johnny depp & amber heard- a trauma bond on display

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there are many things to pay attention to in the news these days- but one thing getting a ton of attention is the libel case between johnny depp and amber heard happening in fairfax, virginia. this case began on april 12th 2022- the day of the jupiter/neptune conjunction. i wrote a long article about that conjunction and both the Light and shadow of which you can find here-

the spiritual and mystical beauty of that conjunction is most definitely NOT playing out in this case. i find that the media circus and manipulation of the public via media about this case is how this astrology is playing out instead. in this article i will be sharing my opinion that is based on astrology and also intuition. i would like to say up front i think they both have responsibility in this relationship- but i also feel based on what i see in the charts and read in the energy that one person has greater responsibility. just like in situations where a spiritual teacher sleeps with a student- even when the student was pushing for it, the spiritual teacher by default was in a position of greater power. this libel case is not about sex though- it’s about abuse. and when a powerful figure is abusive and another person (regardless of gender) responds by fighting back- we cannot say that the person fighting back is the initial abuser.

first off i want to say anyone who abuses drugs and alcohol the way johnny depp clearly does- he has admitted publicly about whiskey and cocaine lines for breakfast- leaves him or herself open to darker energies coming in. i think when someone regularly blacks out from drugs and alcohol he or she cannot accurately testify to what he or she did or did not do. i have seen this happen with so many celebrities- when they are younger they have a clear energy and aura but later in life after drug addiction, alcohol abuse and too much power given to them there is something else in their field entirely. drugs and alcohol open your field to darker energies coming into and through you. drugs takes us out of our bodies and make it so there is a vacuum able to be filled by entities. this is common knowledge in spiritual circles and you can learn more about it by researching <3

the libel case chart has the jupiter/neptune conjunction- which one of the shadow manifestations is addiction and checking out, not being fully here in the body. but it also has a triple conjunction of sun/pallas athena/eris in aries- a nod to the Goddess Eris who is an activist, warrior Goddess, and revealer of Discord and Chaos. she is the Goddess of the Me Too movement (i talked about this in my Eris masterclass here- and is intimately tied into women speaking up and taking a stand for themselves.

i have seen in this Me Too Movement both Light and Shadow. i have seen women speak up and find their voices and i have seen women use their newly found power to tear men down in vicious and manipulative ways. i am not condoning the latter but i do want to say there is a VERY FINE line between the two. again when a man has been in a position of power- as a celebrity, as a spiritual teacher, as a politician, etc…- he by default has MORE RESPONSIBILITY than the woman in the situation- the follower, the student, the assistant, etc… this comes with the position of celebrity, power, and/or spiritual prominence. i find it gets even more shady and shadowy when it is a spiritual teacher that we are talking about- because with this position comes spiritual power and spiritual karma. but johnny depp is not a spiritual teacher so i will not go into this further in this article.

let’s look at johnny’s chart. we have a birth time for him and in his chart he has leo rising with chart ruler sun in gemini square chiron. leo the actor with wounding around sense of self. he also has a sun saturn trine- and on the day of the libel case beginning he has commenced his 2nd saturn return. saturn return is a time for a new cycle of maturity and mastery- a new chapter in life unfolding. but it can also be a time of karma coming home to roost with things done in the past catching back up with someone. add into the picture transiting saturn is square the transiting nodes right now- he is also getting the nodes square his own saturn- bringing turning points and a need to deal with karma and shadows from the past.

johnny has a tight mars/uranus conjunction which can make for erratic behavior and an explosive temper. mars in virgo wants to keep things under control but uranus brings breaks in that control that can come out of nowhere. he also has mars conjunct pluto- a battle between lower ego and Higher Will- which is a recipe for power control dynamics. both he and his sister have said his mother was abusive- and we will see that amber also had abuse as a child (she has an intense sun/pluto opposition). the thing with childhood abuse is that as children there was nothing we could do, but as adults later it is up to us to do the work to heal the abuse so we do not pass the poison on. both johnny and amber acted out their childhood abuse patterns with each other for sure- and they are both adults as well. their childhood informs their patterns and their adult choices inform what they acted out with each other. i feel a lot of compassion and sadness for both of them as their inner children are on display right now for all to see. i do hope they both have really amazing psychological support- as this can be an amazing portal for them both into and through deeper work and healing. it can also a shattering experience that entrenches them into their respective trauma patterns even more. i will say they both need to be completely off drugs and alcohol in order to use this time for true healing.

