Regulus in Virgo- The Heart of the Lion in the sign of the Virgin (FREE MASTERCLASS 4/10)

by | Mar 26, 2022 | Astrology Blog

Fixed stars seem fixed and unmoving but due to precession they actually move very slowly over time- not noticeable in one human life but noticeable when you track there movement over thousands of years. A fixed star will stay in a sign for 2000 years when it shift signs it heralds a change in consciousness that is incoming.

With Regulus- the Royal Fixed Star of leadership- moving from yang, solar leo to yin, earthy virgo- we have a shift of leadership occurring. We are seeing an end to leadership driven by ego and individuality and the beginning of the immense rise of leadership driven by service and humility. As Virgo is the Virgin we are also seeing the rise of the Divine Feminine and female leaders as well as beings (binary and non-binary) who deeply honor the Feminine.

We don’t just have Regulus in a new sign- all 4 of the Royal Fixed Stars are now in new signs- shifting the Fixed Cross into a Mutable Cross. The winds of change are blowing!

Come join my free Masterclass about this shift and what it means for us as a humanity. It is time for our myths to change and it is up to us to dream them into reality.

Class airs live on Sunday April 10th, 2022 at 12pm PDT. If you cannot make it live a replay link will go out afterwards.

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