Lunar Eclipse in Taurus ~ Choose Love, Life and Peace (10/28/23)

by | Oct 22, 2023 | Lunar Insight

The Lunar Eclipse at 5’09 Taurus is exact on Saturday October 28th at 4:24pm EDT- marking the midway point of the current Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse in Libra on October 14th (you can read more about that here-

We are in the Eclipse portal- a time when the New Moon and Full Moon align with the Nodes of Destiny & Karma- amping up the energy and bringing change, endings and new beginnings. This is compounded by being in the Eris/North Node conjunction portal (from 10/21 Mean Nodes to 11/27 True Nodes) which is arguably one of the top 3 things happening astrologically in 2023 (you can read about that here-

That Solar Eclipse was a South Node eclipse bringing huge focus to what is karmic and where we are stuck personally and collectively in old patterns of denial, sweeping things under the carpet, ignoring and keeping up appearances. This Lunar Eclipse is a North Node eclipse bringing our destiny path to a point of climax and crisis points. The North Node in Aries DEMANDS action- and Eris is simply compounding that. Where we are not speaking up or standing up we will feel the first lit under our butts. As Martin Luther King Jr said “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

This Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus is conjunct Jupiter with both the Moon and Jupiter opposite the Sun, Mercury and Mars (the latter 2 are heading to conjunction on Sunday 10/29). Jupiter can bring expansion and opportunities – financial and relational- but the tense nature of the aspects with Mercury and Mars involved can amplify and exacerbate issues as well. Arguments, differences of values, financial issues and intensity can be amped up to the Nth degree with this eclipse. Particularly with Mercury conjunct Mars the next day- if our minds and thinking are driven by ego, aggression or supremacy- this combination can be explosive.

Not only are Mercury and Mars both opposite Jupiter but they are also both sesquiquadrate Neptune. From Friday through Sunday the Mercury/Mars aspects to Neptune, Jupiter and each other, as well as the amplification of all of it by the Lunar Eclipse, unfold. Strap on your seat belts! Both Neptune and Jupiter like to see the positive side of things- so much so that they both can choose to bury their heads in the sand. The Neptune energy makes it easy to be deluded, deceived or manipulated emotionally. Be aware of what is going on back door- in your own unconscious and in the media and the world at large.

Many of the major aspects in the Eclipse chart are Super Aspects where the planets don’t just aspect by degree but also by declination. Mercury/Mars and Sun/Jupiter are both Super Aspects which means their energy is amplified. Add in an Eclipse that also amplifies energy and we see that the combative energy (Mercury/Mars) and the hubris and self righteousness (Sun/Jupiter) can be on overload. Having practices to ground, think before we speak and act, and work to get Wide Angle vision (so we are seeing all sides- not just our own side- so we can find common ground upon which to meet) is key.

Luckily Saturn in Pisces is trine the Sun and widely sextile the Moon in the Lunar Eclipse chart.  Saturn is the planet of integrity, grounding, responsibility and hard work.  With the Sun/Saturn trine in Water signs we are supported in dealing with our deep emotions- grief, rage, pain, wounding and sadness.  Saturn provides the container for all that we feel and Pisces feels EVERYTHING.  Pisces is the psychic sponge that takes on everything but the emotional intimacy practice we want to work with is being a sieve where we feel it all and move it through us and allow it to go down into the earth.  The Earth is able to take anything and recycle it- so we simply feel it and release it- not hold onto it.  If we block feeling it’s an issue, but if we hold onto it- it is also an issue.  We can use the Saturn energy to process deep emotions while keeping our boundaries and staying grounded.  With Jupiter conjunct the Moon and Saturn trine the Sun- the two teacher planets are trying to teach us about emotions and embodiment.  The big work of being here now!

When we look at the asteroids we have more added into the picture. Both Ceres and Demeter (Roman and Greek version of the Great Mother) are opposite Uranus- bringing sudden and unexpected events and energies involving mothers, children, the earth, environment and more. Eris is conjunct Panacea- which speaks to the cure. Eris is a type of medicine that is not sweet or palatable- it’s sour and intense. Eris medicine comes in when the world is so out of balance she is needed to step in and disrupt things (She is the Goddess of Discord and Chaos, amongst other things). We also have Waldemath Dark Moon conjunct the Lunar Ecilpse by less than 1 degree (0’59 minutes from exact conjunction)!

The three Liliths are Black Moon Lilith (Mean, True or corrected version), asteroid Lilith and Waldemath Dark Moon Lilith. Asteroid Lilith speaks to the Vicitim energy of the Dark Goddess- where she gives away her power or has her power taken from her. Waldemath Dark Moon is about the tyrant energy and the tendencies to misuse and abuse of power. Black Moon Lilith is the balanced Dark Feminine energy where we learn to face our relationship to power and learn to find power within (instead of abuse of it it without, or victimization and giving it away). Dark Moon conjunct this Lunar Eclipse adds an energy that is unmistakable. WE MUST AS A HUMANITY FACE OUR RELATIONSHIP TO POWER and find a new way of relating to it so we can stop the cycle of violence and dominance that we keep on enacting on earth.

I leave you with the Star Sparks degree for this Eclipse to inspire you to free yourself ‘of everything that is less than love and the pure flow of beingness’. And lest you think that being Love means to spiritually bypass- it does not. Love hears the cries of humanity and witnesses the suffering of others and does not look away. Love takes a stand for Truth and for children and mothers and the elderly and the animals and the earth itself. Love is not spineless- Love is fierce. Love is a force to be reckoned with. Love has the capacity to transmute poison into the cure. Love is not passive- Love is active. There is a force that ‘would stamp out life’ but Love is the anti-dote. Love does not kill evil but transforms evil. Evil backwards is Live. The Devil card shows the Star of life inverted. Love is the only thing that has the power to take what is inverted and return it to its original purity.

Be the love and peace you wish to see in the world!


P.S. If you would like support for your Shadow Work journey of intimacy with all that you are and learning to live with an Open Heart with clear and healthy boundaries- my Astrology & Your Shadow course is available on demand here-


By Ellias Lonsdale

Taurus 6 A pink diamond

Situated at the right spot. Placed firmly where the story will unfold in its next chapter. Asked to love whatever comes. And given the ability to do just this.

A sharp reckoning with previous patterns and the need to forgive, to release, to heal, to bless. Only having just enough inward resource to concentrate upon this track of moving through the changes. No luxuriant undergrowth. Given previously what is needed for the track.

Discovering how to dedicate the soul altogether to the intimate process of clearing false patterns and coming to a clear slate stance. Everything feels into this. We are obsessed here with ourselves and with freeing ourselves of everything that is less than love and the pure flow of beingness.

There is a backlog that is dense and thick and restrictive. Of itself, it will habituate us to outer syndromes of the most habitual kind. Yet there is a force from within equipped to cut through these layers of attachment and assumption and to find where the love is, where the light is, what the point of it all really is.

We are grappling with ourselves upon the path of love. Whatever we meet is raw material for coming into a more centered and grounded and real place of love. We seek to become unconditional, unqualified, love in action without anything in it.

Yet we come out of everything but this. We are winning the raw territory of affirmation of life from the proliferation of everything that would stamp out life and lead into ever more of the same, ad nauseam.

If we can stay within the heart’s knowing, we will indeed cast off our false cloaks and merge within our soul’s hunger for substantiation. Yet we must over and again carve out this inner space from the roughage of hard and tight worlds. We are learning how to stay with ourselves and to honor the feeling spark completely.