” I also see a pure being (a child) caring about those who do not have a voice (the birds) and wanting to give them water. The last lines speak about how human’s don’t need to destroy/conquer the earth- that humans can instead transform the wilds into a garden or put in another way care take the earth and put their imprint on it in a way that serves beauty, life and Love.

With this 2nd symbol in particular I feel into Eris’ energy and how she can be the fierce warrior feminine essence who stands up for the earth, for the birds and for the children. I was reading recently that the ancient Roman Festival of Matronalia was a celebration that marked the end of a war in which women played an important role. It is said that women from both sides threw themselves between the two waring factions- and because men on both sides did not want to kill their own women they stopped fighting each other. In doing this the women restored peace. I reflect on this as war was just declared between Israel and Hamas – and the war continues to go in between Russia and Ukraine.

We need the ones who are the vessels who carry the magical ways directly within them to wake up from amnesia. We need to return to the place where our inner children with purity and innocence are the ones leading. We need this interpersonally and we need this in the world at large. To be clear the Eris energy does not advocate for being a doormat. This is fiercely loving and fiercely boundaried astrology. Wonder Woman (who has a strong positive Eris signature) was soft and feminine and wanted to protect the people but she could also kick ass when it was necessary to protect the people.

I honestly feel like when the world is largely run by women (who are not patriarchal women but integrated women) we won’t have wars like we do today. Women overall have a greater access to the Mother archetype and the inherent energy of this archetype is to protect and to keep safe. The modern patriarchal version of Pallas Athena is that she is the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess- but I honestly feel zero wisdom in war. Intelligence sure- power yes. But Wisdom? No. War is not wise- it is a power play, it is destructive, it is domination and control. It is violence and harm caused to more than just the other team- it affects innocent people who are just caught in the middle.

I don’t know the answer but I do know there is another path forward we can follow. We need leaders who can see that path and can lead us down it. People who can model open hearts and healthy boundaries. Call on Eris this month to help you find this place within and hold this space without.

Blessed Eclipse portal to you!


P.S. The Lunar Gate Call will be up a couple days before the Eclipse, Lunar Horoscopes will be up the day of the Eclipse.



BIG USA ASTROLOGY INCOMING – pay attention to 10/12!




Libra 22 An Ancient glass vial perfectly preserved

There are these places within the Earth where the timeless ways are held intact, remembered, known as right here now. These places have a magical power of an immense kind. They are deeply magnetic. They draw into them specially selected souls to enact a facet of what they bear and hold.

The souls who are drawn in these find themselves being put through the most ultimate kind of initiation. They must prove that they are worthy to bear the lost inward essence, to draw it forth afresh. There is one quality they must demonstrate to the utmost extent. They must show that they are steady, clear, intact, not able to be thrown off course by the endless testing action they face. And they must learn to honor this pathway and no longer react against it.

They are being trained in a Great Art. They must themselves be the vessel. They carry the magical ways directly within them. But these ways are volatile. They explode contained, fixed worlds. So there must be this mastery to be able to inherit the powers.

Most of the pattern involves waking up from amnesia. To see this lucidly is the world’s strangest experience. You gotta get there in stages. And when you at last are ripe, something else altogether happens.

You find yourself to be just the right person in just the right spot to bring across what is otherwise beyond everybody’s grasp. You do it by enacting the vital force of the timeless ways. You don’t act, you be.




KEYNOTE: The concern of simple souls for the welfare and happiness of less-evolved beings who thirst for life renewal.

The original statement of this symbol is far more significant than the later formulation, for what is expressed here is a reversal of the operation mentioned in the preceding symbol. Man, who has built the fountain — perhaps on arid land and through skillful work — gives the life-bestowing water to the thirsting birds. He does not go to the sea, but he brings the purified, drinkable water to the birds needing it. The connection between “child” and “birds” implies a spontaneous, nai’ve rapport at the spiritual level, a soul-touch at the level of pure feelings. At this second stage of the five-fold process the contrast with the first takes on a suggestive aspect. What you received from the Infinite, you can give to the finite beings that thirst for it. Man does not need to destroy nature’s wilderness through greed and carelessness; he can transform this wilderness into a garden, whose singing fountains will attract birds. We can use here Marc Jones’s Keyword for this degree: SOLICITUDE.