Venus conjunct Mars ~ The Emergence of Pure Being for a New Age (2/22/24)

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On Thursday February 22nd, 2024 at 2:14am EST Venus cojoins Mars at 6’57 Aquarius- commencing a new Venus/Mars cycle that will go until the next one starts in January 2026. The last Venus/Mars conjunction was in March of 2022 and was at 0’01 Aquarius- so we have having two back to back Venus/Mars cycles in the same sign and the same house of your chart. Pay attention to the themes that were up for you back in 2022 and see how perhaps there is a continuation of those themes in this new cycle as well (Listen to the Weekly and Lunar Horoscopes for more info-

Venus is the principle of attraction, Mars is the principle of action- put the two together in Aquarius and we can start (or deepen) a romance- perhaps with someone who has been a friend or part of our social circle. We can seed new cycles in our friendships, social groups and communities and our involvement in them. We can generate and create original ideas and cutting edge innovations that we share with the world in some way.

Aquarius is outside of the box and non traditional so anything begun right now will be best if it is of a new paradigm (vs the old paradigm). Particularly with Pluto leaving Capricorn this year and heading into Aquarius for good by end of year- out with the old patriarchal guard and in with the new and innovative is a great mantra! This sets off a new cycle in your chart where Aquarius is found but as I said the last Venus/Mars conjunction was also in Aquarius- so think of this as Chapter 2 in a story that has been unfolding since March 2022- one that is really getting going now that Pluto is in this sign as well ;)

The Sabian Symbol and the Star Sparks Degrees for this conjunction are potent and rich with symbolism! (You can read the full text of both at the bottom of this blog)

The Sabian Symbol talks about something new being born- out of the Cosmic Egg a new type of human being who is not born of the ancestors comes through- free from the inertia of mankind’s past. This is a fresh projection of Spirit that is free of any earthly cultural or racial traditions. WOW! Yes please!

The Star Sparks degree talks about a woman burning a book of black magic. The text goes on to talk about the black magic of the critical mind stuck in black and white thinking, good and bad- essentially duality. This degree talks about the need to move beyond polarizing attitudes and assumptions- to get over the tendency to project all the negativity within on whatever or whoever happens to be without.

The Star Sparks degree ties nicely in with the Sabian Symbol degree- as the former states we have to die to limiting frameworks and open up to Universal Truth which bears diversity. This sounds similar to the fresh projection of Spirit that is free of earthly cultural or racial traditions.

We each have our ancestral and lineage backgrounds- the cultures we were raised in and come from. Our skin color, our religious upbringing, our political beliefs. There is beauty and uniqueness in this diversity. But if you take a look around it seems we have taken these things about us and created giant walls between us- our perspective/religion/skin color/political stance is the right one, they are wrong. This is our land, these are our resources you need to get out. Or this is not our land or resources but it looks really good so we will take it by force and take it over.

I have long thought about what is the one thing that can unify us all down here on this planet. We are all human, we all live on our Earth Mother, we all look at the same Sun, the same Moon and the same Stars. The heavens are one thing we all share- which is why I feel like Astrology is a common language that can unite us. If you dive into the myths you seem common threads and beliefs throughout the constellation myths all over the planet. You also see how the myths got changed between 3200 BC and 1000 BC- a transition from a more matriarchal inclusive way of looking at the world to a more patriarchal, dominator perspective.

The thing about the patriarchal viewpoint is it is embedded in a dualistic framework- this is good, this is bad. We are right, they are wrong and evil. The patriarchal perspective is like a pyramid scheme- with a few at the top benefiting from/feeding off of all that are below. The patriarchal viewpoint is based on ego- I need to be supreme, I need to win and be the one at the top!

The ancient matriarchal perspective was a holistic one- inherent in the fact that a Mother is a nurturing figure that cares for others. A me first attitude does not serve motherhood or community- and the matriarchal perspective was more of a circle with everyone having a seat at the table contributing and benefiting from the interaction.

I do hope that the new child being born out of the Cosmic Egg holds strongly this frequency before the Great Fall- before the ancestors of today who are deeply embedded in this belief of duality and polarity and good and evil took over. Someone/something pure that is free of the inertia and black magic of mankind’s past. A fresh projection of the creative Spirit from the stars that goes beyond the beliefs and traditions we humans seem to have gotten stuck in and used to divide us. Someone/something that can lead us out of the darkness of the dark ages and the divided mind and back into the Light of the Cosmos that we came from!

So may it be <3


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by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos.

The ancient symbolism of the Cosmic Egg (Hiranyagharba in Sanskrit) out of which a new universe is born can be interpreted at several levels. Here we see the appearance of a new type of human being who is not born from “Ancestors” and who therefore is free from the inertia of mankind’s past. He is a new product of evolution, a mutant. He constitutes a fresh projection of the creative Spirit that emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any local culture and racial tradition.

This second stage symbol is in contrast with the preceding one. It can be said to announce the EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL MAN for the New Age. The power of the whole is focused within him in perfect freedom from ancient standards of value based on local conditions.


By Elias Lonsdale

Aquarius 7 A woman burning a book of black magic

The negativities of the critical mind. We find something to stand against. And, we define our existence by what we can put outside ourselves and view as the enemy, the problem, the scapegoat.

This can be taken to an absurd point. If we get swept away by this soul mood of probing for what is wrong and what to do about it, we can live our lives as a brain-bound intellect, deciding everything on the basis of how it appears to the outer mind in that typical way the mind sees when it is programmed to see the worst.

The path becomes to transmute, to overcome, to move beyond all polarizing attitudes and assumptions. We need to get over the tendency of name-calling, of projecting our worst onto our world. We also need to affirm and honor what is true and rightful, and to seek it out as what really counts. Then everything else can form around a constructive and a vital engagement with life in whole-seeing terms.

But it is sometimes intensively difficult to overcome confusion and internal chaos in order to see in a fresh dimension. We can get bound up within a fragmented and virtually multiple state of mind. It is quite a stretch to seek out those who know something different when we are often surrounded by influences that starkly reinforce our mental state of disconnection and disembodiment.

So it can take a slow course with self-compassion featured in the mix. The death we face here is of all limiting frameworks, even the ones which seemed to be so useful and so accurate. The rebirth we can come to is into an alignment with universal truth which bears diversity and open-ended question with equanimity and gladness.

We go back into the old karmic disputes to see them through and no longer be at their mercy. Yet we need the utmost in spaciousness to guide the journey through the mind’s maze forward.