the Great Black Conjunction of Black Sun and Black Moon ✨🖤✨

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we are in the midst of a series of conjunctions of the Black Sun and the corrected Black Moon- also known as the Black Lights. their conjunction is exact this week wednesday november 16th and then occurs again on november 30th after corrected Black Moon stations direct and makes the conjunction again. we also had one more (which is typical when something stations retrograde- we will get 3 alignments) back on july 10th- so we can see this conjunction portal running from july to november with november being extra potent with the standstill alignment happening twice within 2 weeks!

what is the Black Sun and the corrected Black Moon? i will attempt to intro these concepts but there is a lot to say on them- and i do want to be clear i am still studying them and would not consider myself to be an expert on them. i first got wind of them in my early 20’s- 20 years ago! i have deeply studied them during three different periods of my life. each time i study them deeply and then take a break and return to them- and i am now in my 4th pass (i thought it was 3rd but tracked it and it is the 4th!) of researching and exploring this Black Lights. it has been particularly difficult because the body of work the material comes from is taught exclusively in dutch and french. i have actually been learning more this 4th time around as more people are translating george bode’s work into english! (thank you to cees jansen and charlotte wenner!)

what i love about the Black Lights is they bring in the balance of yin to yang that is missing when we only focus on the White Lights aka the Sun and the Moon. the Sun and Moon are both luminous bodies- we can see them in the sky during the day and night and they cast great Light. yes the moon is reflecting Light from the sun- but the moon is still quite brilliant in the night sky. i would not consider the Light of the moon to be less amazing because it reflects Light, and honestly the lunar Light feels especially magical at night with the backdrop of the stars (which obviously never occurs with the Sun!)

the Black Lights are invisible and are like void spaces. they both remind me of Daath on the Tree of Life- the abyss space that is hidden and often not even shown in the tree- yet it is there, visible to those with eyes to see and ears to hear. the Black Lights are connected to the elliptical orbit of the earth around the sun and the moon’s orbit around the earth. both of these orbits are not perfect circles- they are ellipses. a perfect circe has one center but with an ellipse you will have 2 focuses or centers- one is the planet in question (sun or earth) and the other is black point/void.

the Black Sun is in the direction of the aphelion- the point at which the sun is farthest from the earth. the Black Moon is in the direction of the apogee- the point at which the moon is farthest from earth. please note for the Black Lights astrology they use a corrected version of the Black Moon that is not the same as the true or mean versions on and most software. you can find the corrected black moon in the software Planetdance (link below). if you are mathematically minded you can read the very thorough article on the corrected black moon calculation written by cees jansen linked below.

the Black Sun and Black Moon are the counterpoints to the White Sun and White Moon (aka our Sun and Moon as seen in the sky and as used in astrology charts). the Black and White versions are a nod to the ancient alchemical myths of twins- one Dark and one Light, one female and one male. twin myths speak to the Truth that harmony is found through integration and that we must honor both Dark and Light, feminine and masculine, heaven and earth, Divine and human- and find a place of Union with them within.

the White Sun and White Moon have to do with our consciousness and personality- while the Black Sun and Black Moon have to do with our Spirit and Soul. this is a nod to the ancient myths – egyptian, hawaiian, mayan and more- that say first there was Darkness and the Void and it was out of this Darkness that all Light was born. when working with the Black Lights it is important to understand Black/Dark does not mean evil- it means Primordial Source and Origin.

opposite the Black Sun is something called the Diamond- and opposite the Black Moon is something called Priapus. i will not go into these concepts as i still study them for myself and do not have mastery over them (when i began my studies i was exclusively studying the Black Sun and Black Moon)- but what i DO want to point out is that the Black Sun is conjunct the fixed star Sirius and the Diamond is conjunct the fixed star Vega. if you have not seen my masterclass on Sirius the link is below- but suffice it to say Sirius is our parent star and our sun is in binary relationship with it. with this awareness we can deduce that the Black Sun IS Sirius. they are one and the same because opposite our sun is our parent star Sirius and the aphelion point points to the Black Sun and is essentially our parent star. (please note the calculations are not precise- the Black Sun is currently showing as 13’20 cancer and Sirius is currently at 14’24 Cancer- but i have a sense the disparity is due to human error. regardless they are within 1 degree and 4 minutes of conjunction). both Sirius and Vega are important starts in terms of Galactic Heritage (more on that in Lyssa Royal Holt’s books)- and having these two potent points align with these stars feels significant.

true corrected black moon goes direct and retrograde due to the moon’s wobble. this is why we get 3 Great Black Conjunctions this year- but the double conjunction while Black Moon goes direct from 11/16-11/30 is extra potent. we only get a Great Black Conjunction once every 7-9 years- so it’s not an everyday or even every year thing (the last one was 2013, before that 2004). for me i feel into the spiritually fertile, mystical meaning of these two Dark Lights aligning. currently the conjunction is at 13’20 cancer- the black sun moves very slowly. based on the planet dance software the Black Sun moved 2 degrees and 33 minutes in 150 years- so that is about ’51 minutes every 50 years. (please note this is just slightly different than precession that clocks 1 degree of movement every 72 years- the slight disparity is interesting and i am currently researching it as it seems to be off by 1.44 years. this is why i think it might be human error and that the orbits may very well be the exact same)

this particular conjunction is precisely (by 1 minute!) trine the true south node and sextile the north node at 13’19 scorpio/taurus respectively. it is also square chiron in aries- triggering the chiron/south node quincunx that is exact on november 19th. with the conjunction aligning with the nodes of destiny and karma i feel support for releasing the karmic past/emotional catharsis and seeding the new. with chiron in aries (and mars square neptune the same day) – there is something about the imbalanced masculine energy that needs to be seen and healed. our masculine side, men, the way the world is run by male/patriarchal energy, our relationship to ego, anger and agency- all is up for deep reflection. this can be an amazing time for shadow work, somatic work and emotional release- but it can also be a time where OUR STUFF IS UP!

