Thursday January 23rd 2020

***all times are PDT***

monday july 15th-
retrograde saturn in capricorn squares pallas in libra at 3:21am, creating tension and friction between the Lord of Karma and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. last week jupiter harmoniously linked with pallas- bringing greater perspective and Higher Truths to Light. this week saturn squares pallas and tests what we have realized in relationships, work situations, politics and more. jupiter sees the positive, while saturn sees the negative. jupiter is optimistic, saturn is realistic. ultimately we need a balance of the two! tune into where you are being asked to get real right now and get to it!

venus contraparallels pluto at 10:52pm, creating an aspect by declination between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of the Underworld. venus opposes pluto on sunday so all week long we have a venus/pluto aspect. positively this can be great for depth, transformation and intimacy in relationship. yet there can also be power/control dynamics to navigate as well as jealousy, possessiveness and resentment to navigate. venus is aligning with the north node this week and trining neptune the Higher Heart. compassion, agape, Unconditional Love and healthy detachment will go a long way to bringing in healthy connections or taking existing ones to Higher Ground. remember pluto is part of the capricorn confluence and this is where the karma is. dealing with the past makes way for a new brighter future! (listen to horoscopes for more info on how this plays out for your sign).

tuesday july 16th-
at 12:44am venus in cancer quincunxes retrograde jupiter in sagittarius, creating tension between the lesser and Greater Benefic. this can be lovely for indulging, having fun, socializing, traveling, teaching and learning. just watch out for the tendency towards excess- as too much of a good thing can actually be too much of a good thing ;)

pallas in libra squares the nodes of destiny and karma at 12:16pm, bringing us to a critical, pivotal point of choice along our paths. the north node in cancer calls us forward into the feminine. honoring of emotions, water and earth (soul/feelings and body), needs and vulnerabilities is key. the south node is in capricorn and the karma we are addressing, clearing and completing is around the patriarchal way we have related to our bodies, to earth and to each other. pallas in libra is similar to the justice card in tarot- she carries the sword of Truth and helps us to SEE VERY CLEARLY. the issue is that sometimes what we need to see is not so pretty and many of us prefer to look away. owning Truths about ourselves, others and the world around us is key. the other key is to have compassion and tenderness with ourselves and others. be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle!

the full moon/partial lunar eclipse at 24’04 capricorn is exact at 2:38pm PDT- marking the midway point of the lunar eclipse/eclipse portal we are in that began with the very powerful total solar eclipse in cancer on july 2nd. this full moon eclipse is conjunct pluto and square a stationary eris!!! activating the fast approaching pluto/eris square that is exact for the 1st time in january 2020. pluto/eris is a powerhouse combo of planets that seeks to shine a Light on the shadow, destabilize an old order and help initiate massive, wide sweeping change. keep in mind neither of these planets are light and easy- so there likely is BIG STUFF UP RIGHT NOW personally and collectively. moon/pluto demands that we get in touch with our emotions. this is not a time to stuff and repress- and just go with the status quo. remember the north node is in cancer and we need access to our emotions and we need contact with our feminine selves. cancer is the sign of the protective mother- keeping her young safe. she cares for children, animals, the planet and more. with the sun/moon opposition linking with neptune- we want our Higher Hearts to be leading us. with the capricorn confluence all coalesced around the karmic south node- patriarchal paradigms focused on money, power and control are going down. but it takes us fighting for change. now is not a time to be passive and complement. stand up for what is right- personally, collectively, environmentally and more! for more information on this lunation check the lunar insight posted a couple days before the full moon eclipse is exact.

the sun in cancer squares eris in aries at 9:07pm, creating tension between the conscious self and ego and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. the last few days the sun has been triggering the fast approaching pluto/eris square (exact in january 2020). this can bring some big time wake up/shake up energy. shadow coming to Light, repressed anger coming out, intensity arising- all of this is possible. this is a great time to be in direct relationship to our anger and rage so we are not repressing it but also not reactively expressing it. pay attention to what is coming to Light in your life right now!

at 10:34pm venus in cancer opposes retrograde saturn in capricorn, creating tension between the Goddess of Love and Beauty and the Lord of Karma and Father of Time. just like the sun’s journey in the last couple of weeks- now venus is heading into trigger the whole capricorn confluence. testing in relationships, love and money situations are incoming. this is get real time- showing you what is good for you and what is not. what is worth your time and energy and what needs to be let go of. with the cancer/capricorn axis highlighted there can also be things up around family, parents and children that we are navigating. this is a time to get real and see what is. from that place you can create what is possible and/or let go of that which isn’t or cannot be.

wednesday july 17th-
at 7:10am venus cojoins the mean north node at 17’06 cancer, aligning the Goddess of Love and Beauty with the north node of destiny and evolution. there can be fated things happening right now in relationships, love and romance. also possibly around finances and abundance. pay attention to who or what is coming into your life right now, or who or what is deepening in your life. something amazing is unfolding! don’t be focusing so much on what you are leaving behind that you miss it!