a few more things in johnny’s chart- he has A LOT OF URANUS- tense uranus aspects to moon mercury venus mars jupiter saturn and pluto. this can make for a lot of erratic energy- explosions and even experiences of disassociation or splits in personality where one part of the individual identifies with being one way and another part comes out that is entirely different. he just had progressed moon opposite progressed pluto on 4/22- incidentally amber’s birthday. everything so far in the news is from his time on the stand- so far she has not taken the stand but i wonder if she did yesterday? it will be interesting to see what comes through when it’s her turn to share. also by progression his tightest aspects are midheaven and ascendent semisquare his sun – with both MC and ASC at the 29th degree which is the degree of karmic completion. his public image has most definitely been impacted by this- which is why he is filing a libel case to begin with. we also have progressed eris quincunx his progressed pluto in the 12th- exact by 3 minutes and approaching exactness. explosive revelation of shadow hidden behind the scenes is apt

now onto amber’s chart. we don’t have a time for her so i cast the chart for noon- but based on their composite chart i think it’s possible noon or around there is accurate for her. she has a sun/pluto opposition- which immediately brings to mind a controlling and most likely abusive parent (usually father with the sun involved) and she has admitted to this. pluto is on the south node with sun on north node at 29 aries- a karmic degree but this is her north node of destiny. her childhood and even past lifetimes are connected to intense plutonian figures and NN in aries can literally be about standing up for oneself as part of the path of growth and evolution. her south node at 29 libra is about staying too long, placating, trying to make things work- whereas the north node in aries is about taking action and taking a stand.

she has a mars/neptune conjunction- a classic pattern for a woman being drawn to men who have addictions issues, or lie and cheat a lot. there is a higher manifestation for mars/neptune but based on all going down we can safely see she has not worked through her mars/neptune issues yet. her mars/neptune conjunction is in a T square with her moon in libra which opposes her mercury in aries. you can see this in her fighting back but also trying to keep johnny close. her therapist has said in court she would rather fight back than have him leave (or leave herself). when we have childhood trauma from abuse we can become the victim, react and be the abuser or vacillate between the two. the fact that either of them stayed in this super toxic relationship shows where their own deep wounding was not being worked with- and the trauma bond between them was literally like the devil card in the tarot. but we must understand that anyone blacking out from drug addition and alcohol abuse is bringing other entities into the picture. it’s not just johnny and his own wounding and personality – there are drug demons entering into the picture here. this is not going to be accounted for in a libel suit- but it will need to be accounted for spiritually and for his healing.

amber has a fair amount of mars- although mars is being undermined by neptune’s conjunction- so she can and does fight back. but it is important to understand the difference between someone starting the fight and someone fighting back. we also need to remember her north node in aries requires that she learn to stand up for herself- in healthy ways though. based on what i see in the charts and in the transits and progressions my sense is that johnny did start things. amber has her part in staying, engaging, fighting back- but a woman who is fighting back because of abuse is different than a woman (or man) starting it. it makes me think of a child being abused. most children will cower, just take it- because they have no other option. but at a certain point a child may fight back- even harm a parent in self defense. we would NEVER blame the child in this instance – and really this is what this libel suit is about. who started this, who has the onus of greater responsibility. based on the astrology and the drug/alcohol addiction AND the greater amount of power because of his position as a mega celebrity- i feel that onus lies on johnny.

their composite chart is telling- and it’s why i think her birth time could be close to noon or somewhere around there. they have a sun/venus conjunction- with Algol the eye of medusa conjunct both. they both have venus with algol natally- so of course it shows up in the composite chart. sun/venus shows the love that most certainly was there in there in the beginning. but algol also shows the story of a woman who was turned into a monster. if you don’t know the algol story- medusa was a beautiful woman whose beauty rivaled athena’s. medusa was raped by poseidon in athena’s temple. athena got pissed at medusa and turned her into a gorgon- ugly with snakes for hair. it’s a horrible story of a Goddess ruling against a woman who was harmed- and this is part of why shadow athena is a patriarchal Goddess who rules in the favor of men who harm women. this myth is a deep one to explore and it’s all over their charts.

we also see a sun/venus/algol opposition to the full moon in scorpio- with the approaching Total Lunar Eclipse on may 15th exactly conjunct it. the nodes just triggered this opposition (with karmic south node on moon, north node on sun/venus/algol) and now saturn is heading to square the whole thing. the two tightest aspects in their composite chart- and one of these is based on time which we do not have for amber but i do feel her time is close to noon based on the charts- is a mars/ASC/DESC T square exact by 5 minutes (this one is time specific) but also a true and mean black moon lilith conjunction which is exact by 3 minutes. mars square the ASC/DESC completely summarizes this explosive and violent relationship. and a tight lilith corridor also completely expresses the Dark Feminine energy of rage and anger they both had within them from their childhood that they acted out on each other.

