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Come join my FREE Masterclass on Lion’s Gate- happening Sunday August 7th, 2022 at 2pm EDT

8/8 Lion’s Gate has become a big phenomena in recent years.  It has also become quite contentious in the Astrological community.  There are some who argue it is made up and there is no astrological validity to it.  There are others in the spiritual community who attribute all kinds of astronomically incorrect things to this date.  There seems to be a ‘hopping on the band wagon’ phenomena around Lion’s Gate as well as a ‘debunk it is is completely false’ attitude as well. 

Well let’s explore the grey area in between ;) 

8/8 Lion’s Gate is a bridge between the ancient and the modern.  There are both accurate and inaccurate claims being made about this sacred gateway- but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater.

We are in a huge time on planet earth where WE NEED NEW MYTHS and we need new sacred gateways and holy days- because if we keep on doing the same old same old, we will keep on getting what we have always got.  I don’t know about you but I AM READY FOR CHANGE!  (and I call it in with grace and ease!) 

Take a look around: our culture proliferates with myths about dominating, killing, and controlling.  Our culture is build on the foundation of myths that leave out the Sacred Feminine, particularly in her Dark Feminine and Solar Feminine aspects.  WE NEED NEW MYTHS.

But actually the ‘new myths’ we need are in part remembrance of the old.  Lion’s Gate is just that.  It is a bridge between the old and the new- as it has echos of the past as well as particular alignments that are all about RIGHT NOW that have the power to help us course correct our future trajectory.  

What does this mean?  Why is this day significant and how can you honor it?  

Come join me as we explore all of the above and SO MUCH MORE!  

This Lion’s Gate, Solar Gate, Stargate portal of August 7th-8th is potent.  We will join together on Sunday August 7th to explore it and I will give you some offerings about how you can honor this time in your own way on Monday August 8th.  If you come live I have a free gift to share with you and if you cannot make it live I will send a replay out later that evening (Sunday August 7th).  

I hope to see you as we hold the space of both/and.  Instead of polarizing in black and white (“It’s all made up!”  “It’s the portal to the 5th dimension and all the evil people will disappear!”)- let’s meet in the space in between.  This starts with a willingness to questions assumptions and what we think we know to be true- to be in the space of I do not know so that we can allow the Universe show us the way!  

“If a union is to take place between opposites like spirit and matter, conscious and unconscious, bright and dark, and so on- it will happen in a third thing, which represents not a compromise but something new.” ~Carl Jung

Let us all birth something new- that honors the past, accounts for the future- and allows us to create something in the present that honors both and helps us evolve beyond them.

See you on Sunday August 7th! 

~Divine Harmony

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