full moon in pisces- checking out or checking in? (9/20/21)

by | Sep 15, 2021 | Lunar Insight

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the full moon at 28’14 pisces is exact on monday september 20th, 2021 at 4:55pm PDT, marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the new moon in virgo (read the lunar insight on that here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-virgo-seeing-clearly-9-6-21/). this whole cycle is under a NEPTUNE INFLUENCE- as the new moon was opposite neptune, preceded by a mars/neptune opposition (9/2) and this full moon is conjunct neptune and widely opposite mars- energizing the mars/neptune opposition aspect all month long.

neptune can be mystical and magical but shadow Neptune can be delusional, confusing, escapist, addictive and checked out. with neptune so strong this month (and really this whole year), not all is as it seems and nothing is clear and easy to discern. add mars into the neptune picture and things can get even more slippery- as our egos and drives can get confused, deluded or deceived more easily OR it could be us doing the deceiving! it’s super important to stay above board, honest and discerning right now.

with the full moon conjunct neptune there is even more of this nebulous neptune fog to navigate. what is truth? what is a lie? what is fact? what is fiction? what is my responsibility? what is not mine to be responsible for? what am i projecting and what am i reflecting? so much to muse no right now!

the best use of so much watery neptune energy is in self reflection, inner work, and dealing int the Unconscious. the full moon is sextile pluto- so the depths are DEEP and we have support in diving into them! therapy, shadow work, dream work and other forms of turning within are supported right now.

the rest of the aspects this full moon makes are tense- opposing mars and triggering the venus/uranus opposition. venus opposes uranus on 9/23 which is a transit that can bring upheaval and sudden unexpected things to Light in relationships, finances, debt, taxes, legal issues and more. with the full moon conjunct neptune triggering it before the exact opposition we want to make sure we are not burying our heads in the sand so as to avoid facing what is arising.

the contemporary ruler of the lunation is neptune who is in tense aspect to all 5 personal planets!!! (tight to sun, moon, mercury, minor aspect to venus and wide aspect to mars). the personal planets govern our personal selves and with neptune involved with all 5 of them it can be very very very difficult to see ourselves clearly. truly we would all do well to question where we may NOT be right and may NOT be seeing the whole truth- about ourselves OR others and the world around us. it’s also important to watch out for spiritual ego (did a big teaching on that in my lunar gate call which i posted for free you can access that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/free-lunar-gate-call-new-moon-in-virgo-9-6-21/)- as it can run rampant right now!!!

we have so many planets retrograde- jupiter, saturn, uranus, neptune, pluto, eris and chiron! all the social and outer planets are going backwards (appearing so from earth). interestingly sun moon and mercury are all slow (they are also all in tighter aspect to neptune) with only venus and mars moving fast. when so many planets are retrograde or slow moving- it can feel like walking in wet cement. things are not moving quickly and it can feel exasperating. the wisdom of a full moon in pisces is to stop DOING and allow for being. be receptive and open to messages coming to you instead of having to chase them! just BE for a while :)

keep in mind mercury is in front end shadow- getting ready to go retrograde on 9/26 in a double trigger to the pluto/eris square (more on that here- https://divineharmony.com/astrology-blog/mercury-retrograde-in-libra-righting-the-scales-of-balance/), so suffice it to say we are in deep territory where revealing what is swept under the carpet is in focus.

it is interesting to note that venus is opposite orpheus and juno is opposite persephone- so we have asteroids relating to grief, loss and separation influencing the two bodies that have to do with relationship and partnership. this could play out in existing relationships or can be the resurfacing of grief and memories from the past- and again because the full moon in pisces can amplify the desire to disassociate or check out we need to be aware of that <3

i leave you with the star sparks degree for 29 pisces – for me highlighting some of the greatest gifts of the pisces frequency. reminding us that this life is a dance- a lila or divine play- and we are all actors in it! can we be of the world but not of it? can we immerse ourselves in the dance and still remember who we are beyond this realm? and like dancers can we commit to being human and showing up- being willing “to go through anything and everything it takes” to get it right?

blessed full moon to you…



by elias lonsdale

Pisces 29 Balinese dancers wearing elaborate gold costumes

Fantastic display of color, form, and movement. Highly accomplished invocation of deity, of the infinite, of that which surpasses understanding. A feeling for worlds beyond and a great desire to show how those greater worlds come through into this one very fully across a vast spectrum of possible expressions, done just as directed by the gods themselves.

A stirring panorama of special effects, of brilliant technique. Yet none of this is sensed as really the point. We are seeking to form a second vessel and to make it hardy and rightful and expressive for all who meet it. And the interior focus lies in the inspiration, the infusion, the call to be one of those who reveals the mysteries in just the way they are intended to come forth.

A tortuous willingness to go through anything and everything it takes. Extended cycles of getting it right. A fabulous devotion to craft. An insatiable need to feel that we are preciously enacting the great infinite way in this moment in such a pageantry that it cannot be missed or cast aside.

Bizarre depths of absorption in the code of the warrior. The karmic warrior seeks to unveil what was hidden, serve in ultimate ways, and be here where it counts. The need is felt to bring these ancient timeless ways into this world now without betraying their essence or their substance.

A fine-tuned, hyper-sensitized nature. A sense of being witnessed by so many beings. A call to allow beauty and truth to merge and commingle with this one’s own special talents. And more than anything else, the vow to hold the pattern sacred and not let the gods down.

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