in the world at large i see this energy building (along with the mean lilth square to eris happening the next day 11/17)- in the uproar in iran over the rights and safety of women. the Great Black Conjunction is in cancer- the sign of the Moon/Mother. square chiron in aries – the Wounded oppressive masculine regime. mean lilith square eris is about activism and taking a stand for the feminine. if you are not aware of what is going on there check my instagram stories and follow some actual iranian people to get on the ground information. (please note there are a lot of good spiritual people saying that the news is fake news- IT IS NOT. please follow actual iranian people to get the Truth. i can feel the mars/neptune square completely distorting things and it is actually harming the movement of the people over there)

if the New Moon conjunction of White Sun and White Moon are a time to seed things and set intentions in the material world- the conjunction of the Black Lights can have similar focus but in the spiritual, psychic and mystical worlds. i see it as a VERY potent spiritual alignment.

with my comparison to these points with Daath on the Tree of Life- Daath/Da’at means knowledge. this makes me think of the Garden of Eden and the tree of knowledge of good and evil. truly to pass through Daath and get to the other side we have to pass through the knowledge of good and evil. what do we do with this knowledge? do we bury our heads in the sand and pretend we do not see it? do we abuse the knowledge? do we use it to control the masses? do we lie to ourselves and pretend it isn’t so? are we willing to see both the good Truth and the evil Truth. are we willing to see what lies behind the veil of Illusion? remember Daath is usually invisible- it’s veiled- like the High Priestess who sits between the black and white pillars of severity and mercy. we have to have eyes to see in order to see her there and further to be able see beyond her veil.

the Great Black Conjunction is a great time to be intentional with your meditation, ritual and ceremony. call in what you are ready, willing and able to conceive spiritually and mystically- for yourself and for the collective. just be sure you follow it up with conscious action! ;) you can look at house placement for this conjunction but i would recommend paying attention to the esoteric meaning of the houses- not the exoteric. these are not exoteric points – so it would be pointless to interpret them as such.

i leave you with the Sabian Symbol and Star Sparks degree for 14 Cancer (we always round up to nearest whole degree so Black Sun/Moon conjunction at 13’20 cancer goes up to 14). i am struck by the Sabian Symbol line saying that the Wise Old man “faces the great Void, that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses.” Sounds apt for the Black Sun degree! the Star Sparks degree feels like a treatise on how to be a Light & Shadow Worker here on earth today and how to stay the course- WOW. you can read the full text below.

may the Black Lights conjunction bless you and awaken you to Greater Truth and Greater Love, and also to Greater Power that is humbly in service to embodying and anchoring Truth & Love here on earth! BLESSED BE!


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KEYNOTE: Fulfillment in transcending and changeless wisdom.

This symbol describes the Wise Old Man, an archetypal figure found in all systems of symbolism. In occult terminology the northeast is the direction from which spiritual-cosmic forces enter the Earth-sphere. This is probably because the polar axis of the Earth is inclined by some 23 degrees away from the exact perpendicular to the plane of its orbit. Thus the actual pole of our globe not only differs from the permanent pole of the Earth’s orbit, but constantly changes its direction, successively pointing to several large “circumpolar” stars during the so-called processional cycle (or “tropical year,” or Great Polar Cycle), which lasts somewhat less than 26,000 years. Because of this inclination of the polar axis, we have the phenomenon of seasonal change. Supposedly during the early Golden Age no such change occurred; a “perpetual spring” reigned. This is the (traditionally) spiritual state. The Wise Old Man faces the Changeless Reality, the true North —- which for us is located in a northeast direction. He faces the great Void, that apparent Darkness which is an intense Light invisible to our senses.

As this is a fourth stage symbol in the five-fold sequence, there is as usual a hint of technique. Implied is that by consistently and for a long time meditating on the changeless and spiritual reality at the very core of all experiences one can attain the supreme and age-old wisdom. We see in the symbol a way beyond appearances and toward PERMANENCE IN TRUTH.


Cancer 14  A dried up stream bed covered with smooth rocks
            There are lifetimes where you must face it. You must recognize that the historical self, the empirical ego has generated a deserted world and cannot do otherwise. You must live with the sharp conscious knowledge that everybody you’ve ever been is now obsolete, way off, useless.

            If you can take this, you are admitted on probation to certain mysteries. And you will then be called upon to do collectively what you have been doing inside yourself. You are there to assist in any way as the old forms dissolve, the old structures crumble, the old Earth becomes used up and discarded.

            There is a dark depth to your task. Often you are required to push or pull, trip somebody up, or hasten the outcome. You are a trickster. You need to be, for the assignment is very hard to fulfill. And if detected, you can’t get anywhere.

            But there is also an inner-worlds power of an awesome kind. You are tapping one of the greatest storehouses of wisdom and regenerative force there is. And because of this you need to be very straight, very simple, very honorable.

            Nonetheless, on the inside, you can access just about any realm you need to if this is what serves! You are on a very strict path, yet within that you can roam free.

            There are contradictions, anomalies, odd touches here. What is really happening? Who is being served? Why is the gaze so fixed and trance-like? Is it possible to remember and to awaken and to serve from a place of perfect interior tranquillity?