Wednesday January 26th 2022

weekly forecast- week of 10/25-10/31

***all times are PDT***

monday october 25th-
the sun in scorpio quincunxes the mean north node in gemini at 11:39pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the node of destiny and evolution. the sun is shining Light on the shadow and power/control dynamics that hold us back from evolution, open mindedness and open-minded communication. the sun in scorpio is always digging and looking for shadow- while the north node in gemini prefers to be more light. yet this is the north node so our evolution is tied up with lightening up a bit and opening our minds. coming to a place of curiosity and open mindedness is key. steer clear of dogma and thinking you know everything. be open to seeing new truths- about yourself, others and the world around you!


tuesday october 26th-
at 11:14am retrograde ceres cojoins mean black moon lilith at 11’07 gemini, linking the Great Mother asteroid Goddess with the fierce Dark Feminine. ceres/lilith is the powerful mother energy that can be transformative and cathartic but also toxic and manipulative. with both in gemini we want to watch our words and any communication or information we receive as there can be a lot going on behind the surface. at best we can use the Lilith energy to take a stand and the ceres energy to channel that into protecting children, animals and the land. but this can also manifest as the black widow mother energy or the dark mother. if we are avoidant of our emotions we can use our minds and speech to cut others down right now. temper your tongue <3 (this is part of a longer conversation- due to ceres’ underworld journey she aligns with lilith 3 times- 8/8 at 2’20 gemini, today and may 26th 2022 at 4’37 cancer- so pay attention to a thread linking these dates together and tune into the lesson/opportunity present in your life).

venus in sagittarius squares retrograde neptune in pisces at 6:06pm, bringing tension between the lower heart and Higher Heart. venus/neptune can be super idealistic, romantic, creative and spiritual. it’s a great time to turn to creative and spiritual pursuits to express the heart energy. yet the shadow side is that the idealism and fantasy activated right now can be very ungrounded and completely divorced from reality. watching out for wearing rose colored glasses and/or being in denial of the shadow present in relationships, finances, values and self-worth is key right now.


wednesday october 27th-
at 3:36pm juno in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries, linking the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage with the fierce Warrior Goddess and Solar Feminine! juno/eris is great for our commitment to activism, Truth, and taking a stand for what we believe in. with so much fire present we can initiate things or expand things already initiated- creatively, spiritually, individually and more. with a combination of commitment (juno) and power (eris) we can hit the target on whatever we are metaphorically aiming at. use the energy wisely!


thursday october 28th-
venus in sagittarius semisquares saturn in aquarius at 3:02am, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. venus in sagittarius values her freedom and space- but saturn is putting restrictions, limitations and rules into place. this can be great for getting serious, focused and committed but it can also bring up what is not right or where things are karmic in both Love and money situations.

at 12:15pm venus in sagittarius sextiles jupiter in aquarius, linking the lesser and Greater Benefics in harmonious ways! opportunities to travel, teach, learn, explore and expand should be embraced right now! both sagittarius and aquarius value freedom and expansion. in matters related to Love or money you are supported in taking risks and trying new things. have some fun!

at 12:36pm mercury in libra sesquiquadrates the north node in gemini and semisquares the south node in sagittarius, creating a tense aspect between the mind and intellect who is in his front end shadow and the nodes of destiny and karma. pay attention to things heard, said or received via dream time as what arises can be insightful and perhaps unexpected. being willing to see your own part in creating your destiny OR staying stuck in karmic patterns is key ;)

the sun in scorpio sesquiquadrates retrograde neptune in pisces at 3:19pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet that dissolves ego boundaries. with both bodies in water signs our empathy, intuition, psychic ability and sensitivity can be high. yet this is a tense aspect so it can exacerbate a desire to escape, check out, be too empathic without boundaries and easy to delude or deceive. since this occurs in the early morning hours pay attention to your dreams upon waking for messages from your Unconscious.


friday october 29th-
retrograde neptune in pisces trines vesta in scorpio at 10:42pm, harmoniously aligning the planet of mysticism, spirituality and compassion with the priestess asteroid Goddess. this amazing aspect is great for being of service and taking action personally and collectively from the Higher Heart. with both bodies in water signs our intuition, psychic energy, emotions and sensitivity are high- use them wisely! our spiritual journeys can be leading us to deeper, richer waters right now. give some attention to your inner life!


saturday october 30th-
at 2:25am venus in sagittarius trines retrograde eris in aries, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. venus/eris activates our fire and desire for freedom and activism. venus in sadge is about the pursuit of Truth and eris in aries is ready to take action based on what she believes. these two are in harmonious aspect supporting us in embracing change, facing shadow, speaking the Truth and going towards what we believe in. channel your activism and fire wisely!

the sun in scorpio squares saturn in aquarius at 2:53am, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. sun/saturn can be heavy and bring get real moments. this is a time to see what IS not what could be. reality checks, limits, restrictions and moments demanding maturity and integrity are up right now. if you feel heavy or depressed – know that this, too, shall pass and use the saturn energy to get real and focused on what needs to be addressed and dealt with right now.

at 7:21am mars moves out of libra and into scorpio, shifting the will and drive from air to water, intellect to emotion, surface to depths. mars rules scorpio and is very comfortable in the scorpionic depths- but can also exacerbate them! mars in scorpio is passionate, intense, deep and commanding. using his energy to dive deep, confront shadow and deepen in intimacy and connection with ourselves, others and the world around us is supported right now. just watch out for the shadow of mars in scorpio: engaging in power/control dynamics, manipulation, jealousy, possessiveness and being Unconsciously run by the shadow of your lower chakras ;)

mercury in libra quincunxes retrograde neptune in pisces at 12:40pm, creating tension between the conscious mind and intellect and the planet of intuition, illusion and idealism. mercury/neptune can be great for creativity, imagination and intuition but the tense nature of the aspect can make it really easy for us to delude or deceive ourselves or others or generally just be out to lunch. watch out for over idealizing people or situations and seeing what you want to see! take time to meditate and reflect and make big decisions in a few days when the aspect has passed. this is 3rd and final aspect between these two due to mercury’s recent retrograde. pay attention to what is coming full circle right now.


sunday october 31st-
happy halloween!

at 6:45am venus cojoins juno at 25’16 sagittarius, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. these two syncing up in expansive, adventurous, growth oriented sadge- brings a desire and need for growth, evolution and freedom in relationships relationships that allow you to be who you are and support your in your growth are worth their weight in gold. both link up with the Galactic Center- the Source of our galaxy, often referred to as the Grand Central Sun. powerful influx of spiritual energies can descend into and through women, the feminine in us all, relationships, commitments and more. take notice of the relationships that LIFT YOU UP vs the ones that bring you down. the former can come with you into the new cycle, but the latter should be released as you journey onwards.

mercury in libra trines jupiter in aquarius at 9:18pm, linking the mind and intellect with the planet of expansion and positivity! this is a great day to learn, travel, study, write, teach and/or otherwise do something to expand your mind! with both bodies in air signs we have exceptional support for communication in relationships. make use of it! (please note this is the 3rd and final trine between these two- first was 9/20 and second was 10/3. pay attention to what is incoming today- it’s part of a larger conversation that has been unfolding and will come to resolution soon.


have a blessed week…


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