new moon in capricorn- systemic change for personal and collective health (12/23/22)

by | Dec 17, 2022 | Lunar Insight

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the new moon at 1’33 capricorn is exact on friday december 23rd, 2022 at 5:17am EST. this new moon is a couple days after the solstice and right before christmas- making it a potent holy-day season lunation. the solstice is the beginning of the new solar cycle- but this year that cycle begins in the dark of the moon. we don’t get the true reset and renewal energy until the new moon – so i highly advise giving yourself some extra downtime in the days leading up to this new moon. time in silence, stillness and inward focus will fill your cup more than lots of parties and shopping and moving about in the world will. even if it’s just bits of time here and there- waking early to be in the dark alone before everyone else wakes or going out late at night to be with the stars will be renewing for your Spirit. (for more info on the solstice tune into my Solar Gate Call posted by December 18th here-

this new moon is conjunct the asteroid Hygeia- named after the Goddess of health and healing (my new logo is a nod to her as the chalice with the serpent is a Hygeia symbol). this brings into focus what is healthy and what is not in our physical well being but also in regards to our work and careers, and in the traditions and patriarchal ways we engage with the world. capricorn is the sign of the CEO and boss- but many a CEO and boss do not live healthy lives as they sacrifice a lot to build their empires. the shadow of capricorn can be seen in the workaholic who never takes a break and in atlas shrugged who wears the world on his shoulders. neither make for healthy living!

what is interesting is this lunation conjunct Hygeia is square to jupiter at the aries point- just having cross from the Omega degree (29th degree of pisces) to the Alpha degree (1st degree of aries) on december 20th the day before the solstice. we also have ceres the Great Mother asteroid Goddess at 1’10 libra – so 3 of the 4 aries point degrees (the 1st degrees of all the cardinal signs that start the seasons) are activated! the aries point often manifests in very public and political ways- bringing world events and big themes playing out with humanity. with ceres involved there can be focus on mothers, children, Mother Earth, the environment and resources (like food, water, etc…). this new moon appears to be a turning point for big changes that need to be set into motion. the missing point is 0 cancer- the summer solstice degree (in the southern hemisphere it’s your winter solstice) and the sign of the Divine Mother. this cardinal cross is saying NOW IS THE TIME. changes must be made and new directions must be navigated. this can feel exciting and expansive or it can feel like a pressure cooker- maybe both?

what do you need to do to be more healthy in your life? this can relate to diet, exercise, sleep, and heart connection with others. but because this is in capricorn we also want to make sure we are balanced in our work and in the structures and foundations we build our lives on. with the new moon sesquiquadrate retrograde uranus in taurus – we may need to change our values in order to really change structures. if we value lots of money so it keeps us on a hamster wheel always trying to capitalize every moment- maybe we need to shift to valuing presence or peace or enjoyment of life. if we value peace- will we work a 50-60 hour work week? will we schedule work trips on holidays, kids birthdays, and more? what needs to change to bring more balance and well being into all areas of life? these are good things to contemplate right now.

just 6 days after this new moon mercury in capricorn stations retrograde in a double square aspect to eris (12/27-12/31). add in venus who will will square eris and conjoin pluto 12/29-1/1 and we can see that new year’s eve looks to be intense. eris is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, but she is also the Goddess of activism and taking a stand for Truth. pluto is only in capricorn for a bit longer (he ingresses into Aquarius in march 2023, he will be in aquarius for good in 2024). so we have some last insights into the patriarchal structures and traditions we are adhering to that limit, repress and oppress us- personally and collectively. the Age of Aquarius is here but if we are still engaged in patriarchal paradigms- guess what? we won’t see it, feel it or live it. mundane astrology is like frequency- it’s there if you have eyes to see and ears to hear (or the energy body to sense it). but if you are tuned into another station or frequency you will miss it. maybe its time to change the station you are tuned into?

this new moon and the upcoming mercury retrograde can be a last hurrah to challenge these traditions, expectations and ways of being and doing that not only are not life affirming but are actually keep us stuck in stasis- which in science is the precursor to death. the only constant is change. the moment you try to keep something the same way it always was indefinitely is the moment you head into this death portal. all over the world the patriarchal leaders, governments, structures, traditions are trying to hold onto power and control- but like the wheel of fortune that is always turning, the fall of a civilization based on patriarchal power is happening and it cannot be stopped. a new era and age is rising- resisting it is not really an option. instead, its best if we see where in our lives we rely on and stay stuck in these old structures, traditions, beliefs and attitudes and do the work to confront and change them.

we have chiron at standstill just under an hour before the new moon. chiron the Wounded Healer is in aries- the sign of mars. he is exposing wounds and showing us the path towards healing our relationship with the masculine principle. his sacred fire can transform or it burn the whole house down. his will can serve something Higher or it can serve the ego in the delusion of control. what will we choose? luckily he is sextile retrograde mars who is aligned with the royal fixed star aldebaran. our success comes when we stay aligned with our integrity. when we relate to the masculine as sacred protector and defender of life- we have allowed the Divine Masculine to step forward.

the sabian symbol for this new moon degree speaks to 3 rose windows in a gothic church- one of which is damaged by war. can we see the cost of remaining in the patriarchal paradigm? can we see the cost of war consciousness? of the shadow of the masculine that has raped and pillaged- that is reflected in the myths we project onto the stars? in stargate mystery school (my year long course that began april 2022)- we are learning the modern myths but also remembering the older ones. the myths changed over time as a reflection of consciousness and political power. a lot of our constellation myths talk about rapping, pillaging, conquering- killing, taking, dominating. is this the mythos we want to live? is it what we want to pass along to our children?

