jupiter conjunct neptune- transmuting poison into the cure through the Grail of the Heart (4/12/22)

by | Mar 7, 2022 | Astrology Blog

we have the much anticipated jupiter/neptune conjunction incoming- exact on april 12th 2022 at 7:42am PDT. i have not been this excited about writing a blog and preparing content for something astrological in quite some time. and that is saying a lot as i actually love what i do and get excited about things on the daily lol ;) of course being a pisces moon rising- i am so attuned to both jupiter (which i have at the exaltation degree with Sirius) and neptune (which is conjunct my midheaven)- so having my two rulers come together in their shared home sign feels like a reunion and homecoming and i am truly excited about it!

so i have a lot to say about this conjunction- and first of all i want to say it has both immense Light and also the potential for deep shadow (as everything does). the nature of shadow neptune is to obscure or use illusion or glamor to not see or disclose the full truth- so the shadow of this aspect is not going to be in your face and will take due diligence, discernment and inner work/shadow work to clearly see and face. lovely neptune is blissful and spiritual but it can also be like a tripped out haze where we only want to see the beautiful and lovely aspects of life and we purposely put our heads in the ground to the rest of that which we deem unsavory. but overall with this aspect occurring with a precise alignment with the nodes of destiny and karma (on april 14th) and venus joining later in the month (april 27th-30th) there is A LOT OF GOOD that will be incoming with this transit. and in light of the situation in the world at large- we need all the goodness we can get our hands on.

so i want to start by saying the date of this conjunction is the 9 of diamonds in the magi cards of destiny- incidentally the dalai lama’s birth card and a highly spiritual card. it’s the card of Universal Values and is called the Giver. and we could say that jupiter conjunct neptune is also about giving- love, compassion, material things, care- it’s the wide open heart that gives without worrying about receiving because in its highest state it is so fully anchored into Source that there is no lack or wanting as it gets filled, like the Grail, directly from the Divine. the amount of inspiration- awen in celtic language- that can come in and through this current of jupiter/neptune is really infinite and boundless. but we are human and we are finite and we need boundaries to contain what comes through- so grounding and embodiment practices, daily walks in nature, tending to the mundane are all good things for balancing the influx of energy incoming. it truly is amazing energy but we want to be embodied and present in order to make the most of it.

in its Highest this conjunction is an activation of Spirit and an opening of the collective heart. in embodied astrology (a course i taught last september) neptune is the Higher Heart and is connected to the Grail of Love that is found in the heart and Higher Heart area (by the thymus). in its purest form this is agape- unconditional Love for all beings, self and other. jupiter governs the crown chakra and by nature tends to expand what he touches- so the opening of the heart and opening to Spirit are really quite profound. this is the first conjunction we have had in pisces since 1856- the sign these two planets share rulership of. so even though the conjunctions themselves happen every 12-13 years- they have taken 166 years to meet again in this sign of mysticism, magic, dreams and compassion.

in 1856 a month before this conjunction (which was building like it is right now as i write this article) was the end of the crimean war and the treaty of paris was signed a couple weeks after the conjunction. the crimean war was a war between the russian empire and several other countries in europe- and these other countries (turkey, Britain, sardinia, france) all become allies to oppose russia- finding union with each other so as to push back against a common enemy. interesting how that happened back then and we have a similar thing happening right now!

the crimean war is touted as the last romantic war, marking the end of the romantic ideal of the hero and “the increasing disillusionment with war triggered by the realities of armed conflict in an age of rapid technological advance, culminating in the collective trauma of the First World War.” this war was a turning point of sorts- changing the way that war was conducted and also including innovations like wartime humanitarian assistance (from academia.edu).

so we can see in this last conjunction the rise of compassion, care and kindness infiltrating how people waged war- and this all sounds wonderful and heart expanding! but we must also see that what was overt aggression and power dynamics did not just disappear- they went underground. it’s not that war stopped being waged anymore but it shifted to being done behind the scenes, with manipulations around money and power, and with a lot going on behind closed doors that the regular people don’t see. the shadow of this can manifest as the public being in a beautiful bubble of idealism- we don’t wage war like that anymore. but they are also perhaps being misled or manipulated to not see the full picture. now we enter into an awareness of the deeper shadow possibilities of Jupiter and neptune.

