jupiter into taurus- the blessing of being in a body on this sacred planet we call earth

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today may 16th at 1:20pm EDT we have jupiter move into taurus where he will stay for the next year. this shifts the Greater Benefic and planet of expansion and abundance from fiery, yang mars-ruled aries to earthy, yin venus-ruled taurus. as venus is the other Benefic we have the Greater Benefic in the sign of the lesser Benefic- shifting us out of the action oriented aries energy (and also the fiery, aggressive, impulsive energy he brings) and into the sensual, embodied taurus energy that slows down to enjoy life. i am sure this will be a welcome ingress for many of us! ;)

jupiter in taurus brings expansion and opportunities via the material, physical, and somatic realms. venus ruled taurus is gifted when it comes to abundance, sensuality, embodiment, self worth and self Love. jupiter brings gifts and opportunities and in the realm of embodied venus- it is time to slow down, come into the body and enjoy the sensual and somatic experience of being human! with our feet on the ground we can look around and see the abundance of life all around us and within us! jupiter’s entry into this sign bodes well for all these things and more!

of course jupiter governs excess and can also exacerbates things- so we need to watch out for overindulgence, or over focus on material things and money at the expense of deeper values. abundance comes in many forms and one form of abundance that is highly underrated is HEALTH (which is true wealth) and the expansion of Spirit that comes when we are fully present, fully embodied, with feet on the ground in connection to this blessed earth we live on. taurus likes to slow down and be present to life. to stop and smell the roses, to pause between bites of food and savor the flavor. taurus also enjoys the finer things in life- good food, good wine and high thread count sheets. let’s not forget deep, healing bodywork!

what is fascinating about this ingress is a day after we have jupiter square pluto at 0 aquarius (may 17th) and then 10 days later we have jupiter conjunct the mean north node on may 27th (june 1st for true node). the first 2 weeks of jupiter in taurus we have him triggering the pluto/nodal T square that is incoming later in the summer (mean nodes august 3rd, true nodes july 23rd). pluto square the nodes is a potent transit that will bring us to a cross roads personally and collectively and it will demand change. we will keep on staying stuck in karmic patterns of sweeping things under the carpet and trying to keep the peace at any cost (south node in libra)? or will we take a stand for things, speak our Truths, embrace our power and take action (north node in aries)? with pluto squaring both nodes- the Lord of the Underworld and planet of death and rebirth is asking us to face our deepest shadows personally and collectively.

right now the nodes are still in taurus and scorpio (north and south respectively) but they shift into new signs july 12th (mean nodes). what is interesting is that the karmic south node is transiting the signs of relationship (libra, scorpio), while the north node is transiting signs of focusing on the self and one’s own resources (aries, taurus). there can be big reveals in relationships that are unhealthy or relational patterns and dynamics that we have to face. orienting back to ourselves so that we focusing on our own growth and not getting sucked into the drama of others may be part of the lessons incoming. with jupiter triggering the whole thing from may 17th through 27th we want to pay attention as the Universe can give clues to what is coming down the pipeline in early august!

the jupiter/north node conjunction on may 27th is exceptional. first we move through the square to pluto that shows us what is BLOCKING our destiny and evolution, and if we are willing to see and face those shadows we can move through the initiation portal and catapult onto a whole new path! both jupiter and the north node have growth oriented energies. jupiter opens doors, the north node shows the path of greatest growth. put the two together and WOW do we have some amazing openings incoming!!! check the taurus part of your chart (by house and also by transit to planets/angles) for where the profound expansion is incoming (look for 3 taurus).

for me i feel into the things we can do and/or call in with jupiter moving into taurus (and an amazing new moon in taurus incoming later in the week on friday may 15th- lunar insight/gate call coming in the next day or so & lunar horoscopes will be up on friday):

enjoyment of the natural world
honoring of the 5 senses
stopping to smell the roses
slowing down
abundance (material & spiritual)
honoring of the feminine- emotions, intuition, the Soul, the body, sensitivity, empathy, compassion, Love and more!
being here now- in this body, with this breathe, on this blessed earth
focusing on health
eating good healthy food, drinking good clean water
getting exercise out in nature
and more!

i leave you with the sabian symbols and star sparks degrees for the mean and true conjunctions of jupiter/north node (3 and 4 taurus respectively). they both speak to amazing things incoming!!! the sabian symbols speak of a lawn of clover in bloom and linking celestial and earthly nature (bringing heaven to earth!). the star sparks both have a theme of sleeping and dreaming. many speak to being asleep as a negative (other than getting rest). we hear ‘he/she is asleep’ when we talk about them not being conscious. but in some traditions when we are sleeping and dreaming we are in the ‘true reality’. a great movie to watch on this is ‘waking life’. some say we are a dream of the Divine that came into being. if we come from dreams- why are dreams belittled? carl jung knew dreams were rich communications directly from the Unconscious. with such rich dreaming territory showing up in taurus- i feel into the capacity we have to take our dreams and bring them into manifestation (earthy, embodied taurus). read the star sparks and sabian symbols below for more inspiration <3

blessed jupiter ingress to you…



by dane rudhyar

3 TAURUS (mean node conjunction 5/27)


KEYNOTE: The gradual expansion of the individual consciousness after a fecundating experience.

