new moon in taurus- bringing heaven down to earth (5/19/23)

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the new moon at 28’25 taurus is exact on friday may 19th, 2023 at 11:53am EDT- ending the eclipse portal we have been in and commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on abundance, the environment, health, values and embodiment. there is SO MUCH taurus present in this new moon chart- jupiter newly in taurus, the north node, now direct mercury, vesta the Priestess asteroid Goddess, uranus and the new moon- WOW! the taurus part of your chart is getting MASSIVE ACTIVATION for new beginnings and opportunities incoming (listen to lunar horoscopes for more info).

this is a lovely new moon at the tail end of taurus that is widely conjunct uranus, sextile neptune and trine pluto- harmoniously linking with all the outer planets. this brings a profound transpersonal energy of Higher Wisdom, Higher Love and Higher Power into deeply personal realms- helping us to anchor and embody these Higher Frequencies incoming. transpersonal planets go beyond the personal. they are not about the ego- they are about the growth and evolution of Spirit and Soul. as these are harmonious aspects we have the capacity to access Higher Vision so that what we are bringing into manifestation is being served by the Greater Vision of Spirit/Soul and is not just coming from the ego (which when in taurus tends to be focused on money, safety, security and satiating the senses).

this new moon is conjunct the Pleiades- the 7 Sisters who are seen mythically as the Doves of Peace- a symbol of celestial feminine power. it is interesting to see the new moon conjunct the Pleiades and the ruler of the lunation venus is heading to cojoin Sirius – two very important ‘Galactic Family’ frequencies that are deeply connected to the evolution of humanity as well as the ascension of our planet. some say the Pleiades are more feminine and the Sirians more masculine- but in ancient egypt Sirius was the star of Isis the Goddess (and before her Sopdet, another Goddess). for me personally i feel in the Pleiades a playful, creative energy that loves art, dance, music and movement- whereas in the Sirius energy i feel a more serious (sirius!), deep and silent focus. one feels more about movement and the other about stillness- one more about Love and one more about Wisdom (pleiades and sirius respectively). we both the 7 Sisters and the Spiritual Sun of our sun beaming strong frequencies out at the time of this lunation! i recommend staying open to receive <3

the new moon also mediates the mars/pluto opposition that is exact on saturday night. mars opposite pluto at the alpha degrees of leo and aquarius can exacerbate power dynamics and ego confrontations. it can play out in romantic relationships, with children or creatively (leo) as well as in friendships, group associations and communities (aquarius). this aspect is intense but they both harmoniously link with the new moon- pluto is trine the new moon and mars is sextile. if we can harness the raw power and energy of mars and pluto- the lower and Higher Wills- we can channel it into manifesting abundance, getting more aligned with our values and becoming more embodied.

with so much amazing taurus energy present in this new moon chart – on offer is deep healing, peace, abundance and embodiment. a new moon is a time to plant seeds and set intentions for the coming lunar month- but jupiter just ingresses into taurus for the next year and the north node is heading to the alpha degree of taurus as well. this is not your typical new moon in taurus- seeds planted now with the greatest intentions can prove to be highly fertile and abundant! of course we must tend to them with care and nourish their growth ;)

a few fixed stars and asteroids stand out- of course venus applying to Sirius as i mentioned above, but she is also conjunct urania the asteroid that symbolizes astrology, astronomy, and the ability to see the Bigger Picture. if you know your venus/aphrodite mythos you know that aphrodite pandemos is the common, earthly venus- where as aphrodite urania is the celestial, heavenly venus. we essentially have a triple conjunction of the Divine Feminine planet venus, the Divine Feminine star Sirius and the celestial, heavenly version of the Goddess symbolized by urania. the words ‘look to the heavens’ is coming in- but i also hear ‘keep your feet on the ground’. this could also be symbolic in the sense of focusing on our Higher Selves and Spirits while still being grounded, embodied and very much human.

jupiter is conjunct mirach a fixed star in the andromeda galaxy. as Stargate Mystery School students know- andromeda as the chained feminine is a more modern version, whereas andromeda as ‘leader of men’ was her more ancient energy. they say this star has to do with being ‘in harmony to be receptive’. one of the ways of looking at andromeda’s etymology was the interpretation that she was ‘mindful of her husband’. but actually it mean to be mindful of men- the way a mother would mind her children. her lost meaning was as a female ruler that came from a female line of great matriarchs.

the deeper etymology of mirach- which we are told comes from the arabic word mi’zar meaning girdle or waist cloth- can be connected to ascension and the ascended Divine Feminine. sirius as isis also represents this as do the doves of peace and 7 sisters who flew into the sky. why did the Divine Feminine go up into heaven? what conditions on earth were so heart breaking that she had to leave? just ask astraea- the last of the Gods and Goddesses who stayed on earth until her heart could bare no more of the hate, violence and unconscious she saw. she flew to the sky and was set in the heavens as the Virgo constellation and she awaits the time she can return to earth when the consciousness on the planet has risen to a degree she can handle being around. WOW!

if the Divine Feminine ascended to preserve and protect her heart, Love, Light and purity- then our work down here on earth is to create the conditions for which the Divine Feminine can descend, come back to earth and be embodied. we each do this work by way of our own inner work, shadow work, healing and integration. we began our Stargate Mystery School journey with andromeda the chained woman and we completed our journey after a year and a day by unchaining the feminine- within and without. if you want to learn more about Stargate Mystery School now available on demand you can do so here-

one last asteroid that stands out is phaethon who is conjunct the sun and moon. phaethon’s myth was about driving the chariot of the sun, being out of control and crashing. the asteroid speaks to recklessness, being out of control and biting off more than we can chew. interestingly this archetype of impulsivity is quite opposite of taurus – which is a sign that likes to slow down. one way it could manifest is via our relationship to the material world. this can be about over-focusing on money, beauty, fame and indulgence at the expense of true growth and evolution. the mars/pluto opposition very much symbolizes this phaethon energy- but the new moon meditates that opposition. the key to slowing down, having patience and finding balance is being present in our bodies. often when we are overdoing it our bodies are giving all kinds of signals but we are ignoring them, up in our heads or in the realm of Spirit- so we are not somatically feeling or paying attention to what is going on in our bodies. this new moon and jupiter ingress can certainly help with that ;)

if you have not seen my blog about jupiter moving into taurus and the jupiter/north node conjunction incoming you can read that here-

i leave you with the sabian symbol for this new moon. this symbol speaks of being able to see things from two viewpoints (mind and heart, masculine and feminine, heavenly and earthly, etc…)- so that we can find perspective and ultimately integration. with everything going on in the new moon chart- this feels apt! you can read the full text below.

blessed new moon in taurus to you!



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by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The two-fold character of man’s mature understanding.

In symbolism the feet are the symbol of understanding. Understanding differs from mere knowledge because it implies at least some degree of identification in depth with what is being understood. Moreover it is impossible fully to understand anything except when its opposite is taken into consideration. The mental process of understanding — and therefore of appreciation — implies confrontation between two points of view. Thus the mind gains a sense of perspective. The way to dispel a shadow is to have the object illumined (on its own two-dimensional level) by two sources of light. True understanding dissipates any intellectual shadow. The “two cobblers” symbolize two contrasting ways of approaching the understanding of an experience — especially a new experience — and they provide concrete forms which may clothe and protect the understanding.

This is the fourth stage of this twelfth five-fold sequence. It reveals symbolically the way in which a mature individual mind works in an attempt to gain PERSPECTIVE; a true perspective becomes the foundation upon which to build a new approach to life.