Full Moon in Virgo- Reality Checks and Wake Up Calls (2/24/24)

by | Feb 22, 2024 | Lunar Insight

The Full Moon at 5’23 Virgo is exact on Saturday February 24th, 2024 at 7:30am EST- marking the midway point of the current Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th. That New Moon in Aquarius was square Uranus the ruler of Aquarius- with all the personal planets moving through Aquarius and squaring Uranus throughout the Lunar month! Expect the unexpected is a good mantra for a Uranian portal such as this- and this Full Moon provides a check point between what was seeded then and what is coming to fruition now.

This Full Moon in Virgo is opposite Mercury, the Sun, Saturn and Neptune all in Pisces- bringing illumination to what we need to see clearly and/or be discerning about in some way. Lots of Pisces can make for rose colored glasses and idealism. Pisces likes to see the glass as half full and give people the benefit of the doubt- but sometimes (many times) this can be overdone in a way that is not healthy.

Virgo demands we see reality as it is on its own terms- with rose colored glasses OFF. Virgo says this is reality and let’s deal with it on its own terms. while Pisces likes to focus on what could be, should be, might be or used to be- Virgo says BE HERE NOW and SEE WHAT IS. This is good medicine for seeing within and without from a place of Truth.

On February 28th we will have a triple conjunction of Sun/Mercury/Saturn all from 9’14-9’46 Pisces (10 Pisces when you round up) and this Full Moon is triggering that approaching conjunction bringing a preview of what will be incoming in a few days so pay attention. The Sun/Mercury/Saturn triple conjunction seeds 3 new cycles all on the same day- making it a huge day for setting new things in motion (based on where it falls in your chart) so do so wisely.

The Full Moon is opposite Saturn in Pisces which can feel heavy or depressing- but it’s great for GETTING REAL and SEEING WHAT IS. At his best Saturn in Pisces brings grounding and containment to dreams and emotions- at his weakest he either blocks our emotions or exacerbates the desire to escape reality.

Luckily the Full Moon is also trine Jupiter in Taurus- bringing expansion, openings and opportunities if we do the work and stay in our bodies (instead of float up and out like shadow Pisces tends to do). Find the silver lining in any situations that feel heavy or karmic right now- it is most certainly there for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear!

We are in the middle of the Chiron/North Node portal (February 19th True Nodes, March 5th Mean Nodes) which actually lasts until the end of the first week of May because the Total Solar Eclipse on April 8th and Mercury Retrograde in April are going to powerfully trigger Chiron on the North Node. So we are in a very big portal for Healing but also triggering of all the unresolved wounding we have that needs to be seen, felt and faced. (Come join my FREE Masterclass about this profound portal here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-masterclass-chiron-uranus-the-journey-of-healing-awakening-3-2-24/ )

It is interesting to see in the Full Moon chart Chiron is conjunct Phaethon – and if you know your myth you know he ended up driving the chariot of the Sun and it was a disaster as he would get too close to the earth and burn it or stray too far from the earth and freeze it. Phaethon as an asteroid can have indicators about climate change, global warming and ice ages. This asteroid speaks to feeling out of control, taking on more than you can handle and having a hard time keeping centered. Kind of apt for what is going on with the environment.

Chiron is also opposite Siva- an asteroid that speaks to episodic, catabolic breakdown/breakthrough processes that precede insight. If you look at your life often the biggest shifts happen just after the most intense time. As they say- it is darkest before dawn. Shiva is a Hindu god of death and rebirth and Siva the asteroid with Chiron can speak crises of death and regeneration. Again this feels timely for the environment. On a personal level we may find ourselves really up against some of our BIGGEST STUFF which can be a portal into radical healing and awakening if we choose to use it as such!

With Mercury conjunct Icarus- we have the myth of flying too close to the sun and getting burned. Icarus speaks to escaping, wanting to get away from restrictions and addicted to speed (which is also very Phaethon). We need to be aware of where we are trying to go up and out in order to avoid the pull down and in. We cannot embody the Light if we are running away from the shadow!

Last but definitely not least we have the trinity of Demeter/Pluto/Proserpina (aka Persephone) showing up in the chart- with Pluto conjunct Demeter (aka Ceres the Mother of Persephone) at 0’31 Aquarius and Proserpina on the North Node of Destiny. I cannot help but see these asteroid alignments in the light of climate change and the environment- Ceres/Demeter represents Mother Earth and Pluto can be spotlighting the shadow of how we are treating the Earth that is our Mother. Persephone on the North Node reminds us that it the journey through the Underworld and the shadow that truly empowers us. As Jung said “Shadow Work is the path of Heart Warriors”. Persephone’s own transformation came when she went into the Underworld- it was the path by which she came into her own power as a Queen and not just the eternal maiden.

This Full Moon in Virgo with all these asteroids that speak to escaping, going too fast, and confronting shadow- really illuminates why DISCERNMENT IS KEY. In Indian lore there are all these magical gifts called siddhis that one can cultivate as they grow in spiritual power. Some of them are bilocating or manifesting things out of thin air, or turning lead into gold. But the most powerful Siddhi above all the others is discernment. If you cannot see clearly and discern Truth from Illusion then all the other siddhis are pointless (and some say they actually can captivate you and keep you stuck in your spiritual progression).

This Full Moon in Virgo reminds us that we need to balance the Love, compassion, idealism and dreams of Pisces with some very grounded earth energy that keeps us in the body, on this earth- not going up and out but coming fully down and in. The High Priestess card in the Tarot shows a High Priestess flanked by two pillars. One is the white pillar of Mercy (Pisces) the other is the black pillar of Severity (Virgo). The Virgo/Pisces axis is the axis of the High Priestess as she as able to have one foot in the spirit world (Pisces) and one foot in the human world (Virgo) and she is able to bridge the two together as the 3rd pillar between them- the pillar of Divine Harmony (I am not making this up- this is what Rachel Pollack says in her book 78 Degrees of Wisdom!).

