Sunday January 17th 2021

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monday june 22nd-
at 9:32pm neptune stations retrograde at 20’57 pisces, making the planet of mysticism, delusion and confusion the most powerful planet in the sky. all things neptunian are bolstered and exacerbated right now: spirituality, intuition, psychic ability, dreams, ideals, compassion and selfless service towards others. also- deception, denial, victimization, psychosis, dissolution, ungroundedness and addiction. this is a great time to see beyond the veil of illusion, but be aware that you can also create what you want to see but it may not be based on any kind of reality. with neptune stationary and venus stationing direct 2 days later- and with both in square aspect to each other during venus’ retrograde journey (5/3, 5/20 with last one on 7/27)- beware of delusion, deception and ungrounded idealism. stay open to intuition, faith and Trust- but make sure your powers of discernment are working as well ;)


tuesday june 23rd-
there are no major aspects today <3


wednesday june 24th-
vesta in cancer squares chiron in aries at 11:30pm, creating tension between the Priestess asteroid Goddess of focus and devotion and the Wounded Healer planetoid. today and tomorrow vesta triggers the uranus/chiron semisextile- a long term minor aspect running from 2009 to 2021. chiron is shining a Light on what is blocked or wounded within and without that thwarts our altruistic focus and vision. particularly if we get so focused on our purpose that we don’t take care of our personal needs and emotional life- vesta and chiron can highlight this. old wounds around home, family, mother, safety, security and stability can arise today. being willing to see what we are emotionally attached to that may not be good or healthy for us is also key. healing first and foremost is an inside job <3

at 11:48pm venus stations direct 5’20 gemini, ending venus’ 43 day retrograde journey into the underworld that commenced on may 12th. venus spent her whole retrograde in gemini- the heart in the sign of the mind- bringing focus to our thoughts, perceptions, ways of communicating and understanding the world around us. venus retrograde has been a time to re-evalutate these things along with our relationships, relationship patterns, finances, values, self worth and self Love. we have had the opportunity to come face to face with old patterns in Love, finances, relationship and self-worth that are no longer valid and are not coming from the deepest of self-Love. opportunities to make dramatic shifts in our inner and outer lives are the focus right now. as venus stations direct she will navigate all the degrees she has gone over twice now for one last time. this process will last until july 28th when she leaves her shadow phase. so for the next month or so we are able to take conscious action based on what we realized during this retrograde- in regards to both internal circumstances and external ones. with venus stationary- pay close attention to all themes that are up for you around Love, worth, values and finances/abundance. important messages are incoming and you want to be sure you hear them and allow them to impact your life for the better!


thursday june 25th-
vesta in cancer sextiles uranus in taurus at 7:39pm, linking the Priestess asteroid Goddess of devotion and focus with the Rebel, Revolutionary and Great Awakener! chiron magnified the wounds and pain yesterday- today uranus provides the capacity for shift and freedom. waking up in the body and awakening the Feminine- within and without- is key right now. opening up to change and doing things differently is important. balance between mind and body, thinking and feeling- is the path to healing and wholeness <3

at 9:41pm mars in pisces squares the nodes in gemini/sagittarius, forming a T-square between the north node of destiny, the south node of karma and the lesser malefic and planet of action. this is an action point aspect that brings us to a crossroads. the actions we take and steps we make can take us further into the future or keep us more entrenched in the karmic past. CHOOSE WISELY. turnings points are present! don’t take the easy path if it keeps you stuck in old patterns. conversations and possible conflicts around Truth may be present right now. follow the Truth of heart for best results.


friday june 26th-
the sun in cancer semisextiles stationary direct venus in gemini at 5:41am, linking the conscious self and ego with the Goddess of Love and Beauty. as venus just stationed direct the sun magnifies her thoughts and feelings – giving us direction and insight into the path forward in relationships, finances, self worth and self Love. pay attention to communications, thoughts and information incoming today!

at 12:52pm retrograde jupiter in capricorn squares eris in aries for the 2nd of 3 times (first was 3/26), bringing a clash energy between the planet of expansion and excess and the Goddess of Discord and Chaos. saturn squared eris in january and all year long both jupiter and pluto square eris- bringing HUGE activation to this incredibly important archetype of the 21st century. eris gets a bad rap and is often only thought of as negative. but in her positive manifestation she is the activist and one who is willing to take a stand and fight for the Truth. she disturbs what is disturbing and unhealthy. she reveals shadow rather than creates it. jupiter can throw more fuel on the fire right now- and we could have a revolution on our hands! being willing to question old structures and ways of doing and being are key right now. some things not only hold us back but they keep us small and stunt our evolution. discerning baby from bathwater is key.


saturday june 27th-
at 6:45pm mars moves out of pisces and into aries- shifting the will, warrior and drive from water to fire, yin to yang, omega to alpha. mars rules aries and is VERY happy being in this sign. where mars in pisces had a hard time asserting himself and taking a stand (or did it in back-handed, passive aggressive or manipulative ways)- mars in aries is anything but. our will, drive and action-oriented energy is HIGH right now. mars in aries is great for taking initiative, taking risks and making things happen. yet we do need to be aware of the shadow side of mars in aries: aggression, unskillfully expressed anger, impulsivity, reactivity and selfishness. if we act without thinking we will pay the consequences! in the coming months mars will station retrograde and he will trigger the pluto/eris square- the biggest astrology of 2020. if you think the first 1/2 of 2020 was powerful (and intense)- just wait for mars retrograde. right use of power, will, drive and anger is key. righteous anger and sacred rage can transform the world. reactive anger and violent rage can destroy. think and act wisely. we are entering into a high energy time where impulsivity and anger can cost us- but also where action and initiative can help us make the changes we know we need to make personally and collectively. (more on mars retrograde when it gets closer)


sunday june 28th-
at 3:59am mars in aries sextiles retrograde saturn in aquarius, linking the will and drive with the planet of mastery and hard work. mars and saturn are the malefic planets- lesser and greater- and are seen as ‘heavy hitters’ by the ancients. mars/saturn in harmonious aspect is great for disciplining our will, mastering our drive and taking action from a place of awareness of where the actions will lead and what the long term consequences or rewards will be. with saturn in visionary aquarius- any actions taken for the collective and Greater Good are supported right now! be responsible, aligned with integrity and honest and you can make great strides in your personal life and also collectively.

retrograde mercury cojoins vesta at 6:33pm, linking the mind and intellect with the Priestess asteroid Goddess of focus and devotion. our minds are devoted to the sacred and to seeing and speaking from a place of wholeness and integration. when our minds are in service to something greater the messages, information, intuitive realizations and more incoming can be significant. being devoted to home, family, emotional intimacy, the Divine Mother and all of humanity can express through our thoughts, words and deeds today <3


have a blessed week…

~divine harmony

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