Wednesday January 26th 2022

new moon in virgo- seeing clearly (9/6/21)

the new moon at 14’38 virgo is exact on monday september 6th, 2021 at 5:52pm PDT- commencing a new lunar cycle focused on work, service, health and mind/body connection. new moons are times to plant seeds and set intentions and this is a great time to focus on what you want to call in around health, work, discernment and clarity.

with the new moon opposite the neptune/pallas conjunction in pisces this new moon can be about seeing through the veil of illusion, confusion, deception and escapism. where are you not seeing clearly? where are you not being self honest or honest with others OR where are others not being honest with you or themselves? not all is as it seems in this very neptunian year- so it takes a lot of courage to be willing to question where we think we are right and are seeings things/ourselves clearly so that we have the opportunity to see what we are NOT seeing. (i go into this deeply in the Lunar Gate Call i posted for free which you can listen to here-

the new moon is very tightly trine uranus (2 minutes from exact!)- so there is some amazing energy incoming for change and doing things differently! the key is to be willing to think and act outside of the box ;) innovation, invention, rebellion and revolution are supported! with both bodies in earth signs changes coming into work, heal, money, values and self-worth can be positively wonderful.

the new moon is widely conjunct mars and opposite neptune while the full moon in pisces on september 20th is conjunct neptune and opposite mars. the recent mars/neptune opposition (exact thursday september 2nd) is energized ALL MONTH LONG. watch out for dishonesty towards yourself, towards or from others, in the media and the world at large. think of the movie ‘the wizard of oz’- what/who is behind the veil pulling the strings? lest you try to focus your critical thinking on others outside of yourself- best you start by looking within!!!

the karmic south node is conjunct juno- asking us to face where we are more committed to being right than we are to seeing/speaking/living the Truth. add to the picture asteroid nemesis on the south node and we can see that our rigidity and self righteousness about being right is our achilles heel and point of self-undoing. it’s so much easier to point fingers and blame others – but we will not be truly empowered until we can see the shadow within first, versus seeing (or thinking we are seeing) the shadow without.

it is interesting to see all the social and outer planets are retrograde- so slow down and think things through. we have pluto and saturn going direct in just a month or so- until then there is a lot to be gleaned in the Unconscious and a lot of territory from the past to go over again.

the ruler of this lunation is mercury who is in libra. any planet in libra makes a lot of tense aspects right now- opposite chiron, quincunx uranus, quincunx neptune, triggering the pluto/eris square. the libra area of our charts is getting rocked- with stuff coming up that has been swept under the carpet (listen to lunar horoscopes for more info- sign up to be a member here

luckily mercury also forms a Grand Air Trine with saturn and the north node- bringing important communications, connections and relationships into focus. growth through communication and connection is possible! we have to be willing to see things from many sides and work to find common ground- but when we do it will be amazing to see what can arise from this space.

i leave you with the star sparks degree and the sabian symbol for the new moon degree. both are powerful and they have similar undercurrents- both speaking to something valuable we inherit from the past. in truth we all have some of great value we have stored in our DNA and our Soul memory. the key is in remembering what we carry and fully activating it. this requires a very deep journey within- to the heart and core of who we really are, as individuals and as a humanity.

may we all dive ever deeper in this great work and contribute to the great unfolding and awakening on the planet that is at hand.



p.s. my new course EMBODIED ASTROLOGY starts october 6th. astrology, shadow work, yoga, somatic healing, holistic health all rolled into one! excited to have my dear sister sianna Sherman as a guest teacher sharing her depth of yogic wisdom. for more info click here-

SABIAN SYMBOL by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The quintessence of deeds well done.

Root strength produces beautiful flowers. The neophyte who acts with determination, courage and discrimination while following “in the footsteps” of his predecessors receives a symbolic prize from the Brotherhood ready to welcome him when he has fully proven himself on the battlefield where he meets his past, which tries to block his way. The mystic Beloved hands him what she has woven for him out of spiritual threads.

This is the last stage of the thirty-third sequence which also ends the eleventh scene, “Characterization.” This scene began with the revelation in a portrait of salient features in a man’s face. It ends with symbols which bring out the ultimate validity of the many efforts of generations of men toward the building of a beautiful and significant CULTURE. The Man of Culture is, in the deepest and best sense of the term, the Aristocrat. He is the flowering of a line of ancestors who have accepted responsibility for a group or community. Likewise, the true “disciple” is the blossom that crowns a long series of incarnations.

STAR SPARKS by elias lonsdale

Virgo 15 A man inherits a vast fortune

Being granted timing grace. Everything comes in its season. Each destiny challenge is given its own distinctive timing to unfold within and be played out through. The subtle blessing of a rhythmic approach to destiny.
Little things add up. Minor matters count. When timing is on, to do this or do that is a crucial matter. For we are synchronized with the vaster system and what we come into means a lot for the whole.
Being placed within fortunate circumstances, in order to complete one pattern and begin another. Spiritual forces respecting and honoring the interior dimension of one’s own need to take it slow and take it carefully, and to finish one thing before beginning another. The exquisite situation of context matching essence.
However, mind does not see it this way. Mind sees the difficulties, the discrepancies. No matter how fine tuned destiny gets, mind still focuses upon what is not happening. For mind is severely perfectionistic and notices that all these great things are more like a blueprint that hasn’t been tested by time.
So mind directs the soul to check it all out, to drop beneath pomp and pretense and get to work. Mind insists that there is so much to do and so little time.
Mind is compulsive and distorted and the path becomes to disprove mind by tapping over and again the rules which mind denies. And if most of these rules are inward and contemplative, so much the better. For this situation is keyed to remaining in steady allegiance to origin, to the true one. And their voice says: seek and ye shall find.

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