Full Moon in Capricorn- Revelation of Truth (7/3/23)

by | Jun 30, 2023 | Lunar Insight

The Full Moon at 11’18 Capricorn is exact on Monday July 3rd, 2023 at 7:38am EDT- marking the midway point of the current lunar cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in Gemini on June 18th. That New Moon was conjunct Juno and square to Neptune- bringing focus to how we navigate relationships, commitments, communication and thinking. With nebulous Neptune present this lunar cycle has been about taking off the rose colored glasses and seeing more clearly- ourselves, others and the world around us. This could be propounding liberating if we are willing to see through illusion and get to the Truth

With the Full Moon in Capricorn we can find that some practical and mundane reality checks are incoming. Are we truly seeing reality? Are we taking responsibility for our part in co-creating the reality we see? The Gemini lunar cycle reminds us that our thoughts and beliefs inform how we see things and how we attract things into our lives. On offer is the possibility of greater mastery for what we think, believe and attract.

This Full Moon is opposite the Sun and Mercury who are both conjunct Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun. This very powerful fixed star is thought to be the twin of our sun and actually the parent star of which our sun orients in binary relationship with. All sacred, mystical cultures had stories about this star- from Hawaiian to Mayan to Egyptian. Sirius is seen as providing Light and Life to our Spirits- a mirror reflection of how the sun of our solar system provides light and life to our physical bodies here on Earth. With Sirius involved with this Full Moon there can be some big downloads of inspiration, Truth and Light incoming! If you have not seen my 2+ hour Masterclass about Sacred Star Sirius you can get access here- https://divineharmony.com/sirius/

This Full Moon forms a cradle pattern with the Sun/Moon opposition linking with the separating Jupiter/Saturn sextile. The Jupiter/Saturn sextile on June 19th was the ‘crescent moon phase’ of the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction that occurred December 2020. Back then a new Jupiter/Saturn cycle was seeded and now we are starting to see it take shape and form- much like a seed that was planted starts to show itself coming up from the soil visible for all to see. It can be insightful to think back to December 2020 and what you metaphorically ‘seeded’ then- and then connect the dots with today to see how that intention is growing. The Full Moon is trine Jupiter and sextile Saturn- with the Sun sextile Jupiter and trine Saturn. The two teacher planets are harmoniously linking with the Full Moon- bringing into our lives teachings, teachers, wisdom, and knowledge that can support our growth and mastery. This can come via outer teachers and teachings and also inner teachers and teachings. Anything external to you is the finger pointing at the Moon- and should serve you in coming back to yourself and your own embodied awareness of Truth.

This cradle pattern is a Feminine Receptive Cradle as it involves planets that are in Earth and Water signs- the two elements that are yin and feminine. Pay attention to what is arising via emotions, intuition and psychic knowing (Water) as well as what is arising somatically, in your body and via your connection to earth and nature (Earth). Honoring and listening to your feminine self (regardless of gender) and letting the feminine self lead is key!

Jupiter is conjunct the fixed star Schedir- representing the Queen and Female Power. This is a star in the constellation Cassiopeia- modernly said to be the vain queen, but anciently she was the head of the female line of power, from an ancient matriarchal lineage- a descendant of the Mother Line. When you look at Cassiopeia as she rotates around the North Pole- she takes the position of M and W- the two letters associated with the Divine Feminine. M is the 13th letter (13 is a sacred number to the Goddess) and is connected to the words Mother, Matter and Matrix. Our Mother Matrix is where all matter came from. W is associated with the Waters of the Womb- the place out of which all matter was birthed. There is some deeply powerful and potent feminine magic in this Full Moon chart!!! If you want to learn more about the pre-patricarhal myths of the constellations check out Stargate Mystery School now available on demand here- https://divineharmony.com/stargate-mystery-school/

As we lead up to the Full Moon we have the Sun/Mercury conjunction (exact July 1st) link with both Saturn and Jupiter from June 28th through July 1st- so the portal to pay attention to is June 28th through July 3rd. Realizations, inspiration, meetings, openings, opportunities and more- should all be paid attention to right now. And with Sirius involved everything is taken to a Higher Level and frequency!

I leave you with the Sabian Symbols for the Sun/Moon opposition. The Full Moon degree makes me think of all the new astronomy discoveries happening right now (Gravitational Wave, Carbon form in Orion Nebula). This degree talks about our “ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover the laws underlying complex process of nature” but it also cautions agains capitalization and exploitation of this new information. The Sun degree speaks to a Mother nursing her baby whose aura reveals him to be the reincarnation of a Great Teacher. In light of the Jupiter/Saturn sextile and the Divine Feminine signatures in the Full Moon chart- this symbolism makes sense. This is a degree of Revelation – with the Sun applying to Sirius- this feels potent.

Blessed Full Moon to you…


by Dane Rudhyar



KEYNOTE: The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning.

In contrast to the “clown” symbol, which shows us man’s capacity to criticize and laugh at his superficial mannerisms and automatic habits or gestures, we now have a symbol which demands that we look beyond common appearances and try to discover the “occult” (i.e. hidden) character of every person and every experience. This symbol has been unduly glamorized: there is no particular reference here to an avatar or messiah, except in the sense that every man is potentially the avatar or manifestation of a Soul that has a definite and relatively unique function in the vast field of activity we call the Earth. To discover this occult potential of being, one requires a deeper or higher “vision,” a holistic perception — which is usually, but not always justifiably, called clairvoyance. The caricaturist also has to develop a special kind of “seeing” to enable him to extract the salient features of an outer personality or of a face. He picks out the most characteristic parts of a whole; the true clairvoyant perceives the essential meaning (or “message” and function) of the whole.

The contrast between the first and second symbols of this twenty-first five-fold sequence is indeed very significant. There may be no particular meaning in the fact that the nursing woman in this symbol is Chinese. Perhaps the psychic who visualized the scene may have mistaken a Tibetan for a Chinese woman, and unconsciously thought of the rather familiar process through which a new Dalai Lama, or other great Lamas, are searched for among newborn babies. The Keyword is REVELATION.



KEYNOTE: The ability to explore unfamiliar realms and discover the laws underlying the complex processes of nature.

The aristocratic garden of the preceding phase has become the laboratory and lecture hall of a modern college. The emphasis here is on the acquisition of extensive knowledge, the satisfaction of intellectual curiosity. Nevertheless, there is also an aristocracy of science: this is the modern type. Its use of acquired knowledge can pose as many problems as the use of hereditary aristocratic wealth. But it is man’s essential function to become fully conscious of all life forms and processes on this earth. Mankind is the conscious mind of the planet.

At this second stage the intellectual search for empirical knowledge contrasts with the display attendant to the wealth and culture of an elite. Civilization is founded on an ever-extended capitalization on knowledge and use of technology. It features EXPLOITATION preeminently at all levels.