shadow jupiter/neptune wants the world to be rosy, all to be in Unity and and does not want to face shadow or acknowledge trauma and pain. it’s like slapping a bandaid over someone whose leg just got hit by a missile. we don’t want to look at it- so we cover it up to make it nice and pretty and if we cannot make it nice and pretty then we will ignore it, deny it, and even tell ourselves it is more spiritually elevated to not engage in the lower frequency everyone else is getting caught in (of fear, grief or rage). to me this is jupiter/neptune stuck in the crown- spiritual, transcendent, but not fully here, present and engaged in the human world. we need jupiter/neptune energies to come fully down and in. an awakened crown is amazing, an open heart is too. but if that Spirit/Heart energy is not anchored and embodied we stay floating in the ethers, half of us not present – perhaps checked out, spiritually bypassing, or worse in spiritual ego thinking that what we are doing is actually more enlightened. pisces rules the feet- we must bring this energy all the way down and in and ground it into the earth itself.

if you look around at any seemingly ‘enlightened’ teachers- they are not silent when there is trauma in the world, when people are harmed, or war is unfolding. they speak up and they do so from the heart. like Quan Yin- the Goddess of mercy whose essence is pure compassion. Quan Yin is able to feel the pain of the whole world and in doing so, in taking this pain deeply into and through her heart, she is able to help ease it for the whole world. she takes in the poison, transmutes it in her Higher Heart and out of it comes the cure. i feel that is some of the deepest medicine that jupiter/neptune have available for us now. there is a lot of stuck emotional energy in the collective at present- and those of us who have a devotion to emotional intimacy can actually process and release stuck emotion for the collective. but we don’t want to get caught up in the illusion that we are just here to process the emotions of the world. we also have our own piece in this. our own shadow to face, our own wounds to heal. as without, so within.

in the tarot jupiter is the wheel of fortune and neptune is the hanged man. the wheel of fortune speaks to change- is it good change or bad change? are we going up or down on the wheel? ultimately it doesn’t matter as the nature of the wheel is to keep turning. the hanged man is about surrender. it’s about letting go of the ego and the dominant forceful way of being in the world and finding a new way. we see in the card that the hanged man’s head is alight with a golden aura. he finds enlightenment in surrender. in spiritual traditions it is often the reversal of what we think that is the real Truth and path to freedom.

it is interesting to see in the chart for the conjunction we have a decided split between two realities. we have jupiter and neptune in rulership- disposing the moon, mercury, venus, uranus and the north node. and then we have saturn in aquarius, also in rulership- disposing sun, mars, pluto, eris and the south node. do you feel the Light and Shadow split here? i sure do! the spiritual, compassionate planets of jupiter and neptune are informing the feminine bodies (moon, venus), our lower and Higher minds (mercury, uranus) and the node of destiny. but the Lord of Karma and Father of Time is informing the masculine, yang, ego bodies (sun, mars), the malefics (mars, saturn) and the two furthest bodies that are unearthing all manner of shadow (pluto/eris). can we see and work with both? can we see the Light and also the shadow? can we be merciful and compassionate and also fierce and discerning? because if we cannot we will default to one reality at the expense of the other- and it will be like one half of reality must be suppressed or denied.

the astrologer dane rudhyar shared that the cycle between jupiter and neptune is one of the most important to pay attention to for historical purposes and historically we can see both the Light and Shadow of these two unfold. at best this conjunction brings with it great dreams, inspiration, imagination and vision of possibilities. it can bring spiritual awakening, an opening of the heart, and expansion of our understanding. it is wonderful for idealism, humanitarianism, selflessness and kindness. it’s unifying and helps us remember our interconnection and shared Oneness. it is liminal, transcendent, archetypal, symbolic and mythic. we can be filled with hope, positivity and optimism. we can merge with the Divine itself and feel bliss and profound transcendent states! and in these expansive spiritual and compassionate states we can form treaties and alliances, and find unity between people and nations.

and the shadow? the shadow of this conjunction can manifest as delusion, illusion, confusion, deception and denial. not all is at seems and neptune can throw a glamour making the surface look shiny and wonderful while hiding what is more insidious or shadowy underneath. this can lead to escapism and addiction- as a means to check out due to being overwhelmed by emotions and feelings we cannot process (our own, the world’s). shadow jupiter/neptune can manifest as disappointment, disillusionment, disorientation and dissolution. we can use it to check out, have no boundaries, no grounding and no awareness of the real world. historically the shadow manifestations of this conjunction have unearthed fraud, lies, big promises that never get followed through on (extra points if they are promises that speak to your heart!), veils of illusion, plagues and contagion, surveillance, manipulation through the media, marketing and emotions, and a fanatical cultish belief of group mind (aka enchantment) that takes over and gets larger than life. shadow jupiter/neptune can see us exploited by our dreams and hopes for unity- with us only paying attention to what is going on in the spotlight on stage, but not noticing what is behind the curtain.

