Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Balancing Ego, Spirit and Body (8/1/23)

by | Aug 1, 2023 | Lunar Insight

The Full Moon at 9’16 Aquarius is exact on Tuesday August 1st, 2023 at 2:32pm EDT, marking the midway point of the Lunar Cycle we are in that began with the New Moon in Cancer on July 17th. That New Moon had an out of bounds moon and links with all the Outer Planets making it a Transpersonal Lunation. If you have not read my Lunar Insight on the New Moon that kicked off this Lunar Cycle you can do so here- https://divineharmony.com/lunar-insight/new-moon-in-cancer-dealing-with-the-past-fully-in-the-present-7-17-23/

Cancer is a sign of deep emotion, while Aquarius tends to prefer to think rather than feel. This Full Moon can be a checkin for us about where we are at with our emotions as well as with the family situations or childhood memories that have been coming up in this Lunar Cycle. The Transpersonal nature of this Lunar Cycle can provide insight that comes straight from Higher Wisdom, Higher Love and Higher Power- OR we can use this Full Moon in airy detached Aquarius to check out, escape and not deal. It is up to us to choose!

This Full Moon forms a T-square with Jupiter the planet of expansion and excess. Jupiter can be fun loving and optimist but tense Jupiter can lead to over the top emotions and behavior. Watch out for the excessive Jupiter energy manifesting as overdoing, overspending, overeating, over partying and over indulging. Balance is key- yet Jupiter does not like limits or restrictions of any kind. Jupiter in Taurus amplifies these tendencies as Taurus loves good food, good wine and high thread count sheets ;) The desire for security, comfort and luxury is not a bad thing- it’s a problem when it runs you. It’s also a problem when you loose yourself in the material world and forget your Spiritual Self and path.

This is the first of two Super Moons in August- the second of which will be a calendric Blue Moon on August 30th. There are three kinds of Blue Moons- calendric when there are two Full Moons in a calendar month, astronomical when there are four Blue Moons in a season and the 3rd of these is called a Blue Moon, and astrological when there are two Full Moons in the same astrological sign. This Full Moon is in Aquarius the next will be in Pisces- both are in the Celestial Sea area of the tropical sky. This is an area of lucky stars and mystical energies – so tap into both this month!

The ruler of this Full Moon is Saturn in Pisces who is tightly opposite Mercury in Virgo- and more widely opposite Pallas Athena, Mars and even Venus Retrograde. Saturn oppositions being reality checks. We are asked to take off the rose colored glasses and see ourselves and others clearly. Discernment is key with Virgo- but we want to make sure that discernment does not devolve into mean spirited criticism and judgement. Can we stay connected to our hearts, have healthy boundaries and see clearly? That is the path of mastery right now!

The other ruler of this Full Moon is Uranus who is in Taurus and square to Retrograde Venus. The Venus/Uranus squares are one of the signatures of her Underworld Journey- bringing wake up shake up energy into relationships, finances, our values and self worth. Uranus is in the sign of Venus and one of the Highest manifestations of this transit is to use the Uranian energies to have a Revolution of Embodiment! This is about waking up in the body, here on earth. Not going up and out (shadow Uranus wants to detach and rise above) but instead fully come down and in. We can do this but we first have to face where we get lost in being in a body or where we try to escape. It is deep Shadow Work! (My Astrology & Your Shadow course is available on demand to support your healing journey- see the link below)

We can use the Jupiterian energies of this T square Full Moon to expand, reach for the stars, take risks and go for it! Just make sure you are doing so from mastery and awareness rather than hubris, self righteousness, boredom or impulsivity. The Jupiter square energies last through the whole week until Sunday night when the Sun perfects its square to Jupiter- so be aware and navigate with care <3

This Aquarius Full Moon can help us get a Higher Vision of things- just make sure you are not going up and out to avoid going down and in ;)

I leave you with the Star Spark and Sabian Symbol degrees below. The Sabian Symbol definitely portrays the excessive Jupiter energy quite well. This popping of the ego bubble can be just the medicine needed to drop us down into our bellies where we can confront shadow we have escaped looking at. This ‘critical need for self-reevaluation’ can be just the ticket that takes us deeper on our journeys of enlightenment & embodiment ;)








by Dane Rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which one projects one’s dream and ideal.

Here we have a final statement on the relationship between mental-spiritual vision and living reality, between persons and the ideal they appear to incarnate, between the “great lover Image” and one’s need for love — a love his presence stimulated and aroused. The “star” on the movie screen is not the actual person. The star’s popularity fades away, the person remains. What has this episode of popularity actually done to the person? This is a question that can be applied to a great variety of circumstances.

This fifth symbol in the sixty-second sequence brings to our attention an issue that is basic and may confront us in various forms. Person versus archetype. This can mean a critical need for SELF-REVALUATION.


by Ellias Lonsdale

Aquarius 10 A black raven with a bright red head

The bringer of dark tidings. The one who is so aware of every conceivable dilemma and obstacle that she insists upon bringing them all up and out. If this proves to be inconvenient and messy, so much the better. She senses her function to be pure shadow all the way.

If she can draw attention to the worst, she believes we will all have a chance. So she must scavenge, cry out, make what has been hidden away dramatically obvious and inescapable. If she has to be the scapegoat, the devil’s advocate, the one who is too much for everybody, she can only say Yes to the No, gladly moving with what others would shun.

When she comes calling, everything stands still. We are all at rapt attention. She keeps us spellbound by he articulation of the shadows, the forbidden, the strange. We ask her to do her worst. She is a gadfly. She makes sure we cannot get away with our fantasies and our dreams.

What motivates her mightily is the chance to deprive fools of their masks and their self-righteousness. For she has been around and she has learned that what seems bright and high-blown contains within itself seeds of a very great downfall. She would prefer to hasten the inevitable, so we can get on with cleaning up afterwards.

Her energies are abrasive. Her attitude is a brooding one. Her way of operating is skirting dangerously close to wildly falling under the shadows. But she knows that edge as her own. By walking along the far edge, she makes the rest of us get honest and real.

Because she is such a puncturer of illusions, we may imagine her to be quite a heavy. But the truth is that she does all this strictly because she lucidly witnesses that somebody has to have the raw sense to expose and make visible. We are beholden to her, even as she chills and chastises us.

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