I leave you with the Star Sparks degrees and Sabian Symbols for this Full Moon and for the degree of the Sun/Mercury/Saturn conjunction happening on February 28th. They are deep and rich and evocative- and you can read the full text below. 10 Pisces in particular has a theme that connects with the climate change and environmental indicators of the asteroids in the Full Moon chart. Discernment about the reality of the earth changes and our part in them as humans is key. Do not look away or dig your head in the sand- as they say we are in the 11th hour and soon time will be up.

May this Full Moon serve our personal and collective awakening and embodiment. And may it serve our care for our home planet Earth.

So may it be…



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by Elias Lonsdale


Virgo 6 A banyon tree that creates an entire forest

The self has one big idea. That idea is to infuse its own flavors and tones into everything it thinks about, contemplates and seeks to cultivate. The self wants to be a source-point, a tap root, a vital reference. It is prepared to center all of existence around its own individual track purely.

Such a self is the epitome of what we call genius. It is so consistent unto itself, so clear about priorities that it will tend to do exactly what it set out to do, no matter what this takes. For there arises in this frequency a capacity for thematic, archetypal, and retroactive emphasis upon certain key themes, key motifs, those which are pivotal to one’s own nature and life task.

Certainly, this self is wrapped up in itself. Definitely, it is swept away by itself and without any question at all. The pure individual self is a stage of evolution which is as abusable as can be. These are givens.

Yet on balance, self is a good idea. It allows us to concentrate, to be effective, to be so disciplined and on the beam that we can attain to human freedom in the classical terms of mythology, civilization, culture. We are the ones who stand for something solid and true.

In fact, our core emphasis is upon values, upon morality, upon character. We are the builders, the upholders, the one’s who keep this world on course. That is our pedigree. It cannot and must not be denied.

To come to this stage in the process of individuation is an indication of having worked on self many time in previous lives and now being ripe for playing a central role in the future. It is the insignia of advanced individuality. And the consciousness stream that supports and sustains this level is mainstream human evolution, the kind that transcends all boundaries.



Pisces 10 An old witch on a windy promontory. She is calling to the sea.

The greater elements cast us about in their spell of urgency, their gathering squall of the earth herself saying, Enough. Those who are chosen to heed the signs, to feel the portents, become swept away by the tide of change, and engulfed in the eddies of what always stays the same.

Having a convincing, pervasive, first hand experience of everything raw and direct, huge and stunning. Being right on that edge where you’re the first to catch the wave to realize what is coming and what it means to us all. Yet not being able to reveal this to others in a form they can fathom. You have to be there to know it this way.

The overwhelming surge of collective events becomes a perpetual challenge to meet, to integrate, to metabolize into a form that can be passed on to those drier and more separative. Because the messages, the omens are heavily laced with warning and cautionary indications, the conviction arises that the news must get through, but the vibrations of being a believer makes it very hard for others to enter upon what is being offered in any way that fits their lives, their styles, their minds, their point of view.

Nonetheless, this is a solitary vigil of one appointed to go out on that edge and stay there and keep tuning in to the signs and indications. In ordinary life, this becomes a force that pulls way too hard on the heartstrings. In apocalyptic times, it is commonsensical, right on that spot, there when needed.

Inside the inside of this frequency, a far subtler resonance is alive. This involves a whispering, an interior tone that is never strident and always sacred and revelatory. When this layer is tapped, all the fireworks disperse and the only thing remaining is the grace of Divine Mother’s intervening power, playing through in wondrous ways. Such a tune underlies all the huge edges all the while and is itself on the far side of the troubles. From that wondrous inward sphere, consolation and peace stream into the cleansed vessels.



by Dane Rudhyar



KEYNOTE: The first experience of the dynamic intensity of life processes and of the possibility of using them to reach a characteristic ego-satisfaction.

Several features connected with the old-fashioned type of merry-go-round should be understood in their deepest symbolism. Two stages of experience are distinguishable: that in which a very young child is seated with his mother or nurse in an open carriage — the only experience is that of circular, perhaps at first dizzying, movement — and the stage of riding a horse (or some other animal) which often goes up and down as well as around. As the horse always represents the vital energy (later understood as libido or “psychic energy”), the merry-go-round at this stage symbolizes or prefigures the awareness of the cyclicity and the ups and downs of the emotional life. In the fully developed merry-go-round the child on his horse is given some kind of handle to try and catch a ring hanging within his reach at a fixed point just outside the merry-go-round. If he succeeds in this rather difficult operation the child wins a prize or gets a free ride. The symbolism is sexual in its implications, but more generally it implies that any cyclic release of life energy provides us with the opportunity of demonstrating some type of skill and mastery.

This is the first stage of the thirty-second sequence of five symbols. In its broadest sense we see here a characterization of what the developing consciousness (and at a certain level, the “disciple on the Path”) experiences: AN OBJECTIVE APPROACH TO THE LIFE FORCE.




KEYNOTE: Man’s ability to develop powers and skills which by transcending natural limitations allow him to operate in mental-spiritual realms.

This symbol in a sense synthesizes the implications of the four preceding ones: the dedication to the community of men (present and future), self-assertion and the ambition to reach a social goal. Man is seen mastering difficulties implied in a type of operation transcending his organic limitations and the narrow boundaries of a localized “living space.” He does so as an individual in command of powerful energies, but also as heir to the industry of countless innovators and managers.

This is the last symbol of the sixty-eighth five-fold sequence of evolving stages of consciousness and human activity. It evokes the achievement of MASTERY.