this is the thing about belief- it is informed and even driven by our own hopes and fears, our wounds and pain. what is in the shadow will be what is in driver’s seat until we face it and work with it in conscious ways. the shadow of jupiter/neptune is to not question belief but just believe it blindly. there is a reason that virgo is opposite pisces- as we need discernment and critical capacities to take things apart and see the trees individually not just the forrest. this is the balancing anti-dote energy to too much Love and Light coming from jupiter/neptune!

interestingly the last jupiter/neptune conjunction was in aquarius and conjunct chiron- and that was when bitcoin was released into the world. and the conjunction was also on the USA’s natal moon. also interesting to note transiting saturn will be coming to the conjunction degree and the USA natal moon next year (but it comes darn close this year when saturn stations in june).

i personally think some of the best use of this astrology is to access new frontiers in our Unconscious and to use this amazing activation to birth new myths. myths are what informs belief and world view- and myths change over time based on consciousness and how it is unfolding in a culture or on the planet. we have been in a very deep patriarchal mythos for 5000 years- and it needs to change. in Stargate Mystery School starting April 19th we will be exploring the modern and ancient myths of the stars, remembering why they changed, and dreaming up a new mythos for us to align with as a humanity. i hope you will join me.

more info here- https://divineharmony.com/stargate-mystery-school-2022/

i leave you with ellias lonsdale’s star sparks degree and dane rudhyar’s sabian symbol for this conjunction- they both feel powerful. the star sparks degree speaks to “being plunged into the deepest layers of collective, ancestral and personal remembering and restoring of everything that seemed to be gone…very strongly being inspired with a sense that structures must give way and universal spirit needs to be the cornerstone of our existence.” can we ‘truly awaken in the dream and find the real world’?

the sabian symbol is about people living in close interaction- islands that are connected, not alone unto themselves. this symbol says “all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything.” sounds apt for jupiter/neptune- the Highest expression of it.

may we all use this frequency to open our hearts, soften our minds, honor our bodies and embody our fullness of Spirit. so mote it be!



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by ellias lonsdale

Pisces 24 A spring festival. The participants are in a state of ecstatic frenzy.

Being plunged into the deepest layers of collective, ancestral and personal remembering and restoring of everything that seemed to be gone. Working on the deep inside. Cast into spaces which are hard to understand at a conscious level.
Offered the wondrous chance to connect with the Earth spirit in a complete way. Being chosen to carry this stream within and to water it and foster it in every way. Even being propelled into cycles and phases of a kind few would expect or dream or seek.
Very strongly being inspired with a sense that structures must give way and universal spirit needs to be the cornerstone of our existence. Almost overwhelmingly pulled, magnetized, called into depths which make the usual round of things obsolete.
In an ultimate sense, being given a trance possession which in most instances is infinite relief and release. But this is an all-pervasive trance. It makes it much easier to penetrate through, without a lot of ego baggage. We can access what we need to and still be quietly attending, inwardly receptive, not going all over the map with it.
Those who do take up such trances may not know apparently what they’re doing. The camouflage can be pretty thick, the protective veils convincing. Yet there are tell tale signs of what is really going on in here.
The deep soul signals in distinctive ways that we are in tune with a tap root, synchronized within a part of earth existence generally forgotten. And that soul sends forth the message, even if faltered or garbled, that the primal oneness is at hand.
Communing with source is an inward matter. It allows us to drop all appearances so fundamentally that if we allow it, we will truly awaken in the dream and find the real world.

by dane rudhyar


KEYNOTE: The need to consciously accept one’s own personal limitations in order to concentrate one’s energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life.

Every individualized person is a small island in the vast ocean of mankind. The ego fulfills a necessary function, as it sets boundaries and gives a specific character to the consciousness. Within these boundaries a complex interplay linking and integrating the various aspects of the personal life can operate constructively. In time, these ego-boundaries can not only expand, but can become a zone of intense interchange between the inner and the outer, between the individual and the community, between man and the universe.

This fourth stage symbol tells us that the first duty of any man or woman is to be truly what he or she is as an individual. But this individual has a particular dharma, i.e. a place and function in a vaster whole. The island’s inhabitants get subsistence from the sea, and in time learn to navigate this sea and interact with other islanders — and all eventually will come to realize their oneness within the whole Earth, which includes everything. An appropriate Keyword would be CENTRALIZATION.

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