mercury retrograde in libra- righting the scales of balance

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we are in mercury front end shadow- that period of time before mercury stations retrograde and he makes the first pass over a certain area of the sky and part of our charts. this mercury journey is a doozy- he rules the new moon in virgo we are in and began front end shadow crossing 10’07 libra the day of the new moon 9/6. his entry into shadow was followed by his first aspect opposite chiron the Wounded Healer on 9/7 and 9/26 he stations retrograde at 25’28 libra in double aspect to the Pluto/Eris square!!! this is no walk in the part mercury retrograde that is for sure.

mercury is the winged messenger and one of the few beings in greek mythology who could traverse between the worlds. if you were in the Upper World you stayed there, if you were in the lower world you were stuck there. there was not much traveling between the two with the exception of mercury and a few Dark Goddesses like persephone, circe and rainbow Goddess isis. as such he holds a shamanic space of being able to go down into the Underworld and come back out and as the messenger he can deliver messages and help us rethink, review and revise while he is in his Underworld journey.

with mercury in libra part of what we are rethinking is relationships, partnerships, marriages, agreements, compromises and contracts. libra is the sign of partnership and relationship and the scales of balance are always trying to find the right balance between self and other, give and take, independence and interconnection. with mercury opposite chiron as he enters from end shadow and in a double trigger of the pluto/eris square 9/22-10/1 as he stations on 9/26- we have some intense energies coming into communications, partnerships, agreements and more.

the shadow of libra is to try to keep the peace at any cost. there can be a tendency to sweep things under the carpet, be in denial, avoid facing what is toxic, stagnant, stuck or no longer working. extreme shadow libra just wants the surface to look perfect but all that is below the surface will be ignored or denied. this mercury retrograde is NOT the time to do this- as all the extra potent aspects mercury makes is surely going to dredge up all manner of things and if you are working WITH the astrology and choosing to face what arises i can guarantee it will be a more empowering journey!

for a detail list of aspects and dates see below- but other than the trines to jupiter 9/20, 10/3 and 10/31 which brings an expansive positive energy into communication, relationships and interaction with others- the rest of the aspects are tense. opposite chiron only once, quincunx uranus, quincunx neptune, and square pluto/opposite eris- all throughout this journey the boat is getting rocked and the things swept under the carpet are coming up and out.

pay close attention to 10/9 as we have the sun/mercury conjunction which marks the midpoint of the Underworld journey but mars is also involved! so we have a sun/mercury/mars conjunction at 16-17 libra (pay even closer attention it you have anything around 16-17 of cardinal signs aries, cancer, libra or Capricorn).

the biggest trigger mercury does is of the pluto/eris square. this is arguably the BIGGEST astrology of 2020-2021 and is intimately connected to the covid experience we are all having. pluto exposes shadow and eris unleashes repressed anger and rage. put the two together and we have a recipe for all manner of things to come up and out that need to be addressed. mercury triggers pluto/eris 9/22, 10/1 and 11/1-2 right at the tail end of mercury’s back end shadow. the middle on on 10/1 is big because on 10/6 pluto stations direct and on 10/8 we have the 5th and final pluto/eris square! the first week of October should be potent!!!

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i leave you the star sparks meditations for the station degrees below.



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front end shadow- 9/6
stations retrograde- 9/26 10:10pm 25’28 libra
stations direct- 10/18- 8:17am 10’07 libra
exits back end shadow- 11/2 right after trigger of pluto/eris


opposite chiron- 9/7 (front end shadow 9/6)

quincunx uranus- 9/10, 10/11, 10/24

quincunx neptune
9/17, 10/5 , 10/30

trine jupiter
9/20, 10/3 , 10/31

square pluto/opposite eris
9/22, 10/1, 11/1-2

sun/mercury conjunction- 10/9- 16’35 libra
mercury/mars conjunction- 10/9- 16’16 libra
(sun/mars conjunction was 10/7)

sextile venus in sadge- 10/16 10’21 NEAR STATION DIRECT POINT (station is 10/18 10’07)

by elias lonsdale

Libra 11 Tea leaves that form a pentagram

The pattern is set. The die is cast. Everything is fated. Past action now breed a world of affects. It is easy to tell that nothing is new, all is as expected, following closely the ancient pattern, the timeless design.
When the dial of time is set beforehand and fixed inevitability prevails, the graceful choice is to accord with the signs and the portents. We can flow into and embrace whatever comes as our lot in life. We can know it to be something we created long ago.
Yet there is as well a very sharp dynamic at work leading in a fresh direction. It is an option, a possibility, a leap beyond the expected and the assumed. Once the pattern is digested and known is all it’s contours, there is a possible step of leaping toward freedom and becoming somebody new.
In order to make the transition from fixed past worlds to open future worlds, we often need her to hold a balance between both for awhile. We check out the old territory, and we feel into the new territory, once and again. Can we really afford to make such a big change at this late a date?
The answer to this destiny riddle lies as well in the stars, in the card, in the synchronicity, in dreams, in subtle worlds apart. Along the track there are beings, and worlds that must be consulted. The only way to tell is to tune in to the whole and let ones own past be reworked in that broader context.
Yet a hint can be given. Whenever there is vision and heart’s opening, all possibilities are wide open.

Libra 26 A gypsy cart with a campfire nearby

Being cast out of the basic outer picture, in order to get back to something which could not be fostered if there was belongingness and being accepted in the broader structures of the culture. Given the task to remember, to restore, to tap that which collectively we have moved away from, yet which remains at the center of real value for the earth and all of those who seek to be there for the earth.
Sent far out to the edges. Offered glimpses of knowledge, wisdom, and subtle senses. The question is how far these will be followed out. They can go all the way through if the vision is strong, the intent clear, and the direction steady on.
Often holding back at that edge, and seeking to straddle the fence between one world and another. It takes a lot of guts and crazy wisdom to move very far with this one. Compromise and getting along seem to be attractive way stations.
In the instance of those who can sustain a wild edge, a shamanic plunge into the depths, this portal becomes completely open to subtle faculties, and the restoring of what has been lost. A trance of getting deep in there brings with it a longing to unite more and more deeply, to investigate more and more profoundly that which is very far from conscious reality.
It is even possible along this frequency to be so lucid in observing what it is that lets us be free in the world, that every condition falls away and the only thing left is to follow a live wire instinct for what this earth needs us to learn, to foster, and to spread. If this call is taken up with a passion, there is no limit to how completely in touch and in sync we can become.

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