the older myths speak to more inclusive ways of being with stories that honored both Light and Dark- instead of polarizing them and making one good and one evil. these myths focused on integration, harmony, Union of duality. if we want to stop war- maybe we should change our myths and stop watching violent movies and TV shows that glorify violence, war, rape and harm of the earth. how can we say we don’t want war when we watch movies like this and implant that level of consciousness into our subconscious and into the subconscious of our children? the older myths were not all Love and Light- but they honored the darkness. they understood deeply that the true *war* is the one against our own unconsciousness, our own wounding, our own fears and desires that run us. they also understood that when you killed something it did not die but went into the subconscious and had greater power to appear as something evil, bad, other- because it was disconnected from. the path to victory is not dominance – the path to victory is integration.

the star sparks degree speaks of a wisdom tooth removed. i have always wondered why we remove our wisdom teeth. i don’t wonder this literally- i understand that some people do not have the space for them- but metaphorically do we really want to remove our Source of wisdom? maybe we should rename those teeth ignorance teeth- so we can remove our ignorance (lol). this degree speaks of a ‘foundational break down- a fissure in the rock’ that can snap us out of the collective trance. this to me is what pluto at the last degrees of capricorn is trying to do- break us down to break us through. keep in mind the progressed pluto of the USA is at 29 capricorn until 2050 when it progresses into 0 aquarius. transiting pluto at the 29th degree this year is activating the USA’s pluto return (you can read my blog about it linked below). big confrontations with shadow in government, big business, and in patriarchal structures that are resisting change are going to be up big time in 2023-2024.

i highly recommend taking this new moon and coming lunar cycle to deeply question what you always do- the traditions you keep following, the expectations you keep fulfilling or demanding from others, the ways of being and doing that deplete you, deplete the earth, take from/harm others consciously or unconsciously. all of this up for review. it’s a time to question everything- including yourself and the truth of your actions in life. with 0 cancer as the missing point of the Cardinal Grand Cross this new moon makes – allow your emotions, intuition and feminine self to lead this process of inquiry and reflection. as all occult mystical traditions ultimately teach- the feminine needs to lead and the masculine needs to protect and follow. we have had it the other way around for 5000 years with the masculine dominating and taking from the feminine. but times up!

and lest you think this is only about gender- we each have inner masculine and inner feminine essences. where is your inner masculine beating up your feminine for being emotional, sensitive, soft? where is your inner masculine not allowing your creativity or intuition to come through? where is your inner masculine pushing you to work too much and belittling the need for rest? this is as much an internal process as it an external one. as the feminine is the receptive part of ourselves it is She that receives the inspiration from Spirit. the masculine cannot receive- the masculine acts on what was received. so give yourself time to be with and honor your feminine essence- and amplify the feminine out in the world. it is clear that the patriarchal way of the wounded masculine leading and dominating is not working. it’s time for a sea change.



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by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The necessary realization by any individual making a violent use of collective power that it will lead to the inevitable destruction of some of the values ensuring group-integration.

It seems obvious that the interpretation of this symbol should refer to the disruptive consequences of war. The “chief” who claimed power from his tribe in order to lead or save it must reckon with the consequences of a too-impulsive use of this power in terms of violence. The integration he seeks to maintain or enhance may be partially destroyed if in his ambition he yearns to be the victorious war leader glorified by his people. A “rose window” is not absolutely essential to a cathedral, yet it symbolizes that through which the “light of the Spirit” enters into the edifice. Man’s soul is said to be three-fold. Which part of man’s inner trinity of principles tends to be destroyed by the use of violence? Evidently the principle of love and compassion.

This second stage symbol is in contrast to the preceding one because it opposes the power to destroy to the power to build. The “capital” of group-energies is partially squandered in armaments and death. WASTE is the opposite of group-integration.


by ellias lonsdale

Capricorn 2 A wisdom tooth that has been removed from someone’s mouth. It is plated with gold.

The separation we intensively experience when we are yanked clear of what we have known and assumed and we are deposited in a space infinitely familiar and resonant, absolutely strange and away from what was previously built up and made to seem massively important. The endless, tortuous, fascinating journey of being brought further and further away from cozy certainties and easy categories and plunged into that which seems to be the last place you’d ever want to go.

The inward necessity to face something which we never would deal with if we held our assumptions of life intact. It is only when there is a foundational break down, a fissure in the rock that we suddenly are brought to a new kind of attention. Otherwise, we bask in the collective trance indefinitely.

The abrupt, staggering, agonizing too-much-to-bear stumbling upon another world inside the world. The resistant, reluctant stages of going forever deeper with what is deemed to be outrageous, unfair, filled with demands and dilemmas we would be better off without.

Because the little self is here reactionary and retrogressive, we can draw to ourselves tough, hard, extended lessons in cutting through any variant of the attitude or stance of arbitrary power. We need to be truth vessels, stripped austerely of any trappings leading toward taking the power upon ourselves.

There is a karmic heaviness underlying this frequency. So much is being brought before us on so many levels at once. Will we surrender into what we have agreed to make our own? Will our pride yield to the so very humble nature of learning time and again that we have no business turning this world into our own old tired story.

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