i do want to say one more thing based on my energetic read. when i watch the videos of johnny making jokes and being demeaning to the lawyers questioning him- i don’t feel good about it. it would be different if he answered questions honestly, openly and with humility. i see him responding in ways that facilitate power dynamics- and i see him responding as a performer. i don’t see or feel humility or ownership of his part in things. and looking at his history of assaulting a security guard in 1989, trashing a hotel room in 1994, multiple texts sent where he said he wanted to drown and burn amber’s rotten corpse, and then add in the drug abuse and whiskey/cocaine for breakfast and black outs. i am seeing enough shadow here that warrants a serious questioning of johnny. he says he wants truth in this libel case and i hope he means it. but when someone misuses drugs and blacks out – i don’t think he is able to be trusted with his capacity to see the full truth about himself and his actions.

this april 30th solar eclipse is at the top of the composite chart- on full display for all to see- and conjunct hygeia- the goddess of healing. she is the goddess represented by a chalice with a serpent wrapped around it (like my new logo!) and she speaks to how the poison can become the cure. may this libel suit provide the necessary ingredients for both of their healing. the love was certainly there at the beginning- you can see that in the sun/venus conjunction in the composite chart and you can see that by how ugly this has turned (the opposite of Love is hate and fear- their emotional cording to each other is still very much there just in a different manifestation). i wish for the full Truth to be revealed and i wish for them both to use this intensity as means for profound transformation. it is on offer- and if anyone reading this knows them and sends this to them (who knows?) i HIGHLY recommend working with my teacher robert masters ( he does shadow work, has gone into his own shadow deeply and come back out again. he holds a deep space and i trust him.

i will close with this…may this televised spectacle remind us all that not everything is visible on the surface, the media can be used to manipulate us and foster division, everyone has deep shadow and wounds including celebrities and many times their shadow is worse because of the immense power, fame and wealth they are given and the addiction that comes with that to being seen in their Light and needing to hide their shadow (even from themselves). and let’s not over focus on this media circus libel case at the expense of ignoring other horrific things happening in the world- like the war in ukraine and whatever else might be going on backdoor in regards to it that this publicly televised legal proceeding may or may not be distracting us from <3

blessings to all…


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johnny depp- 6/9/63 8:44am owensboro, kentucky
amber heard- 4/22/86 12:00pm austin, texas

***PLEASE NOTE- there is a lot of other data i did not include in blog above because it would make it too long- but other important things to note in chart data are below.

• P sun is opposite natal and P saturn- last 9 months through next 1 year 9 months- this can be seen as fighting against the patriarchy, up against powers the be or authority figures
• P mercury conjunct P chiron- 23 minutes and approaching – wounding and healing around finding one’s voice
• P ASC just passed conjunction with her natal ceres (this is based on noon chart though so P ASC not 100% accurate) – ceres represents underworld journeys of loss and renewal

• P eris retrograde EXACTLY conjunct natal eris to the minute (and quincunx P pluto- almost exact by 3 minutes
• P sun crossed over his ASC just over 2 years ago- which has been connected to him becoming more visible for these accusations- and P sun is quincunx natal and P chiron (last 5 months through next 8 months) and heading to cojoin pallas athena in next 6 months) (particularly interesting in light of the medusa/algol archetype in the mythos of their relationship)
• T uranus/NN conjunction end of july will square his P saturn – what is happening now with T saturn square T nodes triggering his saturn is part of this story arc

• their tightest aspect in synastry is mean nodes tense to chiron- EXACT by one minute. both karmic past and future growth are tied up with the Wounded Healer archetype. (i find the tightest aspect in a chart- be it natal, progressed, synastry, composite, etc… can speak VOLUMES and often can sum up the entire dynamic in succinct ways)

• as i said without accurate birth time for amber we have to ignore the angles and even moon position (as they both move fastest) but with the tight full moon in the chart and upcoming lunar eclipse trigger i feel like her birth time may be close to noon
• with noon birth time they have mars T square ASC/DESC, juno opposite mercury T square with pallas athena, an intense sun/venus/algol opposition with full moon in scorpio and chiron is conjunct the MC
• there’s much uranus- tense to sun mercury venus and fascinatingly an UNASPECTED SATURN- completely unaspected even to asteroids- with the exception of a square to eris and a wide square to pluto- if you make the orb 8 degrees there is a T square between pluto opp eris and saturn. the mythos of Eris, Medusa and the Dark Goddess permeate this relationship and can be found all over the charts