new moon in leo- get ready for take off (7/28/22)

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the new moon at 5’39 leo is exact on thursday july 28th at 1:55pm EDT, commencing a new lunar cycle that focuses on creativity, authenticity, self expression and living from the Truth of our hearts! with the sun in the sign of the sun (leo) – this coming lunar cycle is a time to rise and shine the Light within! it’s also a great time to tune into your inner lion/lioness and tap into the primal power of this sacred animal. i will be teaching a FREE masterclass about lion’s gate on sunday august 7th at 2pm EDT. you can register for this free event here-

this new moon is conjunct the asteroid Goddess ceres (the Great Mother) and the new moon and ceres are trine jupiter- bringing positive energy into matters pertaining to home, family, children, the environment, Mother Earth and more. there is some really amazingly expansive energy incoming and with so much fire present it is important to pay attention to your passions and your instincts as they can be guiding forces that clearly show you what direction is the best one to move into, or what actions are the best to be taken NOW (fire is always immediate in expression!).

yet this new moon is also widely opposite pluto- which can bring confrontation and opposition to the new things we are attempting to seed and create- personally and collectively. this could manifest as external opposition by others or the powers that be or it could be we are just up against ourselves and our own inner repression and blockages. the best use of pluto is to clear out what is blocking us from living from the heart more fully.

this new moon is right smack in the middle of the uranus/north node portal running from july 26th through august 1st. july 26th we have the uranus/mean north node conjunction, july 31st we have the true node conjunction and august 1st we have mars coming into seal the deal and kick off the change and destiny energy with conjunctions to uranus and both variations of the nodes. uranus conjunct the north node is arguably the biggest astrology of 2022 (with the eclipses triggering it a close second)- and it’s all about BIG TIME CHANGE.

if you have not read my blog about this you can find it linked below- but the title of that blog is ‘sudden and irrevocable change’. uranus often brings change to the precise minute or hour of the alignment- and the north node lets us know there is a destined fated energy playing out. the key is to get clear on where change needs to happen in your life because if the fixed earth taurus energy digs heels in then upheaval and chaos will have to come in to get us to change and course correct. it’s always preferred to work WITH the astrology rather than against it ;)

on the same day of the new moon we have mercury in leo square uranus and the north node- bringing in sudden and unexpected information, realizations, aha moments, perhaps big reversals of what you thought was happening. a couple days later mercury will opposite saturn (july 31st) so the first days of this lunation we have some get real moments. we need to see and deal with reality as it is on its own terms. if we are only wanting to see the positive or our own version of the truth – be prepared for some shocking revelations!

jupiter is at standstill – just a few hours after the new moon he stations retrograde. after he does so all the social and transpersonal planets are retrograde EXCEPT URANUS. with the potent uranus north node alignment happening and uranus the only outer planet direct- he is PUSHING for change and there is no resistance that can stand up to him as he is at his maximum power- blazing forward at full speed!

standstill jupiter is also super powerful and he is trine the sun, moon and ceres- translating his powerful Light and Greater Benefic energy to the new moon and the house this new moon falls in your chart as well as any planets the new moon may be conjunct. so pay attention! astrology is about working with the celestial energies- and with so much jupiter and uranus combined- it’s got a ’shoot out of the cannon’ kind of energy and what you set into motion right now can springboard your goals, dreams or visions in significant ways. the key is to make sure your vision is sharp and clear.

you can learn more about this powerful lunation in my lunar gate call (up by 7/26) and lunar horoscopes (up by the new moon on 7/28)- both of which are membership content. you can sign up to be a member here-

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i leave you with the star sparks degree for this new moon (full text is below). to me this degree speaks to the primal nature of the lion- which can be seen in the strength card in the tarot. the Higher Self/Sophia is taming the lion in that tarot card- with the lion representing our animal nature, passions and lower ego desires. this degree talks about our soul battling extremes- one side of our soul desperate to get lost in primal sensation, while the other side is there to help us mature and become more conscious. this degree speaks to being both/and- both the soul lost in sensation and the Higher Self witnessing and choosing more consciousness. how can we be both/and?

in the tarot card the Sophia figure does not dominate the lion- she pets him and holds his head in a caress. we do not need to beat ourselves up to grow up. and we do not always have to be that Highest Self- disconnected from being human and disembodied. we can find the space of both/and.

for me the title ‘a hamster running on a treadmill’ at first gives this sense of ‘oh poor thing- he is just going round and round’. but what if the hamster wakes up and knows he is running on the treadmill? what if the hamster CHOOSES to run on the treadmill? what if the hamster realizes this is the divine play of life and it’s all a game but he plays the game with consciousness? do we feel bad for that hamster? or do we realize he is awakened and still playing his role- both/and?

this 3 material world can suck us in and keep us lost OR it can serve to awaken us. some think that to fully awaken we then deny the 3d world- but what if that is only half the journey? what if after you awaken you come back to the 3d world to live that awakening in the mundane, material aspects of life? after the ecstasy, the laundry ;) just some musings to play with for this star sparks degree and lunar cycle ahead. (this is also great to contemplate as we move towards the uranus/north node conjunction in earthy, sensual taurus- waking up in the body!).

happy new moon in leo! make the most of it – LIVE FROM THE TRUTH OF YOUR HEART!



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by ellias lonsdale

Leo 6
A hamster running in a treadmill

I am a pattern-tracer. I track myself as I go. My sharp intent is to be both witness and participant. If I can hug the edge between avid involvement and immense objective detachment, I can go anywhere, do anything, and still remain aligned with purpose and serenely cool and clear.

My soul battles between opposite extremes. One side of my soul is desperate to get lost in sensation, to become the event, to be swallowed up in experience. This part of me is wild, crazy, chaotic, volatile, and infinitely precious to me. For that one is Earth Alive, has the guts of her convictions, is able to let go into what is here with the most amazing candor and freshness.

Another side of my soul is stalwartly convinced that consciousness is the key to life and that being poised in observant quietude is the supreme attainment. That side pulls me to wake up, to mature, to get it together. With profound spirit will, this one is my core self doing what it does best, which is pure monitoring, out of wisdom and truth.

But I am rarely either of these. I am both mixed together. And it’s a very rough combination. I’ve gotta be both to be myself. Nothing less will satisfy me.

I am driven by a peculiar destiny. It is my path to be lost and found, confused and clear, outer and inner. What I am seeking through all this is to discover somebody in here who is both and more. Yet only raw experience will get me there. So I must make mistakes and go to extremes and alarm everybody.

The witness inside has seen it all already. They await me around every bend. My path is to stay in the mix, even though I know better, and keep on cooking.

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