Thursday December 5th 2019

***all times are PDT***

monday june 3rd-
the new moon at 12’34 gemini is exact at 3:02am PDT, commencing a new lunar cycle focused on information, communication, social connection and movement. this new moon is opposite jupiter and square neptune- bringing a sense of idealism and spirituality but also a tendency to check out, be in denial and avoid reality. navigating all interactions and information exchange with a deeper discernment is key. to read the lunar insight i wrote on this new moon click here-

tuesday june 4th-
mercury moves out of gemini and into cancer at 1:04pm, shifting the conscious mind and intellect from air to water, thinking to feeling, mental focus to emotional focus. shifting the mind and intellect from air to water, yang to yin, intellect to emotion. mercury in cancer is very nurturing and sensitive in communication. focusing on home, family, emotions, the past and ancestral patterns/karmas is supported right now. just be aware that we can more easily conflate our thoughts with our feelings and can be overly emotional and attached to the past right now.

wednesday june 5th-
retrograde pluto in capricorn opposes juno in cancer at 9:42pm, creating tension between the Lord of the Underworld and the asteroid Goddess of partnership and marriage. last week saturn opposed juno and juno aligned with the north node (and opposed the south node). this week pluto opposes her. the entire capricorn confuence is being massively activated by juno- bringing up some big things in partnerships, commitments, marriage and more. something old is dying and could literally be about endings in existing relationships. but something new (as symbolized by juno on the north node) is coming in. from today through saturday juno triggers the approaching pluto/eris square (a HUGE transit exact in 2020). power struggles and shadow shitshows are possible right now. navigate wisely. (and watch the news- this can manifest in public situations as well)

at 11:16pm chiron in aries trines retrograde ceres in sagittarius and chiron parallels ceres on sunday the 9th- so we have a super aspect between the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother unfolding all week long. this is exceptional for healing in home/family situations, work with our inner child, healing around mother/mothering/children and more. with both bodies in fire signs healing happens when we can connected with our emotions (especially anger, rage, fire and desire) in healthy ways. nurturing ourselves and others by giving freedom and space can be healing right now.

thursday june 6th-
retrograde jupiter in sagittarius sesquiquadrates uranus in taurus at 4:19pm, creating tension between the planet of expansion and excess and the rebel and revolutionary. jupiter/uranus is great for embracing change, doing things radically different and opening to the new. both Jupiter and uranus do NOT want to be fenced in. yet with the tense nature of the aspect they can exacerbate tendencies towards rebellion, impulsivity, restlessness, riskiness and being all over the place. jupiter things the grass is greener and can make sudden changes or decisions that are costly. actions and decisions made with awareness of the long term implications is recommended.

friday june 7th-
mercury in cancer sextiles uranus taurus 7:16am and squares chiron in aries at 2:52pm- bringing focus to communication, connection and emotions. mercury is the lower mind and uranus is the Higher Mind. the two together bring potential for aha moments, bolt out of the blue awarenesses and radical insights. yet mercury is square chiron- so there can be intensity and old wounds and pain arising in communication with others. this can be an emotional powerful time and we want to navigate our emotions wisely- particularly anything around anger and rage. we don’t want to suppress these emotions but we also don’t want to reactively express them. in it’s highest these aspects are great for sharing honestly and openly and getting to the core wounds that block us in communications and relationship with others. we could be addressing stuff from childhood or around our relationship with our mother as well. honor what you feel and share from the heart!

saturday june 8th-
uranus in taurus quincunxes retrograde ceres in sagittarius at 4:22am, creating tension between the Rebel and Revolutionary and the Great Mother asteroid Goddess. there can be sudden or unexpected things happening in home/family situations, with mothers, mothering or children, or with the environment and Mother Earth. chiron is in super aspect to ceres all week but uranus also links with her. the positive side of this can be about positive change happening in home/family situations and relationships but the shadow can be detachment and avoidance of what is really going on. there can be separations happening right now that bring up big unresolved stuff from childhood as well. healing is possible when we work with our feelings.

at 6:37pm venus moves out of taurus and into gemini, shifting the Goddess of Love and Beauty from earth to air, body to mind, stability/security focus to movement/freedom focus. venus in gemini values freedom and space in relationships. she likes to flit about like a butterfly- being social and flirtatious with others. this is great for enjoying talks with others, sharing intellectual pursuits and being free! just watch out for the shadow side of venus in gemini: being superficial, noncommittal and/or bored in relationship.

juno in cancer squares eris in aries at 8:14pm, completing juno’s trigger of the pluto/eris square that began earlier in the week on wednesday. juno square eris can bring shadow to Light in relationships, marriage, partnership and more. there can also be some intense things playing out in home or family situations. eris shines a Light on the shadow no one wants to look at. being willing to look at what is really going on is key. it is the only way we become empowered to really deal with what is going on.

sunday june 9th-
at 2:52am vesta moves into taurus, shifting the Priestess asteroid Goddess from fire to earth, spirit to body, fast moving to slow, stable and enduring. vesta points to what we are deeply committed to and focused on. with taurus present this can be about financial abundance, material reality, our values, self worth and self love, as well as the environment and Mother Earth. the coming transit of vesta in taurus is a time to focus on these practical, tangible aspects of life and revolutionize them (she is heading to conjunction with uranus soon!).

venus in gemini semisquares mars in cancer at 10:48am, making a tense aspect between the Divine Lovers. relationships and romantic situations can be feisty and fiery right now. venus wants space and freedom and lightness- whereas cancer is more attached, needy and perhaps passive aggressive. mind and heart, intellect and emotion can be at odds. honoring both is key!

at 12:33pm the sun in gemini squares neptune in pisces, bringing tension between the conscious self and ego and the planet of mysticism, idealism, illusion and confusion. the sun in gemini is logical and interested in rationality- while neptune in pisces is illogical, irrational, intuitive and other worldly. sun/neptune can be great for meditation, mystical states, creativity and idealism- but not so great for dealing with/seeing reality. it can be very hard to see things clearly right now- both others but also ourselves! watch out for any tendencies towards dishonesty, escapism, spiritual bypassing or turning to addictions to numb out. use this astrology to take a pause and turn within instead. this, too, shall pass.

chiron parallels ceres at 4:29pm, completing the super aspect beweten these two that began on wednesday. with the Wounded Healer and the Great Mother linked this is exceptional week for healing in home/family situations, work with our inner child, healing around mother/mothering/children and more. with both bodies in fire signs healing happens when we can connected with our emotions (especially anger, rage, fire and desire) in healthy ways. nurturing ourselves and others by giving freedom and space can be healing right now.

have a beautiful week…

~divine harmony

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