Having been “activated” by electrical energy, the pure water of the mountain stream is able to fertilize the soil which covers itself with small blossoms. “Clover” however, is normally a symbol of the Triad (“Trinity”), and thus of the often-mentioned “three natures” in man. To reach the Flowering garden of mind, the consciousness must proceed by steps. Effort is needed. What is reached is a flowering display of the simple, quite humble kind, yet bees are after it for honey. There is sweetness and energy latent in the blossoms.

This is the third stage of the seventh five-fold sequence of phases. It is a stage at which one should seek with diligence and determination, but in humility and faith, to reach NATURAL FULFILLMENT.


4 TAURUS (true node conjunction 6/1)


KEYNOTE: Riches that come from linking the celestial and the earthly nature.

In Genesis, the rainbow is the symbol of the Covenant of God with Noah. In all mythologies it expresses, in one way or another, a linking process — or the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals. What the linking process brings to the individual consciousness is elusive, as the rainbow never ends where you are, yet it is the source of symbolic, universally valid wealth. All wealth, in a very real sense, comes from “commerce”; i.e. from the commingling of minds and from contracts, and thus is based on faith in the validity of a promise.

At this fourth stage of the five-fold process we are given a mode of operation, which reminds us of the symbol for the second stage, “an electrical storm.” Man need not be overawed by the celestial display of power, for it leads to a fruitful contact with beings of light. This is a natural kind of COMMUNION, involving a transubstantiation of matter.


by ellias lonsdale

Taurus 3 A sleepwalker

The dream is to be able to straddle two worlds without being drawn too far into either of them. The fulfillment of this dream is right at hand. All we have to do is pray for it, devote ourselves to it, and cultivate the act of hanging loose in the midst of the tightest conditions.

The one world we find ourselves in here is usually the world of all our fellow citizens of the day, of the life, of the normal consciousness. This world cannot claim us for itself. Yet we are a guest in it. We must tread lightly and be congenial and at ease. For we are passing through, and we bring a certain presence of one who hugs the borders.

The other world we find ourselves in is so very internal and magic and deep. It is an innerworld delight of belonging to all the forgotten and hidden places. Yet we are not able to stay in this place either, for we have pledged to walk the edge and to reveal through ourselves luminal possibilities.

So we are able to pass between and among, but we cannot really rest and stay put. Our spirit is restless with every world we are currently cast off from. We are equipped here with the unusual facility to sense that x-factor as the key to every situation. It is the unknown, it is that which every world misses or treats as secondary.

We are dancing between the worlds. We are singing. We are revealing all that weaves. We are becoming the magic to such an extent that even the outermost normalcy’s take on an extra dimension of the uncanny. Nothing is far from under. All essence reveals the same longing. When you are far enough inside, everything is inside, all worlds are real.


Taurus 4 A man talking in his sleep

He is a dreamer. His wisdom, his truth, the love in his heart are given to dreams. Inside the dreams, he lives another life. The patterns of that other life are very hard to surface with into common ordinary territory. Something wants to come through. But there is so much holding it back.

He is under a restriction. He is held in suspension. An enchantment, a curse, a previous agreement, a karmic matter stands over him. Until he has gone inside and come to himself again, there is nothing he can do on the outside; not really.

While he waits, he can allow himself, if he wills, to receive and absorb all those aspects of life which he previously missed. He can become receptive and open, even while being closed and elsewhere.

There are so many ways he can play it. Will he tap the power of the internal or will he curse his fate? Can he come to a peace and an acceptance? Will he move beyond where he was stuck by cultivating simple virtues and working upon simple things in all the basic necessary ways?

Out ahead of him, in the future, there looms a magic, a miracle, a great recovery and movement beyond all such postponements and dilemmas. In order for him to get to that place, he will be tested to see whether he has come to realize where he went wrong. The deciding voice lies within him.

There is a sweet poignancy, a wistful charm here. Somebody who once was very different from this and half remembers, half forgets. It was a long way down. And yet in this place can come a subtle dream come true. Belief in the hidden soul powers is essential. There are many places to turn when the twilight comes and something stirs from long ago.

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