uranus conjunct the north node- sudden and irrevocable change (7/26-8/1)

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we are fast approaching the biggest astrological event of 2022- uranus conjunct the north node of destiny- exact on july 26th (mean node) and july 31st (true node). in my 2022 yearly forecast video (linked below) i called 2022 the Year of Uranus, the Year of Change and the Year of Choice. from the 1st day of this new year with sun trine uranus to the first new moon of the year on january 2nd trine uranus- we kicked off this year with the rebel and revolutionary leading the charge! as we are into and moving through the Age of Aquarius- the ruler of this sign being so prominent this year has deeper implications on the anchoring and embodying of this age (more info in my masterclass linked below).

this year we have also had jupiter sextile uranus (february 17th), a solar eclipse conjunct uranus (april 30th), uranus crossing the mid fixed degree of solar beltane (may 8th) and a total lunar eclipse conjunct uranus on November 8th. eclipses are always conjunct the nodes and because uranus is heading to align with the north node he is intimately tied into the eclipse cycle this year. we would all do well to get on board with uranian energy- as the Winds of Change are not only blowing but they are picking up speed and making their way to gale force winds! i use the metaphor of aligning your sails in the direction of the wind instead of trying to go against it. (links to eclipse blogs from april/may are below)

2021 one of the dominant transits of the year was saturn square uranus. this was a transit of push and pull between the old and the new, the past and the future, resistance to change and embracing change. this year it’s ALL URANUS. saturn is not battling uranus for supremacy and uranus heading to the north node reminds us that the path to the future and growth demands that uranus leads. but what does this mean?

let’s explore the archetypes of uranus, taurus and then uranus in taurus…

uranus is the Great Awakener, Rebel and Revolutionary. his energy is one of change that often comes by way of destabilization, upheaval, chaos, breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs and wild card energy. uranus is the planet of unpredictability. he is the one energy most hard to predict in astrology- but what you can predict is change. he is innovative and focused on freedom and is ready, willing and able to do whatever needs to be done to to create change.

taurus is a fixed earth sign ruled by venus- the Goddess of Love and beauty. taurus is a sensual, embodied sign that enjoys the finer things in life. as fixed earth this is one of the most resistant signs to change. this sign likes stability, security, comfort, and the known. taurus rules finances and resources, our values (material and otherwise), self worth and self Love (the under pining energy associated with abundance). it also rules the body, health, the earth and the environment.

now when we put these two together we see an image of very opposite energies- and they either class or they learn to work together. on the positive side this can be about massive positive change in how we relate to the material world- the earth and her environment, money and resources. this can positively express as waking up (uranus) in the body and having a revolution of embodiment in a time of checking out and escaping. this can speak to a radical change in values- to align more with the reality of earth and what she needs for health and well being. and this can be about waking up to a deeper sense of self worth and self love- the true black hole that needs to be filled with self Love instead of buying things, hoarding and trying to fill the void with material things.

now the shadow side of these two combining can be sudden and irreversible changes in the environment and climate crisis- the kind that are not good but perhaps serve a greater awakening. this can be about breakdowns of the economy (or perhaps the insanely inflated housing bubble popping?) as unsustainable ways of dealing with money and resources finally comes to a breaking point. it’s interesting to see that the uranus/north node conjunction activates the bitcoin chart. i know there are many ideas about crypto being the wave of the future- but there is a lot of shadow to it too. and really any money system that is based playing games to win while others loose is in my opinion outdated, patriarchal and old paradigm.

one more shadow possibility is the misuse of artificial intelligence to divorce us even more from our bodies and from reality. yes AI can be helpful in some circumstances but i see a lot of AI innovations being brought into being without awareness of the long term implications on the rest of the organism (human or the whole earth). why we have such advancements in technology but such deficiency in morality and awareness of the consequences of actions set into motion is beyond me. we have lost awareness of the deep truth that all of life is interconnected and we cannot just do something somewhere and think it will not impact other areas of life. this requires wide angle vision but most tech and business is done with one focus- amazing wealth and power. in some cases those pure of heart create tech to really help the world but then it gets bought out by blackrock and what was once meant to save the earth turns into yet another thing being used as a glamor (hey if you do this you are helping the earth/humanity) but back door it’s actually doing harm.

as we build to this exact uranus/north node conjunction we will feel these energies- positive and not so positive, light and shadow- amplify in a huge way. i see end of july and start of august as a tipping point that we are all quickly moving towards. we are on a train that is picking up speed- and right now is a great time for an honest self and collective check in. are we heading in the right direction? is this the train we really want to be on? if not there is only a bit more time to change trains or change tracks. once the speed picks up sufficiently there will be no turning back. hence the title of my blog- sudden and irrevocable change.

mars triggers both uranus and the north node on august 1st- so from july 26th through august 1st we have a tight intense portal where the node of destiny and evolution aligns with the Rebel and Revolutionary and the activator mars brings immediate energy and focus to set things into motion. whatever you do around these days can have a fated quality. leaders would do well to be aware of that as well.