venus parallels jupiter at 12:06pm, completing the super aspect between these two that began yesterday with the venus/jupiter quincunx. venus is in the midst of some powerful aspect right now- notably tense aspects to jupiter, saturn and pluto, as well as amazingly lovely aspects to neptune and the north node. the spotlight is on relationships, self worth and self Love and High frequency Love and Light incoming thanks to venus’ link with Sirius- the Spiritual Sun of our sun- and the Higher Heart that is neptune. open your heart to open your mind. surrender your mind into your heart. and then watch what happens <3

at 12:08pm ceres stations direct at 0’30 sagittarius, bringing the Great Mother asteroid Goddess to a standstill in the sky. ceres stationed retrograde on april 8th and she did so at 14’16 sagittarius on the Great Attractor- a VERY POWERFUL point in the sky that is a mystery to scientists who are still trying to figure out what exactly it is. on a spiritual level it’s has a creatrix/womb energy. if the Galactic Center is the Mother’s womb (out of which our galaxy was born) then the Great Attractor could be seen as the Grand Mother. this particular Underworld journey of the Great Mother has been deep and profound as we search for Great Truths within and without and face shadow within and without as well. pay attention to themes around mother/mothering, children, Mother Earth, the environment, safety, security, nurturing and nourishment right now. as ceres starts to move forward she will link with the GA once again and then make her way to the GC. cosmic downloads incoming! stay open to receive!

thursday july 18th-
retrograde mercury in leo sesquiquadrates retrograde jupiter in sagittarius at 10:51am, echoing the aspect these two made on june 29th just before mercury stationed retrograde. positively this is great astrology for travel, teaching, learning, exploring and expanding! yet jupiter can overdo things so there can be too much thinking, talking, hubris, self righteousness, ‘i am right- you are wrong’ kind of attitudes. humility is key ;)

at 11:02am venus in cancer trines retrograde neptune in pisces, aligning the lower heart and Higher Heart in amazing ways! this is amazing astrology for romance, creativity, spirituality, mysticism, intuition and empathy. when we elevate our lower desires to a Higher Plane we can find deep and lasting fulfillment on many levels. there can be beautiful things happening in relationship right now- to others, to our own feminine/Soul within and in regards to our relationship to the Universe. enjoy!

friday july 19th-
at 12:06am mercury retrogrades back into 29 cancer, shifting the Underworld journey of the winged messenger from fiery leo to watery cancer, solar to lunar, yang to yin. mercury retrograde in cancer is a time to rethink, review and revise home/family situations, our childhood past, our relationship to parents and siblings, our relationship to/desire for children, and our own emotional intimacy. being emotionally honest and healthfully expressive is key.

saturday july 20th-
retrograde jupiter in sagittarius quincunxes vesta in taurus at 2:08am, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the Priestess asteroid Goddess. jupiter in sadge is in pursuit of the Ultimate Truth. the one thing to be aware of is that we can all tend to think we are right and others are wrong. vesta in taurus is deeply embodied and connected to her physical being- while jupiter in sadge is in the spirit/mind realm. linking the two is key but if we have tendencies to default to one or the other we may find them exacerbated right now. balance is key.

at 6:49pm eris stations retrograde 24’19 aries, bringing the Goddess of discord, chaos and upheaval into strong focus. eris is the Goddess who threw the apple of discord and caused the trojan war (google her story for more info)- but she is not all bad as she is often made out to be. she can only cause discord when there is unrest underneath that is not being acknowledged or dealt with- and her role in mythology is to bring to Light that which others don’t want to see but need to look at in order to evolve. being willing to look at what you don’t want to look at and call out in yourself and others that which is hidden is powerful medicine that must be held with much consciousness, awareness and compassion. watch out for anger and rage today (eris is in aries after all) and have healthy outlets for it so it can be worked with creatively rather than destructively.

sunday july 21st-
at 1:32am venus in cancer opposes retrograde pluto in capricorn, completing venus’ trigger of the capricorn confluence. venus/pluto can be uber passionate, intense, sexual and deep. this combo can also bring up all kinds of shadow dynamics in relationship around power, control, jealousy, possessiveness and resentment. navigate the terrain with consciousness. use pluto’s potency to purge and release that which no longer supports your growth.

at 5:34am the sun cojoins retrograde mercury at 28’28 cancer, aligning the conscious self and ego with the conscious mind and intellect. this is the midpoint of the current mercury retrograde cycle we are in. pay attention to insights, aha moments and awarenesses that come in via thinking or communication. matters pertaining to home, childhood, family, children, parents and more can be in focus.

retrograde neptune in pisces quincunxes pallas in libra at 12:42pm, creating tension between the planet of idealism and illusion and the Wisdom and Warrior Goddess. neptune in pisces is intuitive, compassionate and idealistic but can also wear rose colored glasses, sacrifice the self and generally have a hard time seeing reality (particularly the shadow aspects). pallas in libra is focused on fairness and balance but she can also overdo that to the point of always trying to find common ground even when none can be found and/or sweeping things under the carpet to keep the peace. it’s important to make sure we are not being deluded, deceived or deceptive right now. sometimes the biggest lies we tell are the ones we say to ourselves. keep your eyes wide open!

have a beautiful week…

~divine harmony

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