in the mundane chart mercury is EXACTLY SQUARE mars – which can show hot headiness, impulsivity, arguments and conflict. this astrology does not look super great in the russia/USA/putin/biden charts. i may do another blog on that specifically but i am concerned about the escalation of things there. luckily the ruler of the uranus/north node conjunction is venus who is in cancer, along with the moon and lilith. they are all heading to align with Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun (i have a masterclass on this Sacred Star you can access on demand via the link below). Sirius can bring great Light but also magnify and show where there is deep shadow. if we can tap into the lovely cancer energy that is maternal, caring, sensitive and intuitive we can perhaps intuit the changes that we need to make and find supportive ways to allow them to unfold. we can call it in with grace and ease- and actually i really do recommend that we all do!

there is a dark moon in the chart (with mean nodes) with the next new moon happening on july 28th (with true nodes we are in the new moon energy- which actually makes for a great time to really feel into the differences between the nodes and their manifestation in the world). dark moons mean completion, something coming to an end. new moons mean new beginnings. with uranus/north node straddling between the two i am feeling HUGE endings and new beginnings occurring simultaneously- sudden, irrevocable and unexpected. again it is up to each of us to get aligned with how to work WITH this frequency rather than against it.

the tightest eclipse conjunction to uranus is the november 8th total lunar eclipse. uranus is conjunct it by 56 minutes- just under one degree. the tighter the aspect the more potent the activation. the window from july through november is the most potent portal for these energies, but you can also widen that and start with the april 30th solar eclipse conjunct uranus (that orb is just over 4 degrees). what was happening for you end of april and is coming up in this potent eclipse portal we are in right now as we head to the total lunar eclipse in scorpio on may 15th is super important to pay attention to! intimations and warnings of what is to come are there- you just have to have the eyes to see and the ears to hear!

i leave you with the star spark degree and sabian symbol for this conjunction. they are both interesting and insightful! they both speak to something radical new coming out of the past. the transformation of a crown into goat horns (makes me think of moving from leo/sun/ego consciousness to capricorn/saturn/self mastery), or the new continent rising out of the ocean. i will say when i read the sabian symbol i immediately thought of an earth quake that creates land shifts. this may be a metaphor more than a reality though- as there is much submerges in the Unconscious of the collective and there are many things about Who We Really Are and Where We Come From that has been hidden or kept in the dark.

much to explore with this symbolism and archetypal energy! i highly recommend paying attention to your dreams. uranus has the tendency to stir the pot and all manner of messages- personal and collective- can come in through the dream time.

may the great changes upon us come in with the utmost grace and ease. i call on the Great Mother to support us through our personal and collective death and rebirth – midwifing our Highest potential! another symbolism of the crown turning into goat horns makes me think of the constellation the charioteer (will be exploring that one in stargate mystery school in our next class). it’s a nod when zeus was fostered by a she goat and nourished with goat milk. the crown makes me think of a baby crowning- and the goat horns makes me think of the She-Goat mother Goddess energy who is always nourishing and sustaining us. may we all remember the Great Mother and creator of all. my sense is that when we all honor the Mother/Divine Feminine we will have the profound consciousness shift that we are intuiting is coming. and i mean when we honor Her in our actions, not just our words. behind closed doors, not just out publicly in how we project our persona or portray our businesses.

so mote it be!









by ellias lonsdale

URANUS/NN CONJUNCTION DEGREE (also degree for mars activation august 1st and uranus station later on august 24th)

Taurus 19 A crown that turns into goat horns

How do you turn the past into the future? How can you transmute past glories and agonies into something so new and different, it takes your breath away? How does the substance of the self metamorphose and transmute into something entirely different in the midst of life?

What you do is you bear down, you take the process further, you never assume you already know or already are who you are going to be next. While you get good at dropping under previous claims, a different kind of stature comes to be your new path to walk, something you can take anywhere, and it only furthers what’s already there.

Often the hardest part to get through is the special feeling tone of being seen and known as the summation of the past, the character who builds on every lineage they’ve got, and they are there. Everybody knows it. That aspect of self proves to be seductively tenacious. They show up in so many forms. We reconstitute ourselves in a new pattern and still the same self-importance surfaces once again.

We are given this tremendous gift to offer. But we cannot tap it as intended until we’re completely out of the way. To be selfless, yet self-respecting, to be stripped of the external props, yet inwardly upheld by a powerful Spirit guidance. To be gone from familiar worlds, yet home free in worlds we all share toward the future. Such is the destiny if we choose to honor its rigors.

For this is an ultra-demanding path. It is unrelenting, and it is something we cannot ever really get through. Yet there is a reward, a fruit, a sign.

We do come to the place, ever-more-so, that we know that we are on the right path, and that our world does center around us but in a very new sense. We are giving ourselves over, and our world is tapping that spark with real appreciation.


by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The surge of new potentiality after the crisis.

The symbol need hardly be commented upon. When the mind has been emptied and light has been called upon to purify the consciousness freed from its attachment and contaminations, a new release of life can emerge out of the infinite Ocean of potentiality, the Virgin SPACE. What will it be used for?

Because this is a fourth stage symbol we find in it a suggestion of how to approach whatever new phase of life has been not only hoped for, but actually confirmed. The “technique” is simply to allow the infinite Potential to operate in unconstrained SPONTANEITY. This means to have reached a state in which the conscious, rational ego is no longer a